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December 27, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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December 27, 1990

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6A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, December 27, 1990 Del. Mary Pearl Compton Named To Agri Committee Delegate Mary Pearl Compton of Monroe County has been ap pointed vice-chair of the House of Delegates" Agriculture Com- mittee. In this cat)acity Mrs Compton will join tile leaderstlip team of tile committee and will be more aware of the concerns of rural West Virginians and will be able to influence legislation in this area, according to the lx~gislative Reference and Inlbrmation Cen* "I am honored to be seix, ing in the position of vice-chair of this committee," Mrs Compton said, "and as a representative of Monroe and Sunlmers counties, a t'ural portion of the state, I will closely follow legislation that may afte-ct these areas." Mrs Comptort also will serve as a nlelnber of tile coinnliilees on Education and Industry and Labor. I III IIII II I III vji ii . , , ,11 i i i ii Mother's Mincemeat (Mother (1899- 1985) Yield -- 10 quarts Dress hog's heads nicely at butchering time. (I can send instruc- tions If requested.) Cover with water. Boil tmttl tender. Pick bones from meat. Discard bones. Reserve in cold until ready to make mincemeat. 7 oranges I peel, section, discard membranes. Boil peelings in 4 lemons[ water until tender. Set aside. (Save these peelings.) 7 quarts apple snlts after peeled and cored. Discard cores & apple peels. 2 pounds raisins (they once came in pound boxes. 1 pound currants (they once came in pound boxes. I pkg. cranberries (or a quart if you pick your own) 1 quart grape jelly (Mother owned part of a glade & picked her own. 1 pound brown sugar 1 pound whtte sugar 1-1/2 teaspoons each Cinnalnon, Cloves, Allspice, Nutmeg, 1/4 pound suet, chopped Skim fat offand heat meat and stock. Separate it, Dump: 2 quarts stock and all cooked peel In a big pot. As It heats: grind all fruit and reserved peeling in food chopper. Measure 3 quarts of head meat -~ use all lean and may need some fat to make 3 quarts. Chop 1/4 pound suet very fine Salt?? Salt Is optional. Suit your tasteH Dump all Into pot. Stir continually or it will burn. Boil. Time 45 minutes. Can In clean sterile quart jars. When making pies you may add other extracts, Sherry, Walnuts, Rum, etc. to it. Anna Shue Atkins Chesterfield, Virginia State Farm Has Annual Meetin Election of officers, adoption of policy and discussion on the potential loss of freedoms and property rights highlighted the 1990 West Virginia Farm Bureau annual meeting. Edward Carter, President of Greenbrier County Far]]] Bu- reau, described the organizatiort as "Voluntary non-governmental, and wholly controlled by its tnernt)ers." Mr Carler went on to say that "We are financed by our mem- bership dues and are organ~ed to provide a means by which farnmrs (:an work together to- ward goals upon which they agree. Our molto is "We pull the most when we pull togettler". AJnong the 300 delegates at- tending the meeting were: Ed Carter, of ALderson: John McVey, Betty Shields, Jimmie Coffman, Donna Coffman, Sam Tuckwiller, and Mary Lou Tuck- willer, all of Lewisburg; Shirl and Ella Montgomery of Renick. These delegates parlicipaled in the discussion and development of Farm Bureau policies. "The polices are Farm Bureau's posl- lions (Ill isstles, and are essen- tim to attaining the long-term goal of better opporttmities for farm lamilies," Mr Carter said. Each yen/" the Farm Bureau establishes certain policies as priority items thai have an im- mediate mlltlence on the oppor- tunities, For 1991 these topics, accordlnK to Mr Carter, are: "I, Wiktlife damage - Crop los's because of deer damage, livestock losses from bear and predatoL'y animals causing eco- nmnic hardship lbr many l'ann families, l"ann Bureau believes that farmers should receive sonic type of protection from the losses. 2. Environmental issues - Wa- ter qnality arid sediment and erosion control are issues of con- cern to both the larnl l'amily and the city dweller. Farm Bureau believes (ha( il is absolutely nec- essary to protect our soil and water. The Farm Bureau believes thai this can be accomplished wilt]out causing any undue re- strlctlon or tile abillly of farmers to farm using ilornlal agriculture practices. 3. User fees - These fees from governmental services, if paid by the farmers, would be nothing 1 more than atloiher tax. This would be a rost of production that farnters would not be able to pass on, and thus causing additional economic hardships. All of sociely benel]is fronl (he services an(1 ('()sis should be bv all. 4. Appalachian Highway Sys- tem - This road system is abso- lutely necessary lor the acceler- ated economic development of West Virginia. This system will allow producers of agricultural products to more readily partici- pate in tile east coast markets. We encourage our representa- tives to set a priority on the conl- pletion of this road systenr. 5. Education - Farm Bureau recommends that a thorough and efficient education, stressing competence in reading compre- hension, writing, and math be provided for all students of our state. We support the necessity of providing; (a) Adequate facili- lies; (b) Instructional equipment and supplies; (c) Appropriate academic preparation of teach- ers; and (d) Conlpeting salaries lor educators. We reconlmend that sludenls be required to at- lend school until tile age of six- teen." Elected to represent Green- brier County Farm Bureau on tile West Virginia Farm Bureau Board of Directors are Charles Wilfong, of Pocahontas County, and Frank Nash, of Mercer County. Ethel Nash, of Mercer County. and Betty Shields, of Greenbrier County, were elected to the West Virginia Farm Bu- reau Women's committee. Patti Crow from Marshall county was elected to serve as chairperson of the West Virginia Farm Bureau Women's committee. Ms Crow and tile Young Farnler's chairinan will also be voting members of the West Vir- ginia Farm Bureau Board of Di- rectors. Fred Butler, Berkeley county dairyman, will serve as the organization's president for the seventh consecutive year. Elected to serve a seventh con- secutive ternl as vice-president was Steve Conrad I~om Pendle- ton county. The 1991 West Virginia Farm Bureau annual Ineeting will be held at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center in Beckley. 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Aunt Dice, as she was known to her friends and neigh- bors, lived with her son and his family. Being aged and frail m body, Aunt Dice whiled away her time and amused herself and visitors by talking. And how she loved to talk. Now her grand- daughter was of courting age and one Sunday afternoon when Aunt Dice inquired why she "was a getting all varnished Ul)" granddaughter replied her "beau-fellow" was coining COtlrt- ing. Granddaughter was a little ashamed of her grandmother's grammar -- she said "el" It"Jr "eat," h'aint" for istVt, ""ell" for well, "that" instead of there and often began a conversation bv saying, "'ell, now childrerl l am a telling you." Wanting to make a good impression on her young man the grariddaughier hall been wondering how she coukt keep Aunt Dice from talking veO, much. She took this opportunity to explain how imporlant this young man was to her and she'd like him to think of her grand mother as a sweet proper-talking lady. As a result Aunl Dice agreed she'd scarcely say two wards togelher, howeVer, know ing how she loved to talk, grand daughter did not altogether IFtlst her io remember to keep her promise and so she said. "'lf you do get to talking too much I'll just wink at you as a reminder." So the beau-fellow arrived and Atmt Dice was soon entertaining him with some story from her childhood while granddaughter squirmed in embarrasslnent, About the middle of her talc Aunt Dice happened to glance at her granddaughter, who had been trying to catch her eye and was winking ferociously at her. It was obvious to Aunt Dice that both she and the young man were enjoying her story -- so without a moments hesitation she said to granddaughter, 'ell, you don't need to be a-\vinkimt and a-blinking at me cause 1 can talk just as enerprock as any of you." 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In the grass under the box lwo sleepy kitlens arose anti canle ptllTing to me. As I stared in at these li-iendly strarlgers lIlg thelllselveb arotlnd n] a neighbor driving by ('hat a lll()lllent. A fe\v taler I was headed to his bearing the last of Cooky's lit] :rod the two strangers. My bor had just recently lost his cats ill atliomobile Currently I have only lbur as lily ot,ly toni disappeared s/inltl]er. However, I pre Cooky, who is frisky as a -- she takes great c[elight in ling in tile house and trying remove the lining front bedloonl shoes as she peeks the toe and pretends ti~el-e iS nlotlse ill there she Intlsl dig .... \rill ad(l to our cat po in 1991. i)urillg 1990 Bud-dog t() kill gr()undhogs. He leallled sknnlis \','ill spray deer can ()tit run hiIll and rabbits ot~t-.-,mart hml. He also learned tile word "stay" solnetiines tie can relnembef t0/ as long as live mint)les at time. In 1991 1 predict eveCvtin]e 1 ;tin gone and ret~ hcm{e tie will run lo and clearing the drive\ray of real imagmaW animals and \vaililtg beside fhe ('at" open the door and will tt stick his uose into any bags I tlavc. [ further Illat if l haven't brotlght hi treat his ears will droop will give me a dad pitiful look. l.ast August we had a and rocks \vere moved fi-o]n head of Pine Rtln to about way down Ihe bac'k lhe stream bed \\,as and blocked. As a result now a lair sized rocky isl! much wider Ihan lhe ori ,'stleallt I)t't,l ait](l Pine Rttll \\,orkiJ~g~ diligently - cutting be(Is as il makes a cir('/e t)le island, l pledi('l thai by sttmnier \reeds and grass .,sl(lrl [o grow ()n Ihis island ftlttlre generations will Gon-~ it a nornlal part of Pine Ruil. l distinctly recall the week in;All!.ll-e spreader had a llat tile fld l-'ord Iractor needed a rcsl, the hyde; nlechanisnl oil the Johll lracloF reftlsed 1o gel up, chain saw cauglit fire. aO( \viz~(t ..,StOllll hurled a tree Ihe liew /L~m:e Robert had finished building. Every far knows thal's larming for predict (hat m 1991 there again be days when the wonders why he even to get out of bed. Happy New Year. off elo to