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December 27, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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December 27, 1990

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,j The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, December 27, 1990 5A " n I Monroe Board of Educatto ..... Makes Personnel Changes ,Abollt I4 erb,, | Roberta Patton Rodgers Tile regular meetin~ of the The board approved a motion ...... ~~~" Monroe County Board 02 Educa- concerning legislative reconl- ~,~ , Helen Woodward tatartl~= . The electric Christmas lights tion was held at Union Elemen- lnendations of tile West Virglma. .~m~~~ this morning's national are burning brightly. Electric gary School December 3 School 13oards Association and Willard Scott, one of my bills are climbing businesses Dr Giles Jones presented a set Februai-y 21, 1991, as a date At one time there was a cartoon going around that could be visu,flized something like: *Joseph," said Mary, as she stx)ke to her husband from .~ people and a TV weath- are falterinl! and people are out petition requesting that the for board representatives to behind her wTtting desk while he tended the cvening flrc and the young chfld .--* __ -- . ( ' , had a shiny twinkling of work. Now is the time for let- board keep two high schools, l~bby m Charleston. Jesus lay in a manger by the hearth, "was it Balthi~ar or Melchior that sent ~t of good-will beaming from tinff our liEht of sharing and car- one at Peterstown and one at Tommy Hess presented a re- the myrrh." ~eyes. Willard announces the in~~'in celebration of ChristmasUnion opoosin~ consolidation of port on Ihe "Committee of 55" This cartoon humorously excrnplifics the mysterious aura surrounding ~days of folks 100 years of sh~ne, these' sc'hools. Wayne Dent and his meeting with Mark Man- the gifts of the wise men: gold, frankinscense, and myrrh. After all, who were these men, where did they come from, why did they think they had to bring or older and shows their pie- Please acceot mv invitation, sooke to the board asking thatsiGn, senator from Kanawha such neat presents to such a small child and, by the by, who brought what? ~res. Wlllard captures the along with the-Fair[ca Business tl~ey reconsider their proposal County. his rts of the oldsters, for sure; and Professionals and neigh- for consolidation Carolyn ........... Perhaps a better undcrst~mding of these products - gold, and the two herbs, 'ttll~ c~r}~sl ....... e s aug .., " . . ,\yle t~aKer was appointeo to myrrhGold,andthefrankinscense - scwentyninth elementWlll be of(Au)help. sters are useml clt~ n . bors, to drive by the West vlr- Walker requested the board to ............. ~ Jho ~ ....... c. ...... . on the Periodic Table, is a soft corro- h01|d4II~ir hearts must continue m ginia State Fairgrounds- look try to arrange a school bus i~(,.~! ~,i~-,! ...... ,i ..... ,h ,t,.~ o,"~ "'-~ ............................... sive-reststant natural element found in mines, streams and w~Ahin our hu- llv~, {It'~--- -- ttVe . -- -- IJ )c.IltU '.~'a ~t~.~,u~ .l. ttt.~41 VVlLII tit'., lt~.Ll- -"Of tl~l~. -- helping them stay al at the creativity the work and pickup point closer to her iqome z al- Cab(" us' s onsore~i i~ the man bodies. It ts a good conductor of heat and electricity (thought not as ~ 0~,I heard Nettle Martin once the pleasure of placing lights on on Turkey Creek. RebeccaAllen,West irginial ~cho:l Boar~s As good as silver), and alloys very well with vm'ious other metals, of which our ilictdt ~Y,_"I'm going to live till I die." If the barns, the fences, and the Chapter I Director, presented a so~ation - bodieSpoint. Tohavethlsanday,abundance'gold eontinuesaS it haSto remain dan extremelYsymbothighof goodness,melting andgreatnessbOiltng !i~it}. don't do some go.od in our trees -- all for the people (andreport on improvements at Gap - ~Iglt~.es and let our "little light esneclallv the children) to see Mills Greenville Union and Pe- The following personnel and riches. ~r . . I r- .i , , . ~:lifT~ne, who will want us around with lights In their eyes. terstown Elementary Schools. changes were made: Reslgna- Frankinscense and myrrh, the other two gifts from the wise men, arc aromatic herbal shrubs - each with their own distinctive odor and purpose ~asi_4t Mrs Noble Clay Legg, our Our barn directly across from The purchase of one 53-pas- lions: Lisa Agee, girls' basketball which we can read more about next time. e a~'~nd,,._ leader for so many years our business has the life size. ha- senKer and two 65-passengser coach , Peterstown Junior and ~'~.'l~ t~pped, looked me straight in tivitv. Frank's helpers this year buses through the State Depart-Senior High School; Tracy Cook, ~"~e eye and said, "I read you allwere Doug WilItamson, Bob meat of Education for 1991-92 teacher/cheerleader sponsor, P~ac~ Vigil In Raleigh County ~'a{~time and you give me an up- Rodgers, Gaye Sizemore, and was approved. A bid from Gene Union High School; David _lTf~/t:_-- or something of that ha- yours truly. Isn't it lovely?. I un- Pennington Equipment Sales, Johnson, basketbzdl coach, Un- The Raleigh-Fayette County need for world peace. Shor~ '- ~ell~re, I think sue taught all oz my derstand Bob Mick worked dili- Princeton was approved to ill- ion High School (effective whenPeace Group and the Youth Mu- meditations, comments an ~wla~, children. We don't forget her. gently on the lighted snowman, stall an evaporation cooler at position is filled); Employment: scum of Southern West Virginia songs will be included in the "~ [e.s, she had shining lights in Melinda Ewing just came in, Gap Mills School at a cost of Patricia Fick, Drug Free Instruc- in Beckley are joining togethercandlelight c.eremony. use trr, pretty b!ue eyes.., with lights in her eyes, and an-$2800. Requests for installation tor. 10 weeks; Adult Basic Edu-this year to sponsor the fifth an- The vigil was held in Shoe- tiiiae~.L!gnts tins Gnrlstmas, as nounced the greatest gift of all- of Channel One [televisionl cation teachers -- Sue Dowdy, nual Peace Vigil on New Year's maker Square for the first two am'or .~Uch as ever, are capturing the the birth of her grandson Cory equipment by Whittle Communi- Dale Ward' Extra-Curricular -- Eve The vigil will take place at years and at the Youth Museum ~11~ttention of God's people. Mitchell Ewin~ born December cations was approved. This willJohn Musiain football coach, the'Youth Museum at 7 p m the last two years. The museum gloat yther we want to accept the 19, 1990 in Co'iumbia, Missouri.allow the insta'll'ation of satellite Greenville School, assistant bas- ,1anuary 31 An e~i~ibit of stu~ was selected because of the out- ?sl~attl~t or not, God created us all! Santa, you dear old man, lean reception equipment in Gap ketball coach, Union High dent art work, "A Resolution for door sculpture in front of the " l~uristmas lights are burning your ear this way, I'm leaving my Mills, Greenville, Peterstown School: Dan Reynolds, basket- Peace" will be available The museum, The Peace Totem. The : oil tl~ghtly in colors or !.n white, candlelight on for you. High and Union High School. ball coach. Greenville School; mar aret ~nanKlln out our Meg he fa~. g . Bids from Smith Valley is, Christopher Booth, Assistant Peace Vigil and student art ex-museum is co-sponsoring the ')~terl0~a9 had everythingaGue in Rich Creek, Virginia and Green-basketball coach, Peterstown hibit are free and open to the event this year and is presenting public the student art exhibit. "A Reso- ~.'~herit~wlllte lights and I'm glad she in- ~..,.Jl_ ,fvL .... t.t_~._ brier County Institutional Foods Junior High School" SubstituteThe Ralei~!h-Favette Peace lulion lbr Peace." Students from nt~ ted me to her Or an Cave t..LtlttlUr, ltlutUlll~l~ I~rt~t.~ . . ' " ' ~";~!e g ...... Lew,sburg, for the food sermceTeacher {Vocational)- Charles Group is an (;r~aniz(ation of con- 11 counties if, Southern West ;-n Croakers Christmas lestivi- J kwalrtl program were approved. Hancock. cerned citizens[ Their goal is to Virginia were invited to submit rkeY Sand asked me to accompany is~-a.~se neighbor ladies in singingNaw Lt Cmdr. Timmie L .... -0 Refreshments were served by encourage all citizens to workartwork, creative writing or per- familiar carols Judy Holiday Thomas son of Katherine E J This Week In History | Darlene Upton and Joyce Pritt. toward world peace. This yearformance pieces to the Youth m~ "A~I ....... ~ .... ' . " t_ - as tensions mount in the Middle Museum. Over 100 students rrl~ls~"~Y~eu /~, gel, s we. n.aven..ear.2~ Hannah of Route. 1, Marlin.ton, On December 25-26, 1776, The next regular scheduled East, their message is especially have responded. Students par- 11 ,, wmcn L nave. ~ cunquc~curecentl received the Meritorious e ,d. ~a~nS;s..e .......... t-orus Li"hts Y ' after"George Washington recrossed th Work Session will be held Janu-strong. Anyone is welcome to at- ticipating in the exhibit repre- ~;i~e~:~l~i~tt~.Yl~e!~ll~i! :'l;h$ r~iv::r D:l~rWea~ntonR,'v~rjfrtm P;;;:?lVl?:;; ~I?I:'SI~21 7i3~ t~emr4tulGaa~tend the Peace Vigil sponsoredsent Ra}eigh, Fayette. Mercer. :eTCh; bv the grotlp. It will begin at7 McDowe,, and Monroe countie . h~'~l~ad 2~sgnecial effect g - He was awarded the decora- Hessians ... December 9-9, 1845, scheduled board meeting Janu- o~.m on the deck of the Youth Refreshments will be served by ~ovll~,.r'~~ P tion in recognition of superior Congress admitted Texas into the ary 7, 1991, 7:30 p.m. at Gap -Museum and last for one-h~llf the Peace.~ Group m' the museum 't~r~i ~j,}h'ayers for our boys in Saudi oerformance during his 22 yearUnion December 29, 1890, the chool L. - M~ ls S hour. The vigil will focus on the after the vigil. .... ~abia, Judy's son Jeff Is in career. Thomas's most recent last major conflict between Indians 1 . .^a ~udi Arabia and she relayed his as sianment was with Com- and U.S. troops took pla'c~ at the ....... ~~" ~ = " " ' " ~* ~af0~eSsages home! Yes, we can man~er in Chief U S Naval Battle of Wounded Knee. About 200 Lewlsourg Merchants '~hj~Y, even with our eyes open, F'orres Europe.' " " Indian men, women and children Will Meet J aua 3 'Yt~'~thse who do not proclaim to. - "'., ,l~g7 ar.~duate of Marlinton~,_ ~,..~_ and 29 soldiers were killed ...,. w s urg er .an s Rent To OwnAt ti t~Y,'~'"~lieve in Jesus The liaht of The v~,,h ~oh.~,.t Mn~linton he December 9-7, 1927, Jerome Kern s Professional Meeting will be held ,~'#l~ar directed the wa~y of the i'oine:d t."e"NT_ff~in'March 1968. "Show Boat" opened in New York ... Thursday, January 3. at Fort ~ S ~.:;~epherds Wlsemen and the ~ December 26, 1933, the U.S. fore- Savannah at 7:15 a.m ~ TAR RENTALS S~llgs ,~ *~... r'~.-,,.,~it 'Area'! we swore armed intervention in the The Grogram will feature Joe d a thin s ha Western Hemisphere nations - "~ 11 of these g p- ' ,- ', '"Hayes discussing the needs of ~rc~ned9 We couldn't celebrate ~.~_~L__~___ ._. ....... " ~:, .,. the Lewisburg Volunteer Fire ~ 645-STAR )I December 26, 1971 1 S bombers ~ ~ s _~2~llri-," ..... ~al;]lriIla ~Jl~tllii~oil struck massively In lnorm ~letnam ......... |ill~'~,~tmas as we go, 11 Jesus ..- ~.. ~ a ........"~"" this da" in~acpa~uu~nt. t't rt ~o io/ live, ulfll, y~ atal tlll[t~ .y~ h had not been ro hesized . . ' . . All members and other Inter- ~sal~ P P. " ReenHsts retahat,on for alleged v, olat,ons of ....... iefle~Come to pass! What eme can ......... agreements reached prior to the es~ea persons are urge(] to at- 'is ~:-~ve !0it ..... l~lavy t~etty unleer zna. tclass 1968 bombing halt ... December 30, ~ ..... ]~ ]~ :i0g ~ae lighted houses ano DUm- Sabrlna M. Johnson, daughter ol 1978, the House Select Committee i;n~'~ses tell us they are honoring Elizabeth Z. Martin of Marlinton on Assassinations recessed after Y'" J~atn tn 1990 the baby Jesus has re~nlisted for fouryears cdncludingconspiraciesliketymthe ~ ~ d t~2~e only hope for the world)! l'm while serving at Naval Air Sta- deaths of President Kennedy and ~.. 7ere there are those boys, and tlon Oeeana, Virginia Beach. Martin Luther King, Jr., but with no _~"~'~ #, toward the heavens for the cember 1979. prosecutions . ~'%~'.t~llk~'~ _. " ~'ksg'~rs. I wonder how many of you ' ~ _~.~-~'~,',O~'~. towad the heavens'f0r "the t wonder now many ol you ~ho~.K out toward the sky each i'~..~l~~ u~" a~t and follow the stars! 1 love ~//~1 I1~ /I'~itI~I~TI~III~KIT or/ :'se#'2;~ shine through our stained / nd w st;r, ~t~,ss Wi o and show different ~s:;'s'~lrs This-ear I have noticed LOOKS GOOD IN leaYi; (~=JIghts bYehlnd the stained ..... o~,..., ..,~.,tt, m. t,,..~'~l"t r"&lf'~l[~ ]I NO Down Payment No Credit Chec Windows---o in the Ronceverte lHl:: MUUN lAIN IVlP'b l::lq [::n o --. oyter]an Church. What Order By Phone 50 7o Cash Buyout _..-. it ld we do without the light of ]11" Same Day Delivery Service Included e sun, light of the moon, and '" Brand Name Products..____.__ No Long Term Obligations .[ }or~d'qme ltghts of the stars? ~]" ]dr t J TA----R -""~".~" - . ..... .. s..c,..s.s,.,.0,v,o0..; :: nare me ANDGROUPMED'CAL'NSURANCE t=" na "" ' v" ~"" 5~,.~- ="" "" -- * " CALL "--" Sp rlt' 16 m I " Den Rental, .... 1 . 45 3666 MPon-Thurs 10-7 Nextto 158 Seneca Trail " ' ' i Friday 10-8 Gadd's IGA R" ~ """; :" "~ " ' ' R I ORSTOPBY " WV _ .---..,,~,#,, , ~ # ,, SANTAW~[~EsA[kE E, ]1 "Minimum2weekRentai b45-7U21 j I 11." ,,, EmT W SH,NGTON ST., LEW,S aG = Sa,urday 9-6 ....... 1-64 Exit 156 US 60 West I mile Crawley, WV. (304) 392-6500 i This Week In History SPECIALISTS IN INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP MEDICAL INSURANCE RING IN THE BY SAVING HERE! Here's wishing you and yours a year of health, happiness and prosperty. You've been great, friends. From The Folks at Rt. 60 East, Clifton Forge, Virginia ....