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December 27, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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December 27, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, December 27, 1990 Did you know that the sheikdom of Kuwait is com- prised of only 6,880 square miles? That's just one-fourth the size of West Virginia. Kuwait's a pretty small place with plenty of big troubles these days. Kuwait's population and our population is just about the same -- 1.8 million for them and 1.9 million for us (1980 figures). I decided I needed to know a little more about this place on the Persian Gulf which just may provide the excuse for World War Ill. My encyclopedia (published in 1921!} gave me no help. In fact, Kuwait wasn't even listed there. "Kowelt" was mentioned --- as being a part of Mesopotamia. Have you ever heard of that name other than m the Bible? Well, it seems as ff Mesopotamia was a thriving place until Just after World War I. For some reason, and I haven't yet gotten to the bottom of the matter, the British were interested in this area of the world. It couldn't have bee n oil because no one knew there was oil there until after World War It L.. 30 years later. Turkey exercised a great deal of influence in this region before the "Great War" and they were friendly wlth Germany for some reason. I guess that was enough for the British to decide they needed to flex their muscles there too. Of course the French got into the act and they had a =presence" in North Africa and tile Middle East until about 20 years ago. On some older maps Kuwait is shown as part of Iraq. Iraq is now shown as a separate country just to the northwest of Kuwait. Then there is this part to the southwest, between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, called the "Neutral Zone'. I haven't found out what goes on in the Neutral Zone. I don't even know ff it is inhabited. To the northeast is Iran with a population of 50 million. Iraq STAFF Chas. A. Goddard, Editor Dotty Brackcnrtch, Office Manager Troy Forren, Advertising Terrt Boone, Clerk llelen Scarle, Advertising Betty Morgam, Ad Design Matt Landers, Ad Design Jonathan Wright, Staff Writer L~u Burroughs, "i~pcsctting Brenda Gherman, Production 122 N. Court Street Lewisburg, WV 24901 304/647-5724 Published every Thursday If you would like to submit material for publication: Articles submitted to The Mountain Messenger should be typewritten or clearly written in order to be considered for publication. Please include your name and a phone number where you may be reached during business hours. The Mountain Messenger reserves the right to edit any material and regrets articles cannot be returned. Letters to the editor must include a full signature and address. If you would like a photograph returned, please provide a self-addressed, stamped en- velope. Material must be received in our office by: News Items: Fridays, Noon Display Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In State, $14.84 In State Senior Citizens $13.78 In State Students $11.13 (9 mos.) Out-of-State, $15.00 $1 discount to Senior Citizens To the point By Jonathan Wright The Second Visit By Susan Rosenbaum The pre-dawn sky was streaked with coral-tinged clouds wrapped in lavender and in the distance, the rolling mountains were truly purple majesty. As the light in the sky got brighter, the peacefulness of the gentle pasture land was all around. The black-and-white mild cows that had been grazing be- hind the fence had been moved for the winter, but a small herd of angus still was within view. Just up the hill behind the little white house, a donkey playfully nuzzled hls companion, a stately, maple-colored Morgan, while the two foraged for an early breakfast. It was Thanksgiving weekend in Lewisburg, and several mem- bers of the Schuchat clan had come back to spend time here -- and together -- generations after Mary and Louis Schuchat first established their home on Church Street -- and their shop, Greenbrier Mercantile, down- town on Washington Street, back in 1924. I came back" to Lewisburg for some of the strengths, that both of us well, even in cophonous world. We took time that weekend to share some major moments in each lives -- the good and and remarked at the And, while much of her growth took place in and mine in the feel an important thread that brings us gether -- and does that burg. For this is where, in our consciousness our 7 began, where our raised, where we, someho~V, grounded. Perhaps it is because grandmother took the share some of the major ments in our childhoods its here to Lewisburg learned something in this iamily. Lynn and I sat out small front porch of the house on the white. door furniture she from the Church Street We passed the af nibbling on leftover being warned by the has 16.9 million population while Saudi Arabia has 14.9 "llaanksgiving. 1990. because my bly strong Thanks million. None of these statistics tell us much about the coun- This was my first Christmas harder to infiltrate than oth- first cousin, Lynn, has just come And we watched the tries themselves. In glancing at maps of the area Iraq away from home. I knew it would ers, though--there's no denying here form Matin County Califor- noted how the cows and could consider itself hemmed in even though there is the be different. ' that. If your interests aren't very nia, where they lived for more would move about fo seaport of Basra on the Pe ian Gulf which is shown as Since my birth in 1953, I have compatible with those of the one than 20 years. We are third-gen- then come to a stop, g spent every Christmas with myto whom you're talking, the con- eration Schuchats, and a "nos- around their world as part of their country. There s Turkey to the north, Syriaparents, usually joined by myversation can become talgla" trip she and I took to take it all in before to the west, Jordan to the southwest. Saudi Arabia to bother and sister--and later forced--uncomfortable, these parts last summer con- again, periodically the south, Kuwait, and then Iran to the east. Do the their families, too. I feel fortu- Not so with the Blakeslees. vinced her that some time here. their lives," as it were. Iraquis feel they need more access to the Gulf than their nate I have always been able to We were made for one another, near her roots, is now in order. Most of the leaves had 1 single seaport provides? I dunno, travel the often-long miles and "I felt right at home." That With the help of a classifiedin the front yard, leaving What led Suddam Husein to invade Kuwait in the get the time off work and school statement seems far too trite,ad, Lynn has rented an 80-acre gorgeous panorama of fo be home for the holldavs, and much over-used, but noth- first place? Certainly he must have had some reason? It Nineteen ninety was different, ing else expresses so accurately farm on Route 219. just north of Virginia hills ! heard iS not much in the way of territory so it must have some though. Preparing for my wed- how I feel about my first Christ- Lewisburg. And, with a little bit talk about all her life, strategic importance? Perhaps it was because of the dlng next month and facing the mas away from home. Sure. I of luck and a lot of eflort, about age daughter was with pampered way the oil-rich Kuwaitis acted that incensed fact my parents are spending th'e missed being with my parents six weeks ago, she put her two this trip, and I'm not sI Husein and caused him to take them over? Are there winter in Florida, I realized sev- and other family members at dalmations in her "convertible she appreciated the vie eral months ago that I would this time of the year, but I found that matches the dogs," and the nostalgia -- any mor great religious or social differences between the Kuwaitis likely not get to go home forany traces of self-pity quickly drove east. did back in the 1950's and the Iraquls? If so, what are they? Christmas. swallowed in the joy of being Lynn says that not everyone was her age. But. our ti: And then the political scene in the Middle East is Instead, I would be sharing v/ith the glrl I love and the clouded by the occupation of Palestine by Israel -- some- the holiday with my In-laws-to- people who mean so much to understands what has brought was special, and she has her back here -- and even she is learned, as a fourth er thing the Arabs keep bringing up and the rest of the be, the Blakeslee clan. The her. world wants to sweep under the rug. Anything to Christmas Eve and Christmas Could this be one Indication not entirely sure how things will Schuchat, that here is were both at the of how much Ellen and I are play out. But. she and I are notthing happy about ~' : , ....... meant for each othe#?1 think so. only the sam~ age -- but also and I am grateful to January15 is approaching. We'd better get to Jon- More than once IX, e heard the very much at a similar stage incially for that! our history books in a hurry in order to see ff we can get athan and Marrianne, near Ron- ominous-sounding statement, life. And my belief is that Lynn The animals moved some (any) perspective on this unholy s!tuation before it ceverte. Elaine and David, my "Remember: When you marry a has enough sense to know thatthe small watering hoR is too late. Our own_, president doesn t ~seem to have soon-to-be mother- and father- girl, you're marrying her family, it's time for a break. As I told her property as the sun much more than dis-information" concerning the In-law, jolnedus, toot" I cannot get over how Incredi- I couldn't agree more. Unless during our hours of talk together sink over the hill crest Middle East. Oh well, he doesn't use the collective pro- bly relaxed and at home I felt you live half a world away fromduring this visit: I think she is Sunday following That noun when he speaks of what actions will be taken on or both times. Whether it was onyour spouse's family, you'd bet- "resting from her llfe." Day. I sat in the grass after January 15 anyway. Maybe he has plans of fighting the part of the Blakeslees or me I ter get used to being around And how smart she is to do it to the few re naini the "S.O.B." [Son of a Beduin) himself? can't tell, but the warmth and them--and learn to roll with the here. whisper in the trees spontaneity of conversation and punches. I was able to steal away just head. ----Ch~. A. Goddard laughter was incredibly similar IfChrlstmas 1990 is any Indl- five days from my hectic New "l`here is a to that of my own family, cation, I think I'm going to get Jersey pace to spend the holiday hills. And as "progress My teaching and writing expe-along Just fine with my in-laws, with her and I am enormously move many of us Ja; rience has done a lot to help me No longer are they just "her fam- refreshed! faster, through our c open up to just about anybody, ily." They're my family, too, now. Some circles are definitely I'm glad they are. How calming it is to gaze for where, this visit put me an hour at the handful of horses touch with the wisdom .~ ~,( ~N~ I~ and thelr cmpanln dnkey as a welt'placed break" they make their daily journey ,'I)~ ~ through the rolling grounds of Now that Lynn is return to Lewisburg Dear Editor: Dear Editor: ~ [ ~k~ ~'TtN~ ~ [ ~ \ [ ~ this lovely farm. It is very quiet (sBcefore last summer, it So it now fs. The stage has I can't understand why some ~.~g~. I here, and the clear sky at r~ight ome 35 years since I been set. The people are in their citizens are so dead set on de- ~.R.~N~ places, Even the date for the kill-stroying the old Greenbrier Col-L~~ ~ was a sparkling backdrp f dis- backl) Meanwhile, I ac lng to begin has been planned, lege for Women (GCW). They rant constellations, it of this lovely cottn "fine reporters and the cameras want new buildings for the corn- We sat. Lynn and I, and tried heart as I retum to the are poised to record ~l'he Great- munity college, io imagine how life really had Folks there often l est Show On Earth." nay, ?['he been for my grandparents livingthey thought there w Most Hideous act ever devised The Greenbrler College for here so many year ago. And we thing "different" about by the mind of n an. A madnessWomen is already there plus a that will bring-modern-Dark swimming pool and a ~na- dug deep trying to picture and though I was raised for remember how it was that they my Itle right along with Ages. " slum. The gymnasium could be somehow nurtured and passed Now I know: it's a Ill From a prophetiq movie about used for dances or whatever. I through our mothers and on to West Virginia -- and I a nuclear war: A preacher in- can't help from believing the gym us some of the enduring values, coming back for more. stand the reason for this mad- will happen to the main butldlng hess on earth." at the school. ~'he roof will begin Unfed States And help us to understand to leak, windows knocked out, the reasoning of supposedly wise then the bulldozers will move in. 71~.~ " Even within our own country we have lost track of what states are men who have brought this or perhaps some interested busl- where. We have named 38 of the 48 states in the continental O.. abomination on the people of the nessmen could move in and Name the ten states designated by letters. earth, rhey will not escape el- make another turkey or chleken ther, from the holocaust which house? Wouldn't that add to the Pel ian Ilef crisis report cartl ~__ will cast nation against nationsmell? It could be made into a The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has rated t~ ~ -7~ ,M~. and finally this civilization will city parking lot. countries' contributions in the the Gulf crisis .... ? (~ linn.~. be gone wlth the wind.~/ho can be so naive, so delu- Since the early 1800's Lewis- ~----~ "troops payrnent or Joitlng ~ ~ ~ah~__~ ded by the oratoryand flag-wav- burg has been known as the yeses07- ~ (Nev~~ Neb. \~._~.~ Ohio~ ing of those who sit safely be- "Parnassus of the Mountains." i~ ~i~u~ .v+ hind desks and send tens of Greenbrier citizens could be / thousands of young men and proud of this fact. but since we 1 TuF-4~Ptey .~. None 4.1 bill,on Yes }!i C.a,it~'"" ~~~Mo.~ yung wmen ut t die nt sare a thrw away sciety the cl" IKta h 7,000 Incalculable Yes gloriously as one president said legehasiogo. Costs too much. I U"n eIStates A- 200,000 $17.7 billion Yes Ii:i but, hideously and in agony of Eton was founded for poor I ~ B+ None 1/4 of GNP Yes ti~ the cruelest kind. And. lbr what? English boys In 1440 as a pre- t ~rt~' ~. 14-15,000 Unknown Yes t;:: The president first said for oil, paratory school. Now it is one ofI B+ 10,000 $10 millionYes I; now he says, to rid the world of the most prestigious and aristo- / Fi' B 6,050 $40 millionYes t an aggressor, cratic school in England. Let an I ~~.~I &rabla B 65,700 $10 billionYes Is it worth the cost? Many of American administrator go over I ~tu~. ~m~,_= ~ ~,',ne $800 million Yes [;~ us do not think so. As the Great there and he would recommend t~UnlOrt ; None $4billion Yes ~. sesue~.lV.p,./blonlue>l.i eJe,weleO-H.uolSe.tO.O.sesue~'.-I Clock of the world ticks, ticks, the building be torn down. If onet a~n _ _ 7. None $2.1 billion Yes ~ tsnos "3 '.!dd!ss!ss!iN '0 :ea~uoIN "O '.qP4f'! "B Lluotu~eA "V Germany '- No ticks on for a very short time, brick would be harmed 1 bet that t imC~mnany D None Unknown No Ii the lifeblood of millions of hu- person would end up in the I ~ F None None t man beings ts trickling away "lower of London. with the ticks. I lan F None Unknown No | forthe peaCe,world shallif/Xwnerica-andpray at thisindeed'holi- 200.historY'l'heandwayWe wehave a littledo thingsVerwe .................................. , ...... .......... T ,~udi ~b est of times for peace. Those of will never catch up. Sure the us who believe this unthinkable (GCW) building needs some ml- Gl~de$ ~sd 011. Total ground forces: 289,000 war is wrong and needless and nor repair but isn't its value I Military, financial participation Europe-q tOther Moslem unnecessary, shall pray to God worthlt? I Compliance with UN sanctions "[wi[[fwnorCf ristmasinmyf .art, for deliverance. Then there may Let's cheek and find out theIPolit cal support /t(.. ,,,o .. - and try tO it aff be a ,ave our world ( me.,na=+o,, oon.+.Ot e me+, ono. oo, o u. ,n+Wmma a / +. O, oo+ in making u new school - then we might de- P um, 8 ngladosh, Sen a gift of peace, cide on the right course. ~"Saud+ Arabia. Egypt,Syr~Kuwait, Omen, U.AE.. Bahrain, Qat~, Morocco SOURCE' House Armed Services Committee