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December 20, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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December 20, 1990

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Greg Johnson CHRISTMAS the day before Christ- Frank Sheppard had a he buzzed his secre- asked her to phone the of the local Woman's few minutes later Er- was on the line. Peters, this is Frank at the Magistrate I've got a little project might be interested in. the town police picked man named Bubba He was cutting down Christmas trees in front yard." Led while Mrs Peters her assessment of old a used car dealer one of the town's more citizens. "Yes, Lots of folks feel the Anyways, seems this out of work and dead Twenty-four years old, a wife and two little of his girls asked If going to have a Christ- and he felt so bad he and tried to" steal one. wrong yard. Bud saw called the cops. Wanted Yes, ma'am- old Scrooge himself." a $100 bond and he make it, so I had to put jail. Just doesn't seem him locked up on so I'm fixing to let this evening. Probably the end of it from Meanwhile l'm calling to see if we can't put to- Christmas for that fam- it's short notice, but suppose you could ask to get a meal to- Good. l'm going to ask for some presents. you, Mrs Peters. Could it here by five-thirty?. %'ell, it's mighty nice of that, but l'm just wor- about that family. All you later." up and smiled to He was facing a tough bid the coming year, : word-of-mouth publicity from this little act of go a long way In keep his magistrate Frank -- the gener- who rallied the commu- help a poor family on Eve. Money couldn't lls kind of advertising. Bubba Hollidayd he day wore on donations pouring in, and by 4 the Magistrate's Office like a Salvation Army It seemed to Frank his had opened a flood- ~recedented good will Community. "This is what is all about," he re- a parade of gift bearers through his office. others. You're marvel- And remember me time, he prayed. things were get- Members of the Ruritan and Woman's insisting on making to Bubba, and the Wanted to say a few words spirit of Christmas. Observer had as- and the news director at Radio Station WLVS, who taped an interview. At five-thirty a deputy sheriff escorted Bubba Holliday to the Magistrate Court. The accused criminal was surprised at the size of the crowd in the building, which had been empty the day before. Even more surprising, they were all looking at him and smiling. Must be having an office Christmas party, he decided. He grinned and waved, and several people broke into applause. Bubba had been told he was having another bond hearing. But why was Magistrate Shep- pard grinning from ear-to-ear, and why was he putting his arm around him and turning to the people in the room?' Why was someone videotaping them? "Mr Holliday," Frank Shep- pard addressed him, "We're going to drop the charge against you and release you so you can enjoy Christmas with your fam- ily." He paused and waited for the young man to express his gratitude. "Uh, thanks." Bubba Holliday said nervously. "I sure appreci- ate it. Sorry I interrupted your party." "Did you hear that?" Frank boomed for everyone's benefit. "He's sorry he interrupted our party! Son, this is your party." "It ls?" he asked tn a croak. The magistrate beamed, "I was touched when you told me why you cut down that Christ- mas tree. I said to myself, I said, Frank, this boy's just trying to make his little girl happy. Here it is Christmas Eve, and he's des- perate because he can't provide for his family. Somebody needs to help him out." He swept his hand around the room. "The good people of this town want you and your family to have a merry Christmas. So, in the spirit of the season, we've gotten you a few things." He pointed to two tables on the other side of the room. A turkey surrounded by casseroles and festive breads and desserts filled one, and two dozen presents overflowed the other. "File crowd turned and studied the rectpient's startled face. Tears welled in the young man's eyes. He started to speak, but choked on his words. "I -- !. " The community leaders ieaned forward and strained to hear the reaction they would remember for the rest of their lives, a reaction that would re- mind them they were a good people, an understanding people, a kind people. "I -- I liedl" he blurted. Frank quickly slipped his arm from the young man's shoulder. "What are you saying, son?" "I'm not marrledl I don't have any kidsl I made up all that stuff so you'd take it easy on me. I cut down that old man's tree to get back at him for selling me an old rusted out Buick that fell apart soon as I drove it away." Frank was stunned, but he recovered quickly and began grasping at straws. "Unemployed . . you're out of work and broke. That's true. isn't it?" Bubba Holliday shrugged. "I a reporter to cover thework at the sawmill in Grassy tnd a group from the Holler.with my dad, and we're Church planned to laid off till February. Always are young man and his food in the winter. But we've got a home and sing carols Christmas tree and all that stuff. Worried that his It's not like we're poor or some- might be for- thing." In the hullabaloo. Frank "Take this idiot back to jail," the Observer ~ind gave Frank barked at the deputy. background briefing, . to wish everyone Happy Holidays and thank you your support. Creek Road Road) As Bubba exited, the magis- trate noticed the venomous looks he was getting from the others in the room. The reporter from the Observer was scribbling furi- ously, and he could imagine the headline: Magistrate Hosts Holli- day Hoax. It was time for a little damage control. "Heh, heh, heh," began the speech that was quoted verbatim on the front page of the Valley Observer's Christmas edition. The following year Frank Sheppard lost his re-election bid to Edwin "Bud" Mitchell, who ran on a law-and-order platform. But sold his car dealership to a young entrepreneur who, six months later, sold it to Frank. He renamed the business Honest Frank's Dependable Pre-Owned Autos. Honest Frank is doing well, and the townfold agree he's finally found his calling. Take out a subscription to the Mountain Messenger Subscription Rates In State: $14.84 In State Senior Citizens $13.78 In State Students $11.13 (9 mos.) Out of State $15.00 Out of State Senior Citizens $14.00 Mountain Messenger 122 N. Court Street Lewisbur WV 24901 Helen Woodward Mistletoe, viscum album (/o- ranthaceae), is considered a parasitic herb as it grows on various deciduous soft-barked trees like apple, ash, hawthorne and lime. A few days after the sticky berries come in contact with the bark of the tree, they send out thread-like roots which eventually pierce the bark and adhere the shrub to the tree where it will then derive all of its nourishment. As the root be- comes woody and thick the smooth stems spread freely up- ward, using the host tree branch's for support. Clusters of three very tiny greenish-white flowers will appear on short spikes or in the fork of the branches in May. The white ber- ries ripen in December. Traditionally the berry-ladden branches are cut during Decem- in place until the next Yule sea- son when they are then replaced anew and the old branch is added to the Yule fire, At the lighting of the Yule log, members of the family will gather around the fireplace with a mistletoe berry in hand. Each in turn will make a wish and throw their berry into the fire. Medically, the dried twigs and leaves of mistletoe are used as nervines, antispasmodics and tonics. For epilepsy and other convulsive nervous disorders, mistletoe has gained a great reputation for its curative abili- ties. The berries are especially strong and should only be used with proper supervision. Chil- dren should always be warned of their deadly poisonous nature. Editor's Note: These articles ber and a branch is tied with a are intended for educational pur- red ribbon and placed at the en- poses only. They are not intended trance of the home. According fo" to treat, diagnose or prescribe, custom, kisses are then ex- nor to be considered as a substi- changed with entering visitors. Many times the branches are left lute for professional care. The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, December 20, 1990 11A There's ZNro Place Like It! I Rent To Own At 645.STAR VCRs-TVs-STEREOs A PPLIANCEs-FURNITURE No Down Payment Order By Phone Same Day Delivery Brand Name Products No Credit Check 50% Cash Buyoul Service Included No Long Term Obligations; Remember the S T IX R name... 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