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December 2, 1995     Mountain Messenger
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December 2, 1995

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America's Intervention in Bosnia The Mountain Messenger, December 2, 1995 5A Convince me why American's should be deployed to Bosnia. President Clinton's approach is that "It Is The Right Thing To Do." I agree we are obligated In some way because after all we [America] instigated the peace talks which everyone knows also call for building massive de- fenses to begin with 20,000 American soldiers and others, In order t~ achieve such an agenda. Along with the U.N. forces, we will be building a massive force which should demonstrate an effective mission in liberating those from the unevenhanded- ness of the aggressors. Ques- tion-what about Bosnia's old grievances--evening the score-- declaring territories and the list goes on and on... ? As I watched President Clln- ton Monday night, I reflected back to the 1960's when I saw former President's address the American people regarding our policy in Vietnam and the price that had to be paid in order that freedom could be achieved there. This was the longest conflict in which the United States ever took part. It began in 1957 and ended in 1975. Vietnam, a small country in Southeast Asla, was divided into Communist ruled North Vietnam and non-Com- munist South Vietnam. North Vietnam and communist-trained South Vietnamese rebels fought to take over South Vietnam. The " . . 'There is no peace on have two cars in every garage. communists called the Vietnamearth', I said, 'for hate is strong Now most families have two war a "war of national libera- and mocks the song of'Peace on cars, but can't afford the garage! lion." earth, good will to men...'" I remember chickens singing What started as a "local" How come that line from my around the back door and the struggle, lingered and by thethird grade Christmas play runs early morning dew sparkling like year 1969, 540,000 troops from though my head from time to diamonds. the United States were in South time? I stood there, one of three " . . no peace on earth." I Vietnam. The conflict seem end- bells, dressed In white, and recall rosy sunsets and swallows less. Hundreds of thousands swinging those paper bells back darting in the evening air. " . . . died and in 1969, the U. S. and forth as we chanted some no peace." slowly began to withdraw its litany about peace on earth. I I remember gentle breezes forces. It wasn't until April 30, can't remember how it began, blowing yellow flowers that 1975 that South Vietnam finally but I do remember those par- smelled llke warm honey. What surrendered. This conflict was ticular words, " . . 'there is no were those flowers called? I enormously destructive. Fifty- peace on earth', I said." never knew their name, but I'll eight thousand Americans died; I can only remember being in never forget their fragrance. South Vietnamese deaths ex- two Christmas plays at schoolThere was peace on earth ceeded a million; North Viet-Now school kids are not allowed then, for me. Maybe there is nam lost between 500,000 and to put on Christmas plays that peace on earth, after all. Maybe 1 million troops; and Vietnamdepict the true meaning of I'm just too busy to enjoy it. was left in ruin. Christmas; a celebration of the "Be still and know that I am My generation debated the Is-birth of Christ. Santa exists -- God." Yes, that's what I want -- sues of the U. S. role. Some but not angels or Christ. Theto be still and listen to the voice Americans felt U. S. involvement government says it's okay to of the flowers and the sunsets was necessary and noble, but celebrate Christmas in public as and the breezes --- even the many others were vigorously long as you leave out Christ. I singing chickens scratching for opposed and called it cruel, un- never could see the point in food. Maybe the American Indi- necessary and wrong, celebrating the birth of Christ , ans had the right idea -- God is Let us learn from our past inwithout acknowledging Him. in every living thing, but we're our intervention into the Bosnia Anyhow, I didn't start out not listening, so were lost our conflict, and above all pray for: thinking of Christmas and peace on earth. peace, a quick end to the de-Santa. It was really peace, or "Without love, I've become a ployment of troops and a precise , tile lack of, that I was thinking noisy clanging gong." That's timetable to depart! Of. Daily stress and turmoil pre- what the Bible says. Maybe I've As l stated before--someone dominate, and peace doesn't drowned out peace on earth convice me why American's seem to exist in any corner of with the din of my own internal should be deployed to Bosnia.the world now. clamor? There must still be --BG Sometimes I wonder -- as I peace on earth. recall my childhood full of day- What's that I hear carried on dreams and an expectation to the evening, sir? The singing of love and be loved, get married, State and county election offi- cials have already begun ,to pre- pare for the 1996 elections, Sec- retary of State Ken Hechler re- ported today. Over 700 offices will be up for re-election next year, ranging from board of edu- cation to president. Hechler noted that this elec- tion year would be different from other years because of the im- plementation of voter registra- tion software required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. "Six counties will have voter registration software in- stalled in time for the 1996 pri- mary," Hechler said. "While I'm confident that the county clerks can handle the transition, It will still be a new experience lbr them to have to deal with this in a major election year." Candidate riling will begin on January 8, 1996 and continue until midnight, February 3, 1996. "Given thai over one- hundred people have riled for precandidacy in 1996, I believe that the filing period will be very busy for us," Hechle1: said. Can- didates for t'ederal and state of- rices, as well as legislative and judicial offices comprising inore than one county will rile with Hechler's office, while candi- dates for county office and single-counly legislative and ju- dicial offices will rile with their county's circuit clerk. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas pro- duced by the natural decay of uranium, which is widely distributed in soils and rocks. Some soils and rocks con- tain more uranium than others, though all contain at least trace amounts. Radon can enter your home through cracks and other tiny openings. The only way to know if your home has a radon problem is to test. For more information about radon concentrations in your area or county, call the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health's radon hotline, 1-800-922-1255. tree frogs and crickets? Yes, oh "letters" cont from 4A have four kids and live happily yes. How beautiful. There Is still ~ i - ever after -- how did that simple peace on earth. It's up to me to David McKinley's engineering In the article, Shalt tells how, dream become so complicated? open my heart and listen. ; ~! r background has taught him to because o'f her susceptibility toNot only did it become un- Martha Asbury, peer pressure as a freshman, fashionable, but it seemingly Lewisburg solve problems. He will cut out she is pushed into accepting became impractical as prices Great Selection of new government.thefraud andweWaSteneed alnleaderState sexually Integrated bathrooms soared and everyone struggled E~'~ ~I in which she found herself shar- to keep up with the Joneses and who will use his mathematical and problem-solving mind and ing the shower with members of Sewing Machines common sense to solve the the opposite sex. We hear a lot problems facing this great state, discussed today about homo- Williamsburg Iomemakers Join me in my support for David sexuality, but we do not hear NOW IN STOCK FOR [ McKinley for governor, about issues such as the coedMeet Sincerely, bathroom. It is these insidious Ruth Miller was hostess at Friday in December at the Fire- Christmas Giving.. Lawrence B. Lyon, Jr. trends" that are destroying the her home in Lewisburg to the house. There will be a covered values upon which marriage, Williamsburg Extension Home- dish supper at 7 p.m., gift ex- TRADE-INS ACCEPTED Madison family ill=e, and values that this makers Club for their November change, and maybe even Santa Stop by our Showroom at: 5 beloved nation are built upon.meeting. This is an annual affair Clausl Allyn Owens. a visiting " The editors of Reader's Digest anticipated every year by theformer member, gave an inter- 112 E. Randolph Street, Lewisburg PoliticallyCorrect are making copies of the article club members. Miller was a for- esting "show how" on making or call 645-2565 available. If you have a youngmer member of the club when baskets from soap powder Mon-Fri7a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Sat 7:30 a.m. tolp.m. person in your home who is she lived in Williamsburg. boxes. She showed several sizes GREAT CHRISTMAS IDEA!!! Dear Editor: The meeting was called to or- and methods of decorating. In our 'Politically Correctplanning to attend college, they ~-~ should be prepared to confrontder by vice-president Mrs. Char-Those attending the meeting ~~~ Bathroom," an article which ap- challenges from the very mo- les Bransford and a business were: visitors Glenna Bransford peared in a magazine, Commen- ment they set foot on campus, session was held. Hot dogs and Al!yne Owens and members . tary and which was condensed In December's Reader's Digest, Wendy Shall, a junior at Wil- liams College in Wllliamstown, Massachusetts, writes of the disastrous intellectual trend on college campuses today. Having recently spent four years as an elder student, I am well aware of the inordinate Influence that the' liberal elitist few have over our young college students. Al- though I am horrified at the consequences of the misguided actions (I am being kind) of We must know this nation owes us nothing, but that we owe for the very privilege of liv- ing here. We must love all people, but that love is not to be manifested in their approval or glorification of self. When every individual's wants are more im- portant than the survival of thls nation, the end of our beloved country is plainly in sight. Okey L. King, Caldwell many of our college administra- tors, I am dismayed at the lgno- i_ The Messenger" ' it rance or apathy of most of the llT. y [ parents and the rest of us . whose taxes support these Instl- "" I tutlons when It comes to th IWI- J[ i things that are taking place on PEOPLE the campuses. Shalt reports that at her college's freshmen orientation served at the school carnival made a good donation to the school library. Plans were made for the Christmas Party on the second vI%%n s fRI d a r d 1 Hnda_ ,,, ---o,,...I naahctrMrSpeHk~2a:n?c~dmons. Can~: ~~ ~he AVENT Stays On! [ / PELLET STOVES [ I I] that always work I MARTIN--- - NES' 'ncl ~ ~L.~.....---~~_.~ "The Hardware Store & More Since 1904. "| 422 W. Edgar Ave., aonceverte | 647-5353 * 1-800-540-7573 ' I Register for our Christmas Drawing Dec. 1 22, I GRAND PRIZE: Zenith IV | "N there was a "Feel-What-lt-ls- Like-To-Be-Gay" meeting. Shall states the representatives of the Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Un- Ion toured the freshmen dorms and required each of the fresh- men to declare, "Hello, my name is So-and-so and I'm gayl" Please note the word required. This is a direct violation of those students individual "freedom of religion." When you place a yotmg person in a situation in which he or she is under in- tense peer pressure to conform, it Is extremely difficult for that young person to stand up for his individual rights even when they are called on to affirm something that is contrary to their basic morals which have been lovingly instilled in them by those back home. In the name of the dubious conception of-political correct- ness," a liberal segment of this nation is presenting a threat to our freedom of speech, Worship and to our implied right to choose to live morally by their Insisting that we think like they think, we talk like they talk, and that we condone every little fac- tion that Would promote their own freedom to push upon the citizens of this nation lifestyles that are cancerous to the very fabric necessary to the survival of this nation. I Holiday season, Cellular One is making wishes come true with the best offers of the year. Plus, you get friendly, hometown service that can only be...Celular One. So, get ready, 'cause Santa's going to 'stuff the stockings' with great stuff like this... 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