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November 22, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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November 22, 1990

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8C The Mountain Messenger, Tuesday, November 22, 1990 @ By Helen Searle he Christmas Season is a Bulg Irel marvelous time of year. aria and Endings end only to bringfter the revolution " in thin fllo dough, cheese, eggs. or the young people of Ire- and the stuiled turkey or goose new beginnings. Every nation,1944, when the comnm- and sugar. Buttons, coins, land, Christmas begins is put in the oven. The delightful country, state, county or com- nists took over and the mincemeats as many items as about a week to ten days and hearty meal always ends munlty looks forward to the holt- king was removed, Bulgaria needed so that each person re belbre the 25th when the chfl-with plum pudding for dessert. day. For children, the seasonceased to be a religious country, ceives something, plus one extra dren go out into the countryside On December 26th, Saint means anticipation, joy and Although Christmas was no in case a special guest arrives ~-looking for berry covered holly Stephen's Day, the children wonder. For all of us, Christmas longer allowed, many of the older are placed in the pastry. After trees. Enough holly is gathered dress in disguises and spend the enhances these emotions with people continued to secretly everyone receives their piece and to totally decorate the main day traveling from house to memories, a point where tradi-honor the occasion with a spe-finds their treasure, the hostess rooms of the home, especially house singing and dancing to tlons begin. Traditions are passed down cial quiet family celebration. At reads out the meanings of eachthe parlor which is only used for earn treats from the people. no time were gifts exchanged be- item. In the very wealthy families special occasions. Decorating Sometimes their travels take from customs, person to person, tween families and friends, the value of the gold coins re- the home is a big family event, them several miles from home as culture to culture, time upon The evening of the 31st is el-celved had special meaning Shall branches are placed be- they quickly learn who gives the time. by repeated acts from gen- ways the biggest celebration and while the young girls usually re- hind pictures along with any and best treats and the most coins. eratlon to generation. Traditions took at least a week of planning, ceive charms to add to their every other place a sprig will fit. In Ireland, the Christmas sea- are hard to break and hard to Evergreen trees are placed in the bracelets. The entire evening is This decorating is usually over- son ends on Epiphany, some- beat. Many ethnic customs be- home and decorated with every-spent eating and drinking all done as streamers are then times referred to as Woman's come traditions by force of habit, day items like real candles, pop- that is possible, for the next day crisscrossed throughout all the Christmas or Lean Christmas. Many traditions become customscorn, cranberries, decorated is a traditional holiday. At mid- rooms. The central feature, the On this day the women are per- because they are joyously won-blown eggs, plnecones, colorednight, the joy of calling and visit- Christmas Crib, is always placed mitred to serve the remaining derful and totally worth preserv- ribbons and walnuts wrapped Ining with friends and relatives be- in a prominent location. To com- festive foods. Even in the poorest Ing. All of their meanings be-foil from old saved-up chocolate gins and lasts until dawn. pleie the decor, candles are put of families, the Christmas sea- come symbolic as we rejoice inpapers. Roasted piglets, turkeys During the communist dotal- in the parlor windows, son Is a period of great joy and repeating them. stuffed with giblets, rice, raisins, nation of Bulgaria, small chil- The tradition of candles in the happiness in Ireland. Mountain Messenger reader- herbs and spices are served, dren never stopped believing in window began during the penal Thanks, Father Donal ship is made up of many peopleNuts and fruit baskets brimming Deedo Mraz, Grandlather Frost.times when Churches were O'Donovan and Frank Gel- from many different back- wlth apples, oranges and pearshe arrived sometime during theclosed and saying Mass was notlagher, for the Irish. grounds. Many of these people,and assorted nuts. especially wee hours of Jarmary Ist when allowed. Priests would often- brought up in different lands,wahmts, are always available, he always brings the children times travel as minstrels and Switzerland live in our area. Here are some of The meal ends with a special the exact new toy they wanted to knew it was safe to visit a home their memories, treat called banitza, made from play with for the new Year. Atwith a candle in the window. ~he climate of Switzerland, daybreak, the young boys take a When asked by the" English Red|exclusive of the higher ele- llmnmmmmll~mBBmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~ pussy willow stick, colorfullyCoat soldiers what the candle -L vations, is very similar to n WALTER E. DEACON II ' decorated with ribbons, bows, meant they would be told It was West Virginia but, at Christmas | ~ | and bells to spread New Year to guide Mary and Joseph to Be- time. they generally have more II II good wishes in return for a gift of thlehem. "File Red Coats always snow. I BS9 ~/~S9 ~[BA, PlY9 ~ID II candy, nuts or money by reciting thought these people were nuts, On December 6 Santa, II II a verse and giving the family and yet, from this symbol the peonledressed in his winter suit and n ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY , close friends three swats. Large of Ireland were able to gather to ringing hand bells, makes the | ~, ,, I gills between family and friends celebrate mass. rounds of every town and house- ' are never exchanged, but simple Today, these 24" candles are hold to collect the Christmas i~" ORTHOPEDIC ~ ~L~ND SURGERY i items like candy' fruit' nuts' and usually supplied by the lcal lists frm all the little bys and * JOINT REPLACEMEN~ * FRACTURES wine are often brought to the grocer as a gift to his regular girls who "have been good home by visiting relatives and customers. They are placed in throughout the year. He is ac- " SPORTS MEDICINE * ARTHRITIS friends, hollowed out turnips, decorated companied by his rugged helper, ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY : Now a great change is taking with crepe paper and holly. Be- Knecht Ruprecht, who assists place in Bulgaria. Grandfather sides the parlor windows, gener-him with his cart pulled by a i#~~' LOW BACK ~IJURIES * KNEE INJURIES :FrOst' preserved as FrOsty the ally every window Of the house donkey' Or durlng severe snows' PEDIATRIC ORTHOPEDICS " Snowman in the United States, has a candle. The youngest a sled. The cart or sled is full of will again become Santa Claus. member of the family lights the burlap sacks. The Churches will open and first candle on Christmas Eve. Always full of anticipation, the 647-4727 | Masses will be said. Once againThis ritual continues each nightchildren await the ring of Santa's : ~;b the children f Bulgaria will cele- thrugh the Feast f Epiphany' hand bell at their frnt door" Af- - " GreyrockProfessional Park Fairlea, WV I brate Christmas at the same December 6th. ter the door is opened Santa I. m ~ m m m lib m ~ m m lit m m m m m m m m m m m m m in .ll time as the rest of the world. Christmas Eve is a time when asks the children if they know Thanks to Nadya D. all family members return home. who he is and if they have a ermany cc Woodward antl Galya Harvey After a light supper with lots of poem 9r rhyme to recite about . feast day for their memories of Bulgaria. sweet cakes, the families gather him. After this discourse, the las, December n S t r in the parlor for checker compe- titions, and other games like Snakes and Ladders, cards and Ludo. Leaving enough food and drink on the kitchen table for Saint Nicholas is always impor- Renewyour home or business tent. Then, just before bedtime, (:luring o.ur special the children hang their stockings Pre-Rohday Sale from the mantle for Saint Nicho- las to fill with his simple and gifts when he comes down the chimney during the Complete Kitchen and Bath Needs night. In the morning tile happy Free Estimates children receive their stockings Christmas Give-aways Cuba n Cuba, the Christmas Mid- RT 60 & ROAD-RUPERT night Mass. followed by a very festive family meal. pro- vides a time when family and friends can gather together. Spe- cial foods like roast pig, black beans and rice, fried plantain, I i yucca, chicken, tropical fruits i,"~. and tan (caramel custard) along toys for the "good" children. In a Bishop, like Saint with many other specialties com- truth, no child is ever takensometimes as a plete the dinner, from their home on December 6, as his menial helper, Cuban families who have but some children do receive Ruprechtor Kris Drinking and driving moved to America have now switches, only to receive some In conjun is a deadly mix that adopted the American tradition candy a few moments later, its, wreaths are of opening presents after theMost of the Swiss people" cele- and churches on threatens every0ne--and Christmas meal but, in Cuba, brate Christmas on Christmas day of Advent, four everyone do can their the children do not receive their Eve. The shops close early and fore Christmas. The presents on Christmas. The families enjoy a special dinner anxiety builds share to make the New three wise men, Gasper, Mel- which could include ham, four candles are lit, Year a safer one. choir, and Balthazar presented minced veal, or stuffed goosepectation, then joy, their gifts of gold, frankincense, with apples or prunes. The foods nelly acceptance. A and myrrh to Jesus the Christare not necessarily traditional --- for purity is placed Child on what is known in thejust special. After dinner the middle of the wreath If someone in your Church as the feast of Epiphany. families join around the Christ- mas EVe. party has been "tying On this same day, the children mas tree to light the live candles. Before Christmas of Cuba receive their special gifts A favorite game is for each mem- Services, the doors one on", 0ffer--in fact and presents, ber present to pick a candle to or main living Today in Cuba, Christmas see whose will burn the longest, man home are insist, on driving that and the Feast of the Three Kings It is always a great joy to be the same time a person home or calling are no longer allowed to be cele- winner. While the candles burn, left open. Many a cab. brated but. In Miami. the large the families sing Christmas Christmas services WOLF CREEK GALLERY Cuban population continues to songs. Thlslsalsoaspecialtlme Christmas Eveand keep the traditions alive with a for older family members, like turn home they di huge parade entitled the Parade aunts, uncles or grandparents to lor doors open. And, if you plan on of the Three Kings. Leading the teach rhymes and poems to the Kind, has flown 0 P E H L a T E B U R I H 6 T H E H O L I O O ? S drinking, please find parade are the kings, followed by children. When the candles are open window, Ins bands and floats along withfinished burning, the presents home, lit the 3 0 4 - 6 4 5 - 2 2 3 6 someone else to drive many other festivities and neigh- are opened and the families go to live Christmas tree, borhood events, midnight Church services, the children's ~o. ,,~ w*~,mm~o. ~. before you hit the road. Thank you Pelm Fertmndez The 25th of December is a the tree's boughs. i i day to be home with family. The family gathers at LewPs.uR~,~tV ~.t,~o~ I I I I II for y ur memories of Cuba. 26th of December is called Sec- and sings carols, SHq I r I', .o a oeo au i ,, The mas _T_re_ e)." After this , are again closed and families spend the day visiting other reid- everyone gets to enjoy ' ! I ' tlves, ents. }AI E , Thank you Werner Stossell Younger GeriIlal ' for your Swiss memories, awaken Christmas , , discover Kris Mexico "n Mexico, "Las gins on December days before Chris Pirates, music, and foods are a part of this rive time as each net takes a turn at hosting ning. Coffee, tea, ho (chocolate caliente) are served along beans, tamales, (bufluelos) and stick (churos). The children look forward to the hitting the candy and pirate. On December 16th, the next nine nings, the people of gather in their church at~ to recite the Rosary. either statues of Mary seph, or people Holy Couple, led the through the designated neighborhood. The then the musicians, the firecracker ac everyone along, in place for Mary and stay for the night. At the the parades, covering from one to three people begin the festivities. Best efforts are put each area always recognized as servin food and being the best the end of the nine vena has been recited Christmas Eve, FaliZ After Midnight Mass gather together for a chicken, turkey (pabo). tacos, quesadilla, rice ghetti with butter special queso anej~ cheese. December ily day of rest. Thank you for you memories Germany children present their lists, day the honorable Candy, nuts, and oranges are Nicholas visits the taken from the sacks for the German children good children but, for the bad during his lifetime. children, Knecht Ruprecht car- and especially tedioUS ries switches, requires assistantS. These bundles of weeping wil- Ruprecht and Kris low sticks, each about a yard employed as helpers long, are tied together in many.Together or s bunches of twelve sticks, thethey visit the homes thlck~ ertd L~.alwa~v~at the tie German children. part and the whole configuration Knee4~t Ruprecht, is very similar to a small broom, looking fellow, A swat from this type of switch long willow tree obviously hurts. If a child has hand. While he been truly bad the child will be rounds of all the area put into the sacks piled towards speaks with all of the the back of the cart. This adds to determine if they the children's anxiety as several or bad. If a child has pairs of legs in various askew good he gives the~ positions can be seen coming fruit, if the child has out of the sacks. These children he places a piece of will be taken away with Santa as hand. In some areas he heads back to the woods this man comes to where they will help him makedressed very presents, tree by the ang Full Field Encoding wrapped in ,, ily member MODULAR ENCODING Proof Mode ' know who SYSTEM Teller Terminal Interface what belongs to largest of families. Keyboard programmable The traditional goose is maln family while the SHARP. Holiday, . The SHARP BE-800 is a compact spent visiting gra and modular encoding stystem relatives, and which can be adapted to many children, the Available different enviornments by adding Christmas is at SALES & SERVICE FOR components, ventSymbolSwreathf arethe met. CASH REGISTER Ronceverte, WV 24970 6 4 5 - 7 4 2 8 L.ga Hoke for in Germany. ] [