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November 8, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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November 8, 1990

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i The Mountain Messenger,Thursday, November 8, 1990 3A Amanda Coleman , " : Queen Sparta XXIII _._ 1 (I(II . _ Anlanda Coleman daughter ~--"t~,'--~ ~nlP ~ "~ik 'q! of Mr and Mrs Elmer Coleman of A -1 iI~g~v. _~. |]k White Sulphur Springs, was D 1 ~.~T~T]~]~/~~](~ I~I crow ed "-" ee of ....... ~ ~ .~ ~ ,,,-, ,,. =-..,~,~ L.. ,v~.l u n yu n bparta 2~ali Im!r . ~ k~ v-tr--~. --,.. ~ during haiti;me activities of the ]~F" : l IAI 15 Greenbrier East-Bridgeport foot- ~ [~ JLf "1 -t ~I~ ball game November 2. The for- ~ I NOVEMBER | | real coronation was held during .... ~k ...... .{" ~ : i ~'~1t, the annual Homecoming Dance ~ ~:~ I ~_k Ale later that evening I 'qll"--- _ ,L= I rlnclpal Charles Carney es- ~ J~ I ~li~lNl~d-, carted Queen of Sparta XXll, I Arm Ayers, who presided at the ~ i~ I " coronation. Miss Coleman was ~i~ .,dl~ escorted by David Morgan, son ~~ . of Mr arid Mrs Robert Morgan of ~~ I UIl,,~'r,'~ d"~.l~,l [ Lewisburg. Flower girl was I vw~ /%,r ~#llll~li, i I Meagan Dorsey, daughter of Mr m~lii~ .... ~! m Am m 1 I I-q!ll lmNII I YOU ASK C .I and Mrs Peck Dorsey of Lewis- burg and the crown bearer was fl 1 __ I Nathaniel Bryant, son of Mr and 1 ~1~ I~ ~1 Mrs Jeff Bryant of Lewisburg. [ Ill I[E anacre /I Senior attendants were Jen- ~ IIl, ' i .... ..... II ~l~~~~~:il~ieill ilslf ~i~i. ~liitlZ:~i,ill "" " . ,,~5. " , Owner Director m,~_~iat the PresbySanitationl Department Stacey Reeves daughter of Mr n lier Bostzc, daUsgth:er of Mr,and Kindergarten students winning top honors in Frankford Elementary '11~/ I o~..~ ~11 lvirs oerry r~o L e ol wnue ...... f . . ; School s Halloween costume contest October 31 were Megan Banton II ]~',{;~] Longanacre j] ~mpnur ~prlngs, escortea Dy (left), prettiest; Josh Higginbotham, most original; Melissa Justice. |/I~~] Funeral Home Jl t Justin Andrews. son of Mr and ugliest; and Ben Long, scariest. The annual event featured winners il~ .......... JI ~_The O p. en Book, 109 E. Washington St., Lewisburg.Mrs Raymond Andrews of Alder- each grade level and was sponsored by the school's Community I I ~Vemb~r 18, 2-4 p.m. during Christmas Open House,/or son; Leah Stone, daughter of MrEducation Association (CE.A). Parents and businesses provided| HAV~ yOU HEARD ABOUT OUR | pt~ok signing, "Joy In The ]{~orning." - and Mrs J. D. Stone of White canay lor all cn.aren present at the anernoon luaging contest, Ages I "NO PAYMENT" PRE-PLAN I Sulphur Springs escorted by , of participants ranged from pre-school to sixth grade. I " PROGRAN I IiLeWisburg Brian Hedrick, son of Debbie " I I and Steve Hedrtck of Wil- |Did you know you can pro-plan fu-| EtlP garbage as scheduled Monday. November 12, Voter- liamsburg; and Shannon War- ~ . Inerallserv!c~v~ at n~hiCrharTe~lyOU I Lewisburg City Hall will be closed in observance of the ren, daughter of Mr and Mrs Yr l I"llYfl aI lit cost y.u no ng. a o makeI ~ll" Ralph W illzmns, of L ewisburg, es~. '~1~1~r'~I'~1..1~#'~1~1-~ I-- cortea by lxevln u'iNezl, son oi M-L~.#'~IWq~I..&'I.IL~,~MA.&~=,~I U y- -vj U I Ireadings from Scripture - even ar-I Valley Chapter #671 Carolyn and Steve O'Neil of i~t~11~ _J_ 11 _ I..,~L~. ~Iqr~ll~ l___2J Irange-for your favorite flowers andl Association of Retired P~rsons will meet Tuesday, No- White Sulphur Springs. ~,~q,,,JJl.t[~l[IUlt~ |your clergyman. And these arrange-I ~3, Lewisburg United Methodist Church. President Bessie From the junior class, the at- i ^ M ^ ~,~ ^ ~ ^ t |ments-in-advance can be made with- I ~o.rcduct a board meeting at 11 a.m. The program will be . out cost or obhgat~on ~lber Williamsburg Choir under the direction of Susan tendants were Beth Sizemore. There will be a bloodmobile in ~ I I ~'= COVered dish luncheon will begin ai ll:45a.m, andthe dat}ghter of Gaye Sizemore of Ronceverte at the Baptist ~e~'l~/Z.~.~,a/.,.,o IHERE'S HOW TO DO IT: First. come| ~valllfollow. Sinks Grove and the late Dennis Church Monday November 12 ^ ."'~-~ .... .~'d'" ][in and complete our Pro-PlanningI Sizeinore; escorted by Kevin from noon to 6an m snonsored u~t- l/co/e,,- IForm with our help. The form covers| ri!id Crane, sTn of Debbie Crane of bY the Mutual~'hnprovement m ~ Lewmburg and Michael Crane of 1 h Distric}. terian Church in CaldweU November 18 Hinlon" and Be's" Smith aau'~U Club under the direction of Mrs IT ,II[[~'~A~I~ ~I~]~ILII~ Icopies of the form for safekeeping] ~,datl .m. Department representatives will be ter of Mr and Mrs Fred Smith of a ouota of 50 pints of blood. An- r *=*ui Inated estate administrator or family| ~lbeserv~d p . , t y ,u. g.- Rosalie Underwood. There will be =u }lIl0111~lli~l'll~lIl01 Zwith your lawyer, accountant, desig-| well S~ale Jumar Vice Commander and Mary Lewisburg, escorted by Denny ott~er bloodmobile will be at the | =nothergreatmovleinLewlsburgl ] |member. Third, a copy remains with] E'~clk~s D'eparimenl Conductress. All Post and AtmliaryCrane, son of Mr and Mrs Wayne uro=t w'-ain~a School of O~*"~"/ u(~t,t~l ~)~ xua) / us'which you may review from time-I ra e,,;bed to a,end. ....... ....... - , Crane of Alderson Sophomore .; ..... / tA'~ l l( I'I;x : PI"..~;CI ] Ito-tlme and update as you require I :, patnlc Mealclne gymnasium m __ ~ attendants were Autumn I ierc'- pR ~Wagon ~ ~ . .-. Y' Wednesday, November 14, noon / ~ II E AYMENTOPTIONS I ~,r coffee will be held Wednesday, November 14 ai I0 daughter of Mr and Mrs larnest to 6 p.m. sponsored by the / ~ ~ ~i I |Several pro-payment plans are avail-I L~home of Linn Hanson, 605 South Jefferson St., Lewis- , mercy of Lewisourg, escorted by school 400 North lee Street l 17r I |able,vancetOO. if yOUr IChse to pay in adt Lee Cross; son of Mr and Mrs I ewisburg If you are eliaible to l I I . Butp e-panning does not nee-I ~.omers are encouraged to attend. For more information Tom Cross of Lewisburg; and donate ~v not donatiw" blood / J ,,. ~. / essarily mean pre-payment. Stop by| Y g ~F ~ for full details 'Ilt_$~a~'!~arinMcCmasat6473029'RsemaryDenta'645- and Mrs EIliot Reeves of Lewis-plan to come out to one of these / ,' 'll I ~dOyce Kitchens at 645.1771" ' within 'the past 58 days, please ~ ~ burg who was escorted by Andy I lller ' " community bloodmobiles and/ .. --=... I I I ~Creenbrier Ambulance will have their steak dinner at McCliniic son of Mr and Mrs " ' plan to donate. Type 0 and type L E Bedford McClintic of Maxwelton + t o ONGANACR ~=County Youth Camp, Anthony, Saturday, NovemberlO " O areinshor supplvl;rfall/ 6OOqil"ell& II I nies the Alunml Hall of Fame ............. / Adults:~2.uu ~n.aren~.~uI rul En U L nUlVIr I r,:tO7p.m. During the pro-game ceremo- collections. The goal a(the Os- I ............ 7 I | CIIklI'I"~AI U/'~llill~ I ' teopatnlc ~cnool IS uu pints Ol m ur,,u,,,=~,-= m ........... "--'"=" m ~,~ml~,~'e--oy and Band Inducted' four graduates of hlood. " I Fri.&Sot. 7:00& ............ 9:30 p.m.| I F~,rt C,.rin.. I Greenbrier East High School. ~ / Sun. thruThurs. 7:00p.m. / v ~, , ,vv | ~' ~OVember 17. 8 p.m. Carnegie Hall, Le'~wisburg. Admis-They were Beatrice I. Baldwin of Ulassitwas / Closed Monday . / I I t/' Balcony open l-or Dining o v--t, --~v~r,~w r'POrreservationscafl 645"7917. Durham, North Carolina: Teresa ..... l ' 1 I I k~%~oBrass Childers of Folsom, Pennsylva- 647-5724 - - " " Band nia John B. Ghennan of Lewis- ~ , , , Ei"Uember 18, 2 p.m. Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg. Admis-burg and Judith Lynn Logan of[|['~-,,.~r,uv~r~r,,~.~ ~/~ IfI ..,,,,,.,. .. ~Qdults; $7 seniors or students. Reservations call 645- Nashville, Tennessee. All four IIIINCNEIMBLE. Ill I 7 . / -- . -- ! [ :'~rval ion s. were nominated for the honor in }ll TANE ONE TIIIRD OFF every Ill I "~L/'~/~le~]' #/7,~ rI A r I "Plh''-ArtShwandReceptin light of their outstanding Ill price in our big eolor eatalog! Ill I II h I achievements and contributions Ill z.ooo 11/ .... 2 ........... I I r ~jUe.rnberll. 2p.m. lo4p.m. Carnegie Hall. Lewisburg. since' graduat'lng from Green =,,,,o,a, 0'go,, ",.o,,,o.'oo,0 | .Y-i. Tt T/. /. Z,' t: Tb ttTl/ vrlbh | F, refreshments served. Call 645-791 7 for additional brier East. Ill goods .kachen ac~essones -hundreds mo,e /1/ -/ --i In the Homecoming parade, Ill I LI "r | | u r" t',,, u II l laptist Church the class division was won by IIJthirdoffEVERYorieelnbothcatalooi~ III ILl IM I I IM I I r= v 1 the Class of 1991 with the Class[li$~.0o SUP.JPftJSXNGWO,KIJ~RODUCTS I1[ ~" ~" = = v -.- v I A t 107-a E Wash StOct~qaent = ~'~O~Cre'ekMountain, November 11, Veteran'suay, /p.m. ~ of I993 placing second and he [1[ LIwisbur- ill r~VT=O ~U#"%EO I~R,,,~,~,. @. /,,,~.,,,,I,,,,,,.,,,. I Class 9 h' Th " ill (:~)~.4~.4s .=,.c=~+~ I,/LA/LI% ~,)rlVlE,i,~ IVl~ll~ ~ LUUIt~ L'=r~ice to recognize all veierans of all wars. The pastor, _ ..... of 1_92 LArd. __e Club dl- It.' I] ~]Ohn (Jay) Talbott extends an invitation to all veterans vision was won by the Sparian"'-" " ' I Comnl -f - _~n~k nn _~A/FI | Cheerleaders" the VICA Or'ani ~ m r-" ....... m ~l~/eS" -- .......... zation seconci and. Spartan' Sgpiri[ ~]~''~.~.v.~,-e,,"~''""----"T"l I .... / r~(,U.._ntted Methodist Church, White Sulphur Springs, Sat- third I I1V~. i~ er "l'/(e Homecoming activities ~ ~t'I~fOrl, | Comnlete stock On SALEI I ~er ]O, hp.m. to7p.m. $6 adults, $2.50 children Council at the high school /106 E. Washington St. i I Many other ,terns on SALE. I are coordinated by the Student "-...,~ ,',,., v ~ r" . "i : '~ * Lewisburg WV . . I ! I During the last week of our Anruve.ary Sale! i les Borromeo Catholic Church ! I I Hours: I Sale ends November lOth I ~r.t~r Springs, Saturday, November 10 and Wednesday, ~:" '4. 8:20 a.m. Rosary recitation after the 8 a.m. daily I ..~,u.,.,?..?-.=,oo=,.,~-- I i Mon.-Sat. 10-5 W ~mm=j~ t m I! B I wuur I I.ORIGINALART.PRINTS "-I J ,f ! I I YOUR NEWS I .COMMISSIONEDPAINTINGS 1 .d-...I. ,n I-.,.11 I I 122NORTHCOURTST. i I ",CUSTOMFRAMING #d [4.. r r. g I [l~I; group for divorce, death, loss or .separation of loved , ,,,.,,O, ,I L~S~U"~. 2490'I ll~l~.cl~n~ll .RESTORATIONS .... I II . wv ~,o,e ~,~-~,~, I ~ tricot Thursday, November 15, 7 p.m. in Tuke Hall of nlas Episcopal Church, White Sulphur Springs. All are ,.r-,,-,.,, ~.--, another great movle in Lewlsburg~ R( )Ill R I t )1 NIRO IL\'~ I I( ~r'[% JOE PI"SCI Adults $2.00 Children $ f .50 SHOWIIMES Fri. & Sat. 7:00 & 9:30 p.m. Sun. thru Thurs. 7:00 p.m. Closed Monday * Balcony Open For Dinlng } nl S, Hanger$ ,,, LINTAINEER MUFFLER CENTER I"? ES T A titAN T NOW BOOKING PARTIES FOR THE HOLIDAYS 536-2202 rid November 9 .ay, November 10 November