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November 1, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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November 1, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, November 1, 1990 '- What to carve on a tombstone can be an interest- ing study In lust how far one can in an attempt to summarize the life of_ the dearly ifleparted. Epitaphs make interesting reading. How about the one in the old Muddy Creek Presb erian Cemetery (a few miles north of Alderson) that simply says She hath done what she could ? Or this one - "I had a hunch some- thug like this was going to happen". Maybe you have a fa9o te epitaph?"If you so, why not sendit to us and we II share it with our readers. There,s an old rumor that one gentleman was bur- ied at the Muddy Creek Cemetery standing upl His grave is supposed to be located in the souffieast cor- ner of that venerable burying ground. Do you kngw anything about that? I d be interested in knowing it it is true or not. Mountain Messenger STAFF Chas. A. Goddard, Editor Dotty Brackenrich, Office Manager 122 N. Court Street Troy Forren, Advertising LewLsburg, WV 24901 Terri Boone, Advertising llelen Searle, Advertising 304/647-5724 Betty Morgan, Ad Design Published every Thursday Matt l~.mders, Ad Design Jonathan Wright, Staff Writer Lou Burroughs, Typesetting Brenda Gherman, Production If you would like to submit material for publication: Articles submitted to The Mountain Messenger should be typewritten or clearly written in order to be considered for publication. Please include your name and a phone number where you may be reached during business hours. The Mountain Messenger reserves the right to edit any material and regrets articles cannot be returned, Letters to the editor must include a full signature and address. If you would like a photograph returned, please provide a self-addressed, stamped en- velope. Material must be received in our office by: News Items: Fridays, Noon Then there's this story about an old-timer's funeral in Wyoming County. The six strong men who were Display Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. chosen to be pallSearers were laboring up a ,steep Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. hillside when they lost their g(ip. The old-timer s col- fin went tumbling down the hill, end-over-end. The SUBSCRIPTION RATES: coffin bounced on'to the porch of the town s only drug In State, $14.84 store,.banged up against the doors, and finally came In State Senior Citizens $13.78 to a mumpmg rest in ti'ont of the local pill-pusher s In State Students $11.13 (9 raGS.) The lid and the counter. _ of the co ffi n flew open old- Out-of-State, $15.00 timer said to the druggist Do you have something to $1 discount to Senior Citizens stop this coffin'r . And then there s the one about Gertrude Stein. This one is supposed to be true. Ms Stein was on her I ! I death bad'InParis" She was surrunded bY sme f I the world s literary luminaries. 'the dying poetess looked up and gasped "What is the answer? Her friends, all considered to be persons of great intellec- tual depth, looked in puzzlement at one another and I remained mute. Ms Stein waited as lon as cireum- i" stands permitted and then. with her d ring breath. . ..-,: said Well. in that caSe,chroniclesWhat is the question." Her .... ,i'iend,_Alice B. Told_as, th.is story in her" '_ "official biography of the controversial Ms Stein. My tombstone will have only my name and the dates of my birth and death. That way anyone who might lOOK upon it will have to draw hfs own conclu- sions. Or, tfien again. I might bo ow from W. C. Fields and have them carve "I d rather be in Poughkeepsie." 11 IT['CI IVE, VIIt Pi II! --Chas. A. Goddard To the point By Many visits with my family in Dahlonega, Georgia, include a 30-mile drive to Helen, a small, booming tourist town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Last week while my fiance Ellen and I spent some tlme with my par- ents we were drawn to that charming town for a day's rec- reation. Helen was a booming lumber town for many years until busi- ness declined in the 1960's. The town was faced with a waning economy and many discouraged business people who felt help- less in knowing what to do. Sound familiar'? In the midst of this depres- sion a wide-eyed dreamer sud- denly came up with a brain- storm. Helen was a mountain town, with beautiful rocky streams, lush trees, and breath- taking waterfalls nearby. It was reminiscent of the European Alps, on a smaller scale, of course. Idea: Why not agree to a common architectural theme and renovate all major buildings in the tiny downtown area to col- orful Alpine chalet-type struc- tures? The idea was radical, but it immediately caught the imagina- tions of the business people. They began studying with great interest artists" drawings of what their buildings might look like when given the "Alpine make- over." It wasn't long before one busirlessman decided to give it a try and turned his a quaint, colorful Excitement was one by one the otherS suit. Today Helen is a tourists. The town has all directions, with ings strictly obll the Alpine theme. nesses several miles mountain reads len, have copied the tural style in an effort ize on what has for this town. Scores of buses each day during the the tourist season, of people amble in and many small crafts shops daily. Frequent ment, parades, holiday emphases coming back again and~ What was once a ber town has been into supreme example can be done when are united to bring their economy by thing no one else is. I'm surprised forts have not been elsewhere. The limitless, the results The tourists are to see something out nary. Helen fits the a lot of other place-' people could get these folks did. Dear litor: 8. GUN CONTROL -- On the This letter is to cut throughgun ownership rights issue the all the charges and claims for two are about the same. Both votets undecided in the Congtes- got "A" rating from the National signal race between challenger Rifle Association. The highest Ollver Luck and incumbent Har- rating a challenger can get is "A" Icy Staggers, Jr. The public while an Incumbent can get an needs someone representing "A+" if as an incumbent he goes their views in Washington andthe extra mile. When the c al- watts lines. $I00,000+ expense allowances, etc. So do we need a change or more of the same? You decide if we should rehire our current congressman or hire a new one. Be sure to vote November 6. Delegate John Overington Martinsburg constituents, not Just select groups and his own selfish inter- ests. It is unfortunate that incum- bent d. D. Brackenrich has not lived up to the expectations of the people he represents in the four counties of the 1 lth Senato- rial Districts. Why hasn't this in- ethical government, citizen con- trol of our state waste, and ac- cessibility to all people in the district. Let's push for a more positive West Virginia. Vote on Tuesday. John Walkup Renick Dear Editor: else. How can anyone his Ill-fated. obscene rible, ever closer --- just another conflict, nam or Korea. lives of only 58.000 and women in many thousands It can very well be someone who is an articulate, ef- lengers and the incumbent both cumbent worked harder to bringState Senator J. D. Bracken- Three, the Final jobs into this area? Why hasn't rich has an abysmal voting rec- end of all festive advocate, get the same rating, the NRA en-Dear Editor: this incumbent worked more in-ord on many Important environ- earth. America loves On issues and votes this year dorses the Incumbent thus en- key differences between the two dorsing Staggers although he I am writing concerning Op-dependently instead of relying mental issues. This is particu- but, lime, there eration L. S. T. Homecoming, upon state contracts for a great larly devastating because, aswinner . . . only the emerge. Below are listed some of didn't go the extra mile for an whose aim is to return a World deal of his gross income at his chair of the Senate Natural Re- desolation of the void the differences and similarities. "A+". War li L. S; T. (Landing Shiplocal business (according to sources Committee, he has sub- world gone mad. I. JOBS -- Both claim to be working for Jobs. Luck has a five-point Jobs program and has been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The same group has rated Staggers in his eight years as voting against business (including small business) and Jobs about 70% to 80% of the time. 2. CAI'q'IAL PUNISHMENT -- Oliver Luck supports capital punlshment for cop-killers, drug kingpins and other serious crimes. Staggers opposed capital punishment ih a vote on an amendment on the omnibus crime bill (HR 5269) a month ago to ease capital punishment re- strictions, lncludihg when the of- fender shows "reckless dlsre- gard" for the victim's life In these and other cases. 3. BALANCED BUDGET- Staggers in July opposed an ef- fort to mandate a balanced budget amendment. Luck sup- ports a balanced budget amend- ment as a way to deal with the growing federal deficit. 4. FREE CONGRESSIONAL MAILINGS -- In May 1990 Stag- gers voted for an additional $25 million in free mailings (franking privilege) by congressmen to people in their district. Luck says he opposes that vote. 5. TAX FUNDED PORN -- Earlier in October staggers sup- ported continuing (voted against an amendment to deny) tax funding to art projects of the Na- tlonal Endowment of the Art that depict sexual conduct such as masturbation and sadomaso- chlstic abuses or which tear down a religion. Luck says he opposed tax dollars going to NEA projects like that. 6, HONEY SUBSIDES -- Stag- gets supported continuing a fed- eral honey program that cost $385 mlUlon during the last five years. He also voted to continue in HR 3950 federal crop support payments to the nation's The above information is pro- vided so that the voters can make a fair comparison between the two on issues rather than on one's achievement level on the football field or one's father's record. It is unfortunate that not one of the above-listed votes/po- sitions or slmilar votes was listed in Staggers' tax funded mailings thls fall. This can only lead one to question the purpose of the mailings. At the same time some are wanting Luck to release his tax returns. The silence of those raising the questions about Senator Rockefeller doing the same, bring their sincerity Into question. Regarding who is the most effective advocate for our area. Staggers' unwillingness to debate or appear together in candidate forums in any of the major population areas of the 2nd congressional district speaks for itself. This is despite requests by many civic-minded. grassroot organizations in those areas and plenty of opportunity during August and Friday through Monday during most of September and parts of October. The voters were cheated by not having both sides together and explaining their positions on the above and other issues. Another important contract between the candidates deals with whether they are getting their campaign contributions from individuals or political ac- tion committees. By a better than three to one margin Stag- gers' campaign contributions are coming from Washington PAC while Luck's contributions are coming from individuals by a better than five to one margin. One additional point regard- ing congressional pay raises needs to be made. Congress had a salary of $77.400 in 1987 which was raised to $89,500 in 1988. to $96.600 in 1990. In 1991, in about two months it wealthiest farmers, those withwill go to over $120,000. With adjusted gross incomes over the budget crisis and the focus $100,000. On the other side on sharing the hardship of tax Luck opposes both of these increases and/or benefit cuts, it Stagger's votes taken in July becomes a question of, "Is it fair 1990. 7. ABORTION - On the at>or- .Uon Issue both candidates are same. Both are pro- Tank) from Talpel, Talwan, to Seneca, Illinois to be the center- piece of a National L. S, T. War Memorial Park. I realize very few people know about this operation. The main point I want to make is the Op- eration Chief wrote to all fifty (50) state Govenors asking for a state flag so they could be flown on the ship at each port of entry. On August 20, this request was made to Governor Gaston Caper- ton. The reply from hlm was dated September 1 I, 1990 stat- ing -- I regret that we will be un- able to donate a flag as you re- quested, due to financial limita- tions. Then they gave an address of a company where I could pur- chase one, To me and all other Veterans of past wars and conflicts this is a slap in the face by the State of West Virginia. I went to my friend Oliver Luck of Morgantown. and with no problem I have received a flag of West Virginia donated by Mr. Luck, candidate for United States Congress. Second Dis- trict. Thank You very much Mr. Luck. Other states have been able to donate flags of their respective states. What I can't understand or want to believe that our state has become that hard up. I would appreciate It if you would kindly publish this letter and If anyone wishes more infor- mation about Operation L. S. ~I'. or read any information I have concerning the operation, please get in touch wlth me. George H. Sinclair Newburg Dear Editor: Fred Sampson of lvydale In Clay County has qualifications which will make him an excel- lent State Senator representing Greenbrier. Fayette. Clay and the Jefferson District of Nicholas Counties. A conscientious gen- tleman who has held responsible positions in farming, industry and small business, this man of humble beginnings has worked hard to make our state better. and Justified?" This Is, of course, Community-minded, a church in addition to health clubs, gen- member and dedicated to help- erous health plans and llfe in- ing "the little man," Fred surance, a full staff, the above- Sampson Is an Independent mentioned free mailings and thinker who will work for all his documentation at the Ethics Commission in Charleston at least 20% of his gross income is derived from state contracts, presumably from engineering work done by his firm Bracken- rich and Associates in Lewis- burg.) Why did Mr Brackenrich permit the water in a mobile home park he owns in Green- brier County to go untested until he was cited by the EPA and DNR? (After all he is Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee!) There are more rea- sons why Fred Sampson must be elected to represent us in Charleston. We citizens deserve good governmentl Thank you, Sincerely Pritchard Farley Collins guinwood Dear Editor: A "just" cause brings out the best in people. On Monday Octo- ber 15. our spaghetti dinner was a huge success. Our thanks to all who supported this endeavor. A special thanks to Mary Godby, Marcella Smith and the Method- ist Church. We will probably have more dinners in different areas of the county as additional fundraisers. Please support our efforts to change the boards thinking on consolidation. Dona- tions can be sent to me at Box 304 Alderson, or to Jeanie Fletcher at Williamsburg. Sincerely Tom E. Housby Williamsburg Dear Editor: November 6 is approaching rapidly but to date not many issues have been aired. My pet peeve Is ethics in government. Most of the problems our state government now faces can be at- trlbuted to the lack of ethics, profiteering and self interest politics. I urge all voters to look be- yond party politics and educate yourselves on the issues and candidates at the state level. I think you will find our current state senator undoubtedly fits the mold for typical West Vir- glnia "Politics As Usual." We are fortunate to have an- other choice in this election. Fred Sampson Is committed to stantlal control over the fate of much environmental protection legislation. As legislatlve liaison for the WV Sierra Club, I would like to acquaint the public with some of the environmental bills that he was asked to support. but did not. In 1987. Sen. Brackenrich voted against the Bottle Bill. This bill would have helped en- courage recycling and reduce lit- ter and Is already working effec- tively in nine other states. In 1990. he led the attack which weakened the air pollu- tion control standards to be set by the state under HB 2813. He also voted against several floor amendments to strengthen a groundwater protection act sup- ported by environmentalists. It seems that Mr Brackenrich isn't worried abut pollution until after it is already too late. and then says it is too late to do anything about it. Sen. Brackenrich is certainly entitled to his opinion, but it is ludicrous to expect voters to be- lieve that he can consistently oppose environmental protection legislation. Perhaps someday, Sen. Brackenrich will awaken to the need for clean air. clean wa- ter, and a healthy and produc- tive environment. Until that day, I am urging the voters of the 11th District to elect someone with more environmental aware- ness to the State Senate. Fred Sampson has earned th WV Si- erra Club endorsement and de- serves the support of voters. I hope that a majority of voters will support Fred Sampson. be- cause in doing so, we can send a competent and responsive repre- sentatlve to Charleston, and we can send a message to polluters that environmental responsibil- Ity is the new rule in West Vir- ginia. Sincerely, James Kotcon WV Sierra Club Morgantown Dear Editor: Assuming that anyone who reads this does understand the consequences if Mr. Bush gives the order for the killing to begin, This madness is unparalleled in the history of this country .- and indeed almost anywhere The time is growing now and little we as do about it. Two neither of which will fearing to lose --- would rather plunge tries into the war surely be "the war wars." In this time eat need the one is to invoke Almi intercede and save stroylng ourselves. Dear Editor: I feel compelled to the comments of the Director of the Education views on public West Virginia. In a editor of this wrote that my to be aimed at efforts to improve This could not be the truth. Jus't in alone, I have s importance of forty schools in west 1989, the WVEA'S the West Virginia Teachers. asked "Straight Talk Representative. In travelled through addressing about the and excelling in Furthermore. as Director of the know. only abot t money spent'on secondary country comes government; mistake for the bureaucrats can solve our here ,at home. trast to my to actively purs~ for our local well as provide s counselors with about federal students seeking to lege, And contrary WVEA's strongly Chapter 1, tlon programs. Sincerely,