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October 25, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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October 25, 1990

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By Roberta Patton Rodgers DAYI past, Sandy Halstead traveling to Fairlea We were taking or Alta Vista Road which is ap- 3 miles. Oh. what a morning it wasl We the Hawvers, who have Heavenly Blue Morn- over the rail were the Queens' a darling baby look- door waving to us. house in the bend with pumpkins, and chrysanthe- ting us In a happy the road is the Has- With a healthy look- tree spreading its a new mailbox gaily Who lives there. Then daily surprise, a changes so lives Mary and Blakeslee. Jonathan each day after his hours, doing the house or fence. time I believe he is fireplace or maybe for a real one. No busy Jonathan is, if car approaching, he or nods! i just to see the finished are the kittens? the home of the Bill it too has received a Above that house and on a knoll Is a near Lafon's driveway. Mrs Lafon delivers our Fairlea mail. even down Christmas street! --- On down, we pass Mrs Boone (a flower lover), and the Brooklyn Village with several families liv- ing there. John Wise could name them. Lo, and behold we are ap- proaching the Greenbner River Bridge into Ronceverte -- the Department of Highways is working patching it (a waste of taxpayers' money) it is decaying rapidly and beconaing danger- ous. There are holes in sides large enough for a baby to crawl into and drop into the river. I re- ported one of them to a work- man. Sandy and I awaited tile traffic from all angles entering that dangerous bridge. When we finally tried to cross it, the flag- man stopped us! Yes, on the bridge, and I excitedly rolled the window down and yelled, "Don't ever stop people on that bridge!" He laid back his head and laughed, realizing I hope, how treacherous, dangerous, and scary to be,in that predicament! O what a beautiful morning and day to be alive on God's great earth! He knows my faith doesn't allow me to walk on wa- ter! More Letters... Continued From Page 4A Dear Editor: Voters often complain that cemetery. Hard they have no choice among poll- the road but there ticians. For those citizens who boxwood scrubs -- care about the future of demoe- and still are out- racy, however, this year's U. S. Colonial WilliamsburgSenate race between Jay in all their beauty Rockefeller and John Yoder ~r's Palace! a beautiful day. CUrve which is over- leafed maples, loudy day in the win- I glow of sunshine! I were noticing the presents a major contrast and a crucial choice. On one hand Jay Rockefeller, a career politician who has held elective office in West Virginia for 25 years and who has to date spent $26 million of his inher- wealth. Does wealth alone make a person qualified to represent West Virginians? The choice we have this year is this. Do we want to continue a governmental system of rich, career politicians, where inher- ited wealth is the sole criterion for getting elected to office? Many citizens and members of the new media have argued that money is the only thing that matters in West Virginia and are trying to move us back into a system of royalty where inheri- tance and wealth are all that matters in politics. We don't have to return, how- ever, to a system of royalty and inherited government positions that George Washington fought so hard against. It is still a free society, and no one is forcing us to vote for the man with the most inherited wealth just be- cause he can buy the most TV and radio commercials. We can vote for someone just like us, who knows what it is like to earn a living. By voting for John Yoder, we can choose to keep our system of democracy, rather than losing it by default. Dear Editor: Yes I agree with Charley God- dard twice in the editorial printed in your paper last week. It was nice to have an interna- tional street performer in Lewis burg at TOOT and it was unfor- tunate that he used foul lan- guage. This performer was a guest of mine and when he told me about it, I convinced him that this was inappropriate be- havior. Performing on the street pres- ents many challenges. The artist must form a theater situation out of the confusion of milling crowds, nunlerous distractions and frequent interruptions. When it doesn't work it can be very frustrating. My friend lost his temper. He expressed his regret at undermining the respect he owed me, as my guest, and Lewisburg as his host. He goofed and I accepted his apoloKW. I enjoy the consideration we try to show each other around here. Wherever I do shows I find people always respond well to such treatment. Glenn Singer Lewisburg Nobody has made the distinc- tion more clear than Jay Rockefeller himself. Rockefeller attacked John Yoder personally Ibr not spending more time on the campaign trail because Yoder had in spend part of his time at home earning a living while campaigning at the same time. Apparently, Jay Rockefeller thinks there is something wrong with a nmn who has to work to earn a living while running for office. This coming November 6. if we agree with Jay Rockefeller's apparent contention that politics should be an exclusive play- ground for the super rich. we can vote for Jay Rockefeller. On the other hand. if we believe that a person who is not filthy rich should be allowed the right to run. win. and serve the people of. West Virginia. we can vote for John Yoder. The choice is ours. and it is a very important choice WE DESPERATELY NEED A CHANGE IN THE STATE SENATE VOTE FOR FRED SAMPSON which are fallingteed wealth on elections, is for both the future of West Vir- Republican lorState Senate to say. All downagain buying his way into ginia and for the future of He will ABLY represent ALL Greenbrief democrat would remind me, elected office in West Virginia. - Y. Fayette, Clay and Jefferson District 0f Dr Hanak girl said: of "Eves' Car- Jay Rockefeller is definitely rich, Nicholas C0untains in Charleston-- Shepherdstown I .rby and across the but seriously, does that qualify The People's Choice. bank is a Persimmon him to be a U. S. Senator?. Does P0. Pol. for by Pritchard Farley Collins ~f folk know it's there anyone seriously contend that "---- --------------- ge to pluck them al- West Virginia is better off today. , I I ~ri as they ripen, it's after nearly complete domination Mrs Ehnore's house,of its political system by Jay ~~~]t @ ~h~// refuge in time of Rockefeller, than it was 10years ray car usually runsago? there. We visit, and I On the other hand, John / -'Phone. Yoder is far better educated and he Persimmon tree, far more qualified for the U.S. "~ A A road, over the hill is Senate position. Unlike A R S T U F~ ~ T rty of Frank Massie Rockefeller, Yoder is not afraid tst keeps improving, to let the voters know where he |Ill I It I d cleaning up! stands on issues, even when his ~Ves are hanging in positions are not popular. John " ~~~~', ~ ~ ~' ,, ~lds in some secluded Yoder knows what it is like to L: "( .... ' 'TOss the road framEd have to work to earn aklivim!'efeller ~I~ ~~,,~,~ Plac ~ -- he keeps en- .The only thing Jay Roc I~ ~3~ ~:,i~-'~ ~ ~lk,~~ , ..~l~ Yard by mowing, evenhas, that John Yoder does not, is ~.~.~~_...--~ ~ ~, .~~~#f~L TnRza S ee us for your Sewing & Crafts needs Men., Tues.& Thurs-,0am-6prn ~ NOW BOOKING PARTIES Fr & Sat. 10 am-8 pm /,7~ . closed Wed, & Sun. FOR THE HOLIDAYS 1"57 Seneca Trail ~{~,lt~ Fairlea, WV. 645-3956 ~, 536-2202 Formerly J. & L. Arts & Crafts The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, October 25, 1990 5A New News Is Lewisburg Merchants' Association November 1, 7:15 a.m.. t.brt Sawmnah Inn, Lewisburg. Police Q[ficer Dan Fisk will give details o] DARE (Drag Abuse Resistance Educat ion) progra m. Shooting Match Saturday October 27, 7 p.m. at Woc~lrow Kershner's, on Droop Motmtain across from the south entrance to the Droop Mountain State Park. Prizes: Bacon, pork chops, sleaks and turkey. S~on- sored by Seneca "lYail C.B. Club. Greenbrler Community Services Will have a bag sale on fall and winter clothing. Sale starts Mon- day, October 29 and ends I:hklay November 9. Bring your otvn grocery bags. Fill one bag.Jar $1 and gt't tile secorld bag.fi'ee. Free Blood Pressure Clinic At Gadd's IGA parking lot SaturdaU October 27, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Given bt1 Alderson EMT~s and t'aramedics, sponsored by VF'vV Post 6723 Auxilian.], Alclerson. Come and have your blood pros sure taken I,~E. Ew'tuone welcome. VFW Post Auxiliary 6723, Alderson Will have a Bake Sale. Gadd's IGA store Satarday October 27, 9 o.m. to noon. Island Park Improvement Fund An antiqz~, attction q] cars built bt:]bre 1970, Ronceverte Island Park Salurday, Oclober 27. There will also be a parls show and flea market. Selqtps Jor this absolute auction will be $6 with the righl to refuse a bid, $10. All flmds realized are going In the Island Park Improvement l'~md. For more injormation contact Wil- lard Church, chairman, 647-5927 or Lindy Hodges, 6474055. Alderson Halloween October 31, between 6 and 8 p.m. Only children 12 and under. Children tlltlS/ be accomparlied by an adult. Citizerls art' to leave porch light on. GED Classes in AIderson Classes to prepare.Jar the GED ex'amination art, being q[]cred at Alderson Elementary School Monday mornings Ji'om 9 to 11 a.m. There is no cost Jor tilt" course or the books. Adults needing to prepare for the exarnination or needing in brash up on basic, skills to prepare for the job nlarket or advanced lraining are welcome. For more information call 647-6484 at" 647-6470. Trick or Treating Halloween trick or treating will be limited to residents of Ridgevlew Estates only. Rupert Rotary Club Dinner Menu: Choice of roast beef or ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cole slaw, biscuits, tl~ssert, belx,rage, Stmda!j Octo ber 28, noon until 2:30,p.m. Rupert Communit!l Building. Adults $5; children under 12 !]e ars $2.50. " " Little League Basketball Meeting Thursday Octob~ r 25, 7 p.m. at Gap Mills school gym. All children in grades 4, 5 and 6 wanting to play liille leagi~e this season should attend with their parents. " " Asbury Community Center Pancake & Buckwheat Supper. All you can ~at! October 27, 4 to 7:30 p.m. $4 adults~S2 children under 12. Served with sausage, co[fee, iced tea, and sump. "t'ie and Cake Auction" sponsored'by Asbury Rurttan ChDg. " Greenbrter Folk Music & Dance Association Will sponsor a square dance Friday 6k'tober 26 at 8 p.m., Came- gle Hall stage. Caller Dave Buhmlan, Pat Luck music. Evenjone welcome. Ltberty Baptist Church, Lewtsburg Gospel sing, Saturday night November 3, 7 p.m. fl, aturi/tg the Elmore Family and the tfeaven's Echc~.,s Band. Ew, njon~ is in- vited. Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church , , White Sulphur Springs. Saturday, october 27 and Wednesday, October 31, 8:20 a.m. Rosary recitation ajler the 8 a.m. daily Mass. A ChiMren's HaUoween Partu for all ages through grade 6:, assisted by 7-12th grader,,",rs, w ill be', ,olhe Id Mor~day, october 29 fl'om 7-9 p.m. Costumes are required Jar admission. Bring a fi'iend. Good Grief A support group for divorce, death, loss or separation of loved ones, will meet Thursday, November I at 7 p.m. in "luke Hall of Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, "White Sulphur Springs. All ar~, welcome. / / tring 29- 2 per pound bonus with this coupon. I I I I I i ! I I II Friday & Saturday pocket savings of storewide on anything with a pocket. I I I I I I I I I Lewisburg 647-5000 Amex Visa MasterCard Yarid's Charge