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October 18, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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October 18, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, October 18, 1990 AIj The young man was talented --- no doubt about it. He played the harmonica, guitar, drums and cymbal and sang -- all, more or less, at the same time. He was tall, blonde, and very intense. He had his guitar case open on the street in order to catch any coins his listeners might want to toss in to show their apprecia, Lion. Seldom do we see street performers in Greenbrler County. But, this was the annual Taste of our Towns street gala. It was the perfect place for wandering min- strels. Children gathered around the young man and clapped their hands. Some young teenagers entered into the spirit of the thing and wiggled their hips in rhythm to the beat. The adults, as is their way, gener- ally, stoodback, smiled a little, and looked somewhat curiously at the ned-Gypsy. However, on several occa- sions, the young man stopped performing and com- plained there was too much noise for him to be heard properly -- obviously his talent was only eclipsed by his ego. Too bad. And then, something happened.., the chap turned to his audience and shouted "you're making too much ing noise!" I wasn't there when this hap- pened, but I was heartened to hear from a number of people (who were there) that the crowd simply dis- persedt Good for themI Hurrah! Each society has its taboos. Ours Includes certain words which we, as a culture, find offensive when they are used before our elders, In front of children, to persons of sensibility, or before strangers. These cul- tural prohibitions help us preserve some small sem- blance of civility. We all know the words, we all learned them as chil- dren. And if we had parents or elders who cared about us, we learned we simply were not to use those pro- scribed words under certain circumstances. It was understood that awareness was our contribution to our civilization. Good the crowds left the young man standing alone on the streets of Lewisburg. Too bad he didn't realize, somewhere along the way, his responsibilities and his potentiaI contribution to society. --- Chas. A. Goddard If you like the Mountain Messenger Please thank our advertisers Mountain Messen STAFF Chas. A. Ooddard, Editor Dotty Brackenrich, Office Manager 122 N. Court Street Troy Forren, Adverlising Lewisburg, WV 24901 Terri Boone, Advertising tielen Searle, Advertising 304/64%5724 Betty Morgan, Ad Design Published every Thursday Matt Lenders, Ad Design Jonathan Wright, Staff Writer Lou Burroughs, Typesetting Brenda Gherman, Production If you would like to submit material for publication: Articles submitted to The Mountain Messenger should be typewritten or clearly written in order to be considered for publication. Please include your name and a phone number where you may be reached during business hours. The Mountain Messenger reserves the right to edit any material and regrets articles cannot be returned. Letters to the editor must include a full signature and address. If you would like a photograph returned, please provide a self-addressed, stamped en- velope. Material must be received in our office by: News Items: Fridays, Noon Display Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In State, $14.84 In State Senior Citizens $13.78 In State Students $11.13 (9 mos.) Out-0f-State, $15.00 $1 discount to Senior Citizens To the point By Jonathan Wright Only a week from today will mark the two-month countdown to Christmas. Although my fam- ily has chosen for the second consecutive year to really enjoy the spirit of the season and not exchange gifts. I still feel it clos- ing in on me again, It's all be- cause of one critical task facing me: the writing of my annual "form" holiday newsletter. It was fairly recently in my life that I succumbed to sending my friends and relatives those noto- rious photocopied summaries of my past twelve months' goings- on, and they have met with posi- tive reaction not the consterna- tion I had anticipated. These let- ters have allowed me to share more news in a much smaller amount of time and still have time to write some personal notes. Yet my life has been increas- ingly busy the past couple of years, and I'm ashamed to say I was sending the things up into May of this year to folks I hadn't gotten around to during the Christmas season. I have vowed not to let that happen again this year--to get them out extra- early. Down deep I know better. Un- less I get a firm grip on myself. Christmas will be here before I know it, without my writing the first word, Time marches on mercilessly, It seems, and much too often I'm left in the dust when it comes to timely corre- spondence. I have a great bunch of family and friends. I fee] their patience obligates me to come up with a letter worth waiting for. I hope It IS. Dear Editor: It's comforting to know the old adage "Out of sight, out of mind" still applies within our modern. civilized oclety. Recently. I was called to help rescue four puppies from a trash dump. These puppies were starving for food and attention. but mostly for food. Infested with blood-sucking ticks and fleas, filled with worms, I had to stop and wonder what kind of person would consider these puppies a matter of traJh. Could this per- son not financially afford to spay or neuter their animals to pre- vent this form of depravity? If they did not want the puppies, why did they~abandon them to starvation, getting hit by a car, or death from ~olestation from wild animals, i On any giver/ day, drive the roads of Greenbrler County and look to the different forms of ani- mal abuse. The most popular being abandonment, starvation, beatings and mutilation. Some are wandering the roads, others axe tied to a tree where they live out their existence year after not equipped to live out of do- mestication. I've known people to drive within 15 feet of their local Hu- mane Society or animal shelter to abandon the pet, just so the "pet" won't be put to sleep. How can they possibly rationalize that it's more humane for the animal to starve, suffer from the weather, get hit by a car. or other tragic Incidents? Animal abuse is a serious problem in this county. There are no federal, state or locally funded programs to prevent or stop this abuse. Since abuse is against the law, I find this very ironic. There are programs avail- able for spaying and neutering, as long as funds from donations are received. To those who have abandoned, abused in other ways, or in the ones who just don't care -- relax, "Out of sight, Out of mind." Vickle Quick Lewisburg Dear Editor: I'd like to comment briefly on the candidacy of Harley O. Stag- year. gers who Is running for re-elec- If someone asked you what tlon to the United States Con- the main cause of death to pet gress. Congressman Staggers animals was, how would you an- has been and remains a sup- swer? Disease, such as distem- porter of public schools and the per? Killed by cars? Sacrificed In people who work in them. Con- laboratories? All wrong. The gressman Staggers has consis- number one cause of death for tenfly supported increased fund- pet animals Is the "average" pet ing for head Start, the Chapter I owner, In the United States an program, and services for special "average" pet owner will go education. through 3 to 6 pets , none of His efforts went beyond voting which will be kept more than positively on these important is- one or two years, sues; he was the only West Vir- The fault for this tragic sltu- ginla congressman who ad- atlon must be placed where It dressed his colleagues in the really belongs -- at the feet of House of Representatives to tell the "average" pet owner who them he supported the teachers buys, breeds, or otherwise ob- in their efforts to improve educa- tains a pet, then a year or two tion In West Virginia. later disposes of them with as His opponent's comments ap- little thought as If they were pear to be aimed .at tearing down throwing away a broken toy. our efforts to improve our All too often people become schools. Mr Luck states he be- pet owners without considering lieves our schools are lousy. He the responsibility involved. Have suggests the Federal Govern- you ever tried to flnd a good ment isn't going to do much to home for a litter? Try finding help, nor will they even try to homes for the 5000 animals that improve education in our coun- were euthanlzed in Greenbrler try. Is this the type of represen- County in the last year. I chal- taUve we want in Washington? I lenge anyone to find 5000 good think not, I urge we send Mr homes for these unfortunate. Luck a clear message on election monstrable track record of excel- lence -- Congressman Harley O. Staggers. Jr. We need Congress- man Staggers in Washington to continue advocating for our schools and West Virginia Professionally, Dennis N. Giordano Executive Director W. Va., Education Assoc. Charleston Dear Editor: Lewisburg will observe -Trick or Treat" and Halloween ONLY on Wednesday, October 31st from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Halloween is for younger children, and we expect participation ONLY of children up to 12 years of age. Please visit ~ those houses that have on porch lights, VAN- DALISM and PROPERTY DAM- AGE will not be tolerated. Extra Police will be on duty. Your cc, Speration is expected. P. L. Gainer, Mayor Richard Welkle, Chief of Police Lewisburg Dear Editor: My Smith-Corona typewriter and I had a ten year association. Thousands of words must have flowed through its ribbons. Re- ports, letters, articles, short sto- ries. Never was there a time when I faulted its performance. My most terrifying nightmares never Indicated that we would be separated. Absolutely unthink- able. When the ten years came to an end, it seemed to say: "Enough. already." 1 considered a complete overhaul, but its age and the expense didn't seem fea- sible. 1 sat it in an isolated cor- ner and went in search of an- other, preferably a clone of my old friend. Would 1 consider an electric typewriter? No. no, never: Did I know that they weren't making manuals anymore? Later, I con- sidered that a sales pitch. Manu- als were made. Not many. I just wasn't fortunate enough to run acrosa one. I took the electric beauty home. It sat on the typing table -- serene and waiting to perform. I sat before it -- sat and sat. Nothing worked the same as my manual. It didn't help my morale to know that a teenager Some have said "all animals day -- one that he won't soon would make fun of my bewilder- have the instinct to survive," If forget, I urge we defeat Oliver ment. A youngster could figure this is true, why are there soLuck at the polls on election day out the quirks in less than a ~roudly day. But l wasn't a youngster elt~ behind with a de- and I couldn't figure out any- thing. Fve heard that many of the new models will correct your spelling, l wouldn't want a ma- chine that considered itself smarter than its owner. How would it know what word I in- tended to spell? It might wreak havoc with my entire thought. Now the correction cassette is another matter. In former days. I could brag how speedy and ac- curate I was. Nowadays, the less those facts are mentioned, the better. The electric typewriter is wait- ing to perform if only it had someone capable of command- ing. My old portable is limping along, trying to fill in the gap certainly not at its peak. but who is? Perhaps some day I will bless the day that I made this pur- chase but right now. I only rue it. Virginia Ott Ronceverte Dear Editor: last week Mark Blumcnstein had published in Mountain Messenger a letter concerning former Delegate Sarah Lee Neal's comments about her vote on the permit for the toxic wood treatment plant, Woodguard, at Glen Ray. Mrs Neal is an ap- pointed member of West Virginia Water Resources Board. I don't think Mr Blumenstein should concern himself about Mrs Neal's running again for public of- rice. She barely won a seat on the I)emocratie Executive Committee {Western District} in May. I person- ally feel that the Crookshanks, Neal and Williams' (all Western District Democratic political "big shots" for years) power grips have all but van- ished. Mrs Neal may do very, very poorly at the polls should she even run again for a prestigious County- wide office. As Bob Dylan sang years ago, "the times theT arc a ehangin'." This is certainly true politically here Sn Grcenbrier County and in this area ill gencral. One of the members (an influen- tial member) of the Tri-County Citi- zens for Irish Mountain (a group that was successful in stopping the "gar- bage dump" at the juncture of G rccnbrier/Fayette/Su tamers Coun- ties} informed me that Mrs. Neal was invttcxl {and offered free transporta- tion) to inspect the proposed "Irish Mountain site" several months ago. ] am told Mrs Ncal refused the inspec- tion offer. Why? F'urther. what quali- fications does Mrs Nea] have other than she's a former Delagate -- to serve on this very important Water Resources Board'? Thank you. Sincerely, Pritchard Farley Collins Quinwood By Paul Lilly Does any reader know about our 50 rivers -- the Greenbrier and the New?. When these two rivers go through Hawk's Nest Tunnel, the state of West Vir- ginia is paid $1 a year. We are breaking them up. The tax on excessive acreage runs from a penny to about four dollars an acre and yet our intrepid legisla- ture this last spring voted four dollars an acre and yet our in- trepid legislature this last spring voted to cut taxes back to God knows how little. Do you know that 70% of our electricity leaves the state? Little or no tax paid. We have 59 or 69 politicians indicted this year. Four years ago we had over 50 indicted. Now we have the honor of having had two governors in the peni- tentiary. Some honorl When Arch Moore is released, he can buy a doublewide trailer and park it next to Barron's at Pipestem. Then they can lie to each other about how much they stole from West Virginia as they drink their .mint juleps. I can't get over the Buffalo Creek tragedy. Pittston Coal Company was responsible. The U. S. Corp of Engineer said $100 million in damage was done. 3"he bill for the clean-up mess was $13 million. This bill was sent to the West Virginia tax payers. Then Arch Moore and Chauncey Browning let Pittston off the hook for $1 million. If the clean- up bill of $13 million has been paid, rm not aware of it. What a way to run a state. Again let me say that if Tug River is not cleaned up by the year 2000. this nation will have the greatest plague that we have ever known. [U. S. Dept. of Health]. Let's not forget A dames Manchin. He was good for us. It's like a hound dog having fleas. That keeps the hound from worrying about being a hound. A dames Manchin kept us from worrying about being a West Vir- ginian. We have more dropouts or forced-out students than any other state percentage wise. We have less college graduates. defend their position, timid and came to try to sumer. No one it was stated that, ai companies should lowed over 9% had been a corn made. Never in have I ever heard testifying about how would be for the nies to achieve even at the old time ings when all the were 100% bankers and up and babbled like robots. They didn't any business frora companies. Not one cians opened his we were being companies in and January 1990. spell. Heating oil went some cents to What will it be ticians in our sister Union where it is bad mixture of wrong about this, most profusely. The increase hurt anyone of even ff they were a month. They had pay their bills. To average consumer. of the companies. Even the rudest and crudest One must write his out and wait to see be found a safe rebU meeting or teachers, down because one lieved ! was out moment I thought to give me a s make me stand in School marmish maintained. No mind The Greenbrier behave manner. All this last American the ladies should the Supreme Court'S Debate on pu Is it true that mostly outside the should be coaches of our high schools and wide open and sports, the teaching profession is well include feminine? Are too many of the and sometimes male teachers so effete there is sharp attacks on~" no fight in them? About 2/3 of and public our teachers are women. Thls Times Co. v SuIIivafl criticism comes from several all of us who try men who are still teaching. Will things, make the the teachers receive more dignity meeting a test case. and financial rewards plus Recently status? I don't know how they truck driver: can take this to the bank, pay our I~rd and their bills and have enough left was being crucified. to educate their children, the West Now in my time I have, known act dumb until I a few principals who seduced as Logically. if we are many female teachers and stu- right, why are we dents as possible. Yet in the bottom in about catalogue they go as good school It has been said men. Parents. what do you want lectuals that We' your children taught? Our edu- don't have the cation system is a 95% failure themselves. *The when it turns out students who both men and are completely lost when it the goose from off comes to making an adequate But lets the living. The five per-cent who are who steals the going to college have it made. goose." Teachers scare me. They don't Edward Potts in a know how to fight for any justice of England. NoW for themselves. They are not could be put under sure of what they want when Greenbrier County, they go out on a strike. When a wouldn't have to strike occurs, the teachers don't county when they pull together. When they pull goods. Last their pistols. I'm afraid they will Panama turned shoot themselves in the foot or a to run? Was it so e. fellow teacher. The superinten- banking haven to l dents and the board of educa- tion should be on the side of the teachers. Parents should be be- hind the teachers all the way. When the electric companies wanted a 39-I/2% raise in their rates, they must have had 50 lawyers in three piece suits to money in the sphere? If we don't have the ourselves, why sume that don't keep the the U. S. Army turn there Our Home: West There's No Place zZ BIJ~I4 ro