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October 11, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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October 11, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, October 11, 1990 Do you know of a better place to live than south- eastern West Virginia? When you look at the rest of the world, whatever shortcomings we might have here seem pretty minimal, don't they? Gener- ally, we have clean air, beautiful streams and riv- ers. Glorious forests. Magnificent mountains. Won- derful people. Certainly we are not in the fast lane of life in the Mountain State, thank heavens. We all need to know what our treasures are and work hard together to preserve them. On another note entirely: Governor Caperton has a bunch of, what I imagine are very highly paid, economists who are telling us West Virginia is going against the national trend toward economic recession. That may be well and good, but I think you would have a hard time convincing the citizens of Webster County, with an unemployment figure of 17.9 per cent, that the economic picture is all rosey. Or how about McDowell County? They have 16.2 per cent unemployed, l ey would probably have a hard time swallowing the economists' line too. Greenbrier fares a bit better with 8.3 per cent or 1,340 unemployed. Monroe had 300 out of work, for a rate of 5.5, while Pocahontas comes in at 10.8 per cent of their total population without gainful employment. Unemployment figures just don't mean very much to the employed. If you are looking for a job it is an entirely different story. --- Chas. A. Goddard The Mountain STAFF Chas. A. Goddard, Editor Dotty Brackenrich, Office Manager Troy Forren, Advertising Terri Boone, Advertising Betty Morgan. Ad Design Matt Lenders, Ad Design Jonathan Wright. Staff Writer Lou Burroughs, Typesetting Brenda Gherman. Production 122 N. Court Street Lewisburg, WV 24901 304/647-5724 Published e-,'ery Thursday If you would like to submit material for publication: Articles submitted to The Mountain Messenger should be typewrit- ten or clearly written in order to be considered for publication. Please include your name and a phone number where you may be reached during business hours. The Mountain Messenger reserves the right to edit any material and regrets articles cannot be returned Letters to the editor must include a full signature and address. If you would like a photograph returned, please provide a serf-addressed, stamped en- velope. Material must be received in our office by: News Items: Fridays, Noon Display Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In State, $14.84 In State Senior Citizens $13.78 In State Students $11.13 (9 mos.) Out-of-State, $15.00 $1 discount to Senior Citizens To the point By Jonathan Wright Our Home: West q/ir,.qinia Something wonderful hap- thing of the past now. As demon- pened in Ronceverte last week. strated last week in Ronceverte, q ere's No Place Like It/ For the first time in many what binds Christian believers years the churches of the Ron- together is much stronger than ceverte Ministerial Association what divides them. No one will joined together to conduct six deny we have some significant .t .~r.~,-: - ~,, nights oIrevival services, theological differences, differ- , - } Several months ago the mln- ences which we strongly believe isters in the group decided itin and won't budge on--to our would be a good idea to conduct credit. If we didn't believe so a week of services. The idea firmly in them, our faith would sparked the imaginations and not be firm and grounded ~~!l~~],..r~.~ '~i~)~\II|'~tq\~, ~ ~~.,,,~ h~ ~~')t--~ II ~'![ spirits of their congregations--it enough to mean much of any- was nearly a full house every thing. evening last week. But what was preached last To stress the community as- week by these ministers was re- , pect of the event, services were markably consistent and helped conducted in a different church us realize how much a family we "~.- ~ ' i each night. None of the pastors really are; The various factions ~' :- " - " l ipreache~ in his own. The people of orthodox Christianity, when responded by returning night af- you get down to it all, hold to the ter night to hear sermons, same basic convictions--convic- prayers, and music from neigh-tions with life-changing lmpllca- boring pastors and churches, tions. ,~~ I ~I ~ I II !~I~~;II There was a tlme when sec- tarlanism was pretty much the More than once last week I "~,~k~,~\~IX~'~ ~ '~ ~ i~ rule of the day. Divisiveness heard the words, "Let's do it ' ~Jl]~i~ ~ threw up steep walls between againF No other words better denominations, and each kept sum up the feelings of many of '= pretty much to itself, us who took part in that remark- ..... Fhat attitude is practically a able week. Dear ditor: Once again the super and board [of Education] Greenbrier County have acted In a childish manner. You know -- It's mine and Ill go home If you don't play by my rules. 1 requeste the use of the Alderson cafete a for a paghettl dinner. The proceeds to go for defending the Jt~nlor High chil- dren of all of Gr enbrier County against a poor pl&n of c0nsolida- tion. This board and super rushed Into a state money give-away with no input from the citizens. They have shown no respect for any knowledgeable input that we all know exists within the county. In other words, they claim to have all the answers and want to do programs involv- ing mentions of dollars withoui any suggestions etc. from the taxpayers. Now. back to childish no number two; my request is a le- gitimate use of taxpayer facilities for a Just cause. I sald on the request the proceeds went for school progress. To me. and hundreds of others this Is a just cause. We have the right to raise funds to make the school board consider additional Information concerning consolidation. So far, they have done several under han,.led trtcks to oppose any suggestions. Our suit (not yet settled) does not oppose total consolidation but hopes to make them ap- proach the issue with common sense -- something they haven't shown since this Issue hit the county. Since I was refused the local cafeteria our dinner will be held October 15. 5 to 7 p.m. at the Johnson Memorial United Meth- odlst Church in AIderson. Please attend and support our effortb to make the board "think'. Sincerely for a better educa- tion for our children Tom E. Housby Alder.on Dear Editor: I want to express my outrage with the fact that Oliver Luck re- fuses to release his income tax returns. I have heard specula- tion that he doesn't want us to find out that he's never paid a a nlckle of West Virginia taxes, but we all already know that he's from Ohio. Either he thinks he's too smart for us, or he's hiding something. We don't need any- more Arch Moord government in West Virginia. congressman Staggers has re- leased 8 years' .worth of his in- come taxes. Those of us from West Virginia know that Con- gressman Staggers is as honest as the day Is long, and we're tired of being mislead by Luck. Come clean Mr Luck. show us your tax returns or go home to Ohio and try to fool the people In your own state. Sincerely, Charlotte Helm/ck Webster Springs Dear Editor: Hard working, thoughtful, sees the big picture -- these are good phrases to describe our Congressman from the Second District, Harley O. Staggers. Jr. I've heard people say we live in an age of sloppy government. mismanagement, scandal. Some states do send bums to Con- gress, arid the reasons they pick some of these "representatives." include good looks, athletic abil- ity. campaign promises, and money. Well ..... The issues ! care about bring me in contact with West Virginia's congressmen, senators and wilh those of other states. While they don't always agree with me. I am happy to say that Congressman Staggers and his staff are open-minded and inter- ested in public input. Harley Staggers, Jr is presently serving on the Judiciary and Agricul- tural Commit tees and the Select Committee on Aging. He Is the Chairman of the Housing and memorial At'fairs Sub-Committee on Veterans" Affairs. If you have concerns about government policy, opinion about the laws Congress Is con- sldering, or problems wltha gov- ernmental agency, express them to Congressman Harley Stag- gers, Jr. You'll find him to be a fair-minded and hard working person, and that's what good government Is all about. Joe Chasnoff Lindside, WV 24951 Dear Editor: As the war clouds gather more and more ominous and Days of Thunder become louder and more abhorrent We, the people, wait and pray and with a forlorn hope that one of the two powerful men will blink. If indeed one doesn't then surely the Killing Fields will claim thousands maybe mil- lions of this world's people. Not to forget the awful truth that, If we do not change our ways, this madness of War as described in Revelations will certainly be the Final War. We will have de- stroyed ourselves. Ashley Wilkes said It most eloquently: "Wars are the cause of most of the world's miseries. I do not believe that might Is al- ways right. What price glory, Captain Flagg." Shall we applaud the War- makers and just say: We had to do it because of oil? Rather. let us applaud the peacemakers and have worldwide prayers for one of God's miracles to stay the hand of the one who will 'cast the first stone. This may be our last chance. Sincerely, Henry Dunn Lewisburg Dear Editor: It's time to make changes in our leadership. Our country need us to make changes in our leadership. It is time to clean house - to get some new fresh Ideas working for us. We did it back In 1974 following the Wa- tergate scandal, and, in effect. we are having a scandal now with our budget. Congress defeated the balance budget proposal just this past week. We need a balanced budget. Congress now spends $1.58 for every $1 they take in. That doesn't sound balanced to me. Members of Congress have to be willing to cut out programs that aren't needed anymore. Did you know that Congress has spent $380 million since 1985 subsidizing America's beekeep- ers? This program was started after World War II and was sup- posed to be short-lived - but It continues and has costs Ameri- can taxpayers $380 million in the past five yearsl I We need Congressman willing to stand up and fight for a bal- anced budget Oliver Luck will be that kind of Congressman. He will be the new type of represen- tative who will rid the budget of useless programs and brings common sense to federal spend- ing. The people of the Second District as well as the country need a change. Sincerely. ReneL Richards Phillipi Dear Editor: On behalf of staff and sl- dents of Shenandoah Manor we would like to thank all who par- ticipated in the search of our resident on Sunday evening. It is a wonderful feeling to know you are in an area of such caring people. There were at least 75 people who came to our rescue including neighbors, friends and many professional people. A special thanks to Freddie Hodges who maned the com- mand center and coordinated the search In a most profes- sional manner. We sometimes take these volunteer groups "for granted" but when we really ex- perience their expertise and lov- ing care at work. we can truly be proud we live In Greenbrler County. ), By Paul Lilly Some or our problems: corpo- rations own about 55% of the surface of West Virginia and 76% of the mineral wealth. There are two things which West Vir- ginia is rich in -- our natural re- sources and the natural beauty of our state. That is, before the state was raped by mammoth corporations. Their style is a little better oiled now but, not enough. No state has given more in sweat, blood and tears to the nation than has West Virginia. No state has received less in re- turn than West Virginia. No per- son who has any political power wants to recognize this because he has a very comfortable berth for life, if he goes along. This ap- plies to all, from our dog catcher to our congressmen. If Jay Rockefeller can be given a com- plete attitude adjustment, who is immune? Corporations in Pitts- burgh changed his mind on strip mining. When I was a very young man. I asked why the state of West Virginia was in such a sorry social and eco- nomic mess. One older gentle- man took me off to one skde and said, "Son, when you argue against ignorance in West Vir- ginia, you are whipped before you start. Where ignorance is in the majority, it's folly to argue with a mule or a West Virginian." This mav be so. but short or armed rebellion, what way Is left open for us to improve? How and where are our politicians gelded? If the word gelded shocks you, look it up. My meaning is to ren- der useless. In medieval times, morals reached such a low ebb that men refused to marry. In Ger- many it was known as "The Age of Bastards." Is that what we are going through here in West Vir- ginia? More illegitimate children than any state in the Union -- that is. percentage wise. I charge the Catholic church and the ma- Jor Protestant churches with a complete lack of moral courage in confronting this problem. It's about the same way the churches confronted slavery be- fore the War Between the States. Ignore things and they'll go away eventually. Why doesn't someone give a breakdgvna on what the state of West Virginia receives coal leaving our company in West out 21,000 tons of which goes to lion board feet of Ronceverte each Carolina. I don't board feet of to Covington. month, but I'll bet lievable amount. thought: There has more brutal employer l tion of ours than i ness, Franklin an eternal debt of putting a stop to nles fed the miners well as long as they lug. Enough said. West Virginia lumber industry'? brier county coal glum. One of the geous corporate Virginia was when ture was bribed into tract of land on the Ore Range. This eral other tracts, Land Grant Colle Government. It corporations but in bribes. Land which herd on to have so much know what to do circa 1900. West verslty is a Land I have tired to much money the natural resources uted to higher Virginia. It was, avail. College board9 dents refuse to ters. In 1988 and took in between billion dollars for her children. This used when it is Rocky Mountain same thing A men is now being vent thls from West Virginia. They rant. But a Rhodes scholars --- wise. How much age in West Virginia Iran. Iraq. GermanY, Exxon? All under names? t To Be We would like to especially thank Ronceverte Volunteer Fire Dept., 617 Fairlea Rescue Squad. Fairlea Volunteer Fire Dept.. Alderson Fire and Rescue, Union Volunteer Fire Dept., Un- ion Rescue Squad. Roneeverte City Police. White Sulphur Springs Police Dept.. State Police Unit, W K C J Radio Station. and White Sulphur Springs Fire and Rescue Squad. Our resident was found inside the facility in the beauty shop, fast asleep. Sincerely, Katy Master, Public Rela- tions, Shenandoah Manor Ronceverte Continued " We_ may be the wrong But, we sure making Dear Editor: All of a sudden the lights went on. AS I spoke to Sara Lee Neal (one of five appointed West Vir- ginia Water Resource Board members] I asked her how she had voted on the Department of Natural Resources' permit for the toxic wood treatment plant Woodguard. Her response went something llke this: "I voted to uphold the permit, along with the other members. She said "we could only consider a limited amount of information when vot- ing on the permit." She said public sentiment had nothing to do with their decision. My reply was "like the 100-year flood plain or the 23 water wells of Glen Ray." When I told her we would take the matter to circuit court she smiled and said. "We expected you would." l followed with "I guess the board would rather be sued by an environmental citi- zens' group than by industry?" Sara Lee gave me the broadest of her smiles and bid farewell. That's when the lights went onl It seems, in this struggle to pro- tect the health of our children and our environment, the politi- cians would rather rule for In- dustry. None of them would want to be tagged anti-business. So. ff Sara Lee ever runs for po- litical omce again, there will be many citizens who will only con- sider a limited amount of infor- mation when voting. Mark Blumenstein for the CC of AGR Alderson MountaBa Stands In Southe West