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Lewisburg, West Virginia
October 4, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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October 4, 1990

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2A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, October 4, 1990 Pumpkin Pie... Continued Deeds IIarry P; Kornhiser and Joan Komhiscr to Jeffrey D. Austin and .layne C. Austin, lot, Lewisburg )Ist., $99,640 New River I>ocahontas Land Corn- ,any to Ascl D. Williams, 3.5 acres, ~Yilliamsburg Dist., $500 Sammy R. Groves and Betty M. ;roves to Darold N. Allen and Mar- 4arct S. Allen, lots, Town of Alder- son, $13,750 George Cecil Martin and Daintle Martin to Iiarold R. Osborne and Laura J." Osborne, 12.6 acres, Meadow Bluff Dist., $12,000 Paul It. Boggs Sr., Glenna Boggs, ?aul 1,. Boggs Jr., and Donna Boggs io Charles Spence and Laura B. 5pence, tracts, Town of Ralnelle, ~MO,000 John It. Hankins, Trustee, to West Virginia IIousing Development i:'und, tracts, Irish Corner Dist., S 18,955.52 larry M. Eckler and Ramona D. -ckler to Jan Wcsterik and Judith YConner Westerik, parcel, Lewis- Lnrg Dist., $55,000 James C. Vance and Cindy Vance to Jeffrey Wayne Vance, tracts, Wil- }iamsburg Dist., $18,000 llazd ltope Dunbar to Dolan D. [)unbar. tract, Meadow Bluff Dist., transfer between husband and wife thtzct llope Dunbar to Dolan D. Dunbar, .46 acre, Meadow Bluff Dist., transfer between husband and wife (. Persia... Tom and Judy Holliday of Or- /un Cave have been trying to keep In touch with their son Jeff, Army specialist who Is a me- chanic working with heavy -quipment. "We've had only one lc ter from, him," Mrs Holliday said. "tte said they were In the dvserl with just rations and wa- er. All they see are herdsmen with camels and black sheep, he Sid. He's not allowed to tell where he's located, of course, but he said they're moving closer Kuwait. Things are a bit rough, especially at night, when scorpions and snakes come tie said they do a lot of their work at night, and one guy had i..,en bitten by a scorpion the dght before." The condition of ,tin victim was not given. Jefl's wife Jo and theli" two children stay at Fort Stewart in Georgia. The base is about 20 miles from Savannah. Mike Sprague Is on the U, S. Marc N. Gaber and Shldey M. Gabcr to Betty L. Holcomb, .092 acre, Town of Rupert, $3,800 Murel G. Robertson to June C. Ames and Michael F. Flcshman, tract, Lewisburg Municipality, $12,250 Murcl G. Robertson to Michael F. Fleshman and Theresa F. Fleshman, lot, Lewisburg Municlpallty,~12,250 Elbcrt L. Van Buren and Myra J. Van Buren to Cheryl C. Baker, par- cels, Ronceverte Municipality, $51,000 Virgil W. lhmshaw Jr. and Shcry| Lynn itanshaw to Joseph 12. Carola III and Betty L. Carola, lot, Fort Spring Dist., $6,500 Eva Shortrtdge, Melvin Shor- trldge, Edna Lilly, Carrie Louder- milk, Carl Loudermilk, Eh'dne Loud- ermilk, Arvel Loudermilk, lleta Loud- ermllk, Ralph Lou, dermllk, Alice Loudermilk, and Clarence Louder- milk to Carrie Loudermflk, Clarence Loudermilk, Gary W. Loudermilk, Norman D. Loudermflk, and Karen L. Loudermilk, tracts, Williamsburg Dist., $35,000 Josephine Henson, Kevin L. Hen- son, and Mary Ellen Henson to Robert F. Rowe and Mallte L Rowe, 43 acres, Wiiliamsburg Dist., $15,000 Jesse J. Fury to Hilma I. Fury, lot, Town of Rainelle, husband to wife Mary Wilson to l.eroy C. Rose trod She recently reported to Mr and Mrs Sprage that Mike had been promoted to Staff Sergeant. Charles Fisher of Union said his son Mark arrived in Saudi Arabia approximately one month ago from Fort Bragg, North Caro- lina. He is serving with the Army 504 82nd Airborne, I'hlngs are pretty rough over there," Mr Fisher said. "It's awfully hot, and they're into the sandstorm sea- son, too. One of the biggest problems I see Is with the mail service. I can get a letter from him in about ten days, but Pve sent quite a few, and he just doesn't seem to be getting many of them. That's been very frus- trating, and I believe people need to write their congressmen to ask why this is such a problem. One of the greatest things our boys need is to hear from us. It's awfully hot, and there's not much for them to do." Mark is single and is a Private S. Nassau In the Persian Gull !st Cla s:. _!s mother, Betty t: iori. ile has been in the Ma- Sheets. lives in Lewlsburg and tines for five years. His parents, t uck and Emily Sprague of While Sulphur Springs, have re- , eived several letters from him , |rlce he reached the area in late AHgust. Mrs Sprage related the altltude of the soldier conveyed through his letters. "He says, "Don't worry about me. Mom---I'll all right. This is just some- thlng I have to do.'" Mrs Sprague said their son. ike hundreds of other soldiers. finds a lot of their time is occu- Died with waiting. "Mike says they're just waiting for the next move from the President. He q'hls man over here [Iraq's President Saddam Hussein] is calling the shots--we're just waitlng around." Mike's wife Julie lives at the Marine baax at Cherry Point, near Havelock, North Carolina. @ said she is also concerned about the slow mail. "It's very hard on him, I'm sure. From the letters [ received from hlm, he's not hav- ing it easy. He said it's dull. with no ergertainment--about all they do for that is to play football at night. If they just had some en- tertainment I think things would be a lot better tbr them." Todd I nganacre has been in the Army almost two years. His parents are Bill and Darlene Longanacre of Ronceverte. Mrs Longanacre said she received a letter from her son three weeks ago. "He told how hot it was. He also said how uncertain things were. He said he didn't know when or ifa war would begin but that if there was going to be one, he wished they would Just go ahead, fight, and get It over with." Linda L. Rose, 43 acres and 46 rods, Falling Spring Dist.. $25,000 David S. Long, Betty Long, Olema L. Auldrldge, and Robert Auldrldge' to Thomas II. Long and Debbie Ann Long, lot, City of Ronceverte, parents to child Jackie L. Plaster and Patrlela A. Plaster to Keith E. Williams and Natoma S. Williams, lot, Lewisburg Dist., $6,200 Virgil W. llanshaw Jr. and Sheryl Lynn l lanshaw to Beula B. Paterson and James Lee Patterson, tracts, City of Ronceverte, child to parent Robert J. Snider and Virginia M. Snider to Richard Greer and Lottie Stella Greer, .345 acre, City of Lewis- burg, $150,000 Clarence F. Drennen and Florence E. Drennen to Manuel F. Drennen and Twlla M. Drennen, tract, parents to child Anna Darlene Milem to David Mi- chael Austin, lot, City of Ronceverte, $25,0OO Dudley J. Jones and Rose Lee Jones to Dudley J. Jones and Rose Lee Jones, lots, Town of Rupert, transfer betwcen husband and wife Curt H. Bailes and H~ttle E. Bailes to II. David Blackwell and Elizabeth P. Blackwell, lots, Fort Spring Dist., $38,000 $13,600 Gm-y L. llarrah and Ilazel M. Ilar- rah to Dewey R. Bishop and Carlos Minnie Bishop, lot, Raincllc Munici- pality, $24,500 Frankic Lewis Stevens to Charles V. flicks and Thcodora M. }licks, 5.738 acres, Bluc Sulphur Dist., less than $I00 Lewis llayden Wallace Jr. and Darlene Wallace to Mary Grace Wal- lace, .26 acre, Meadow Bluff Dist. and City of I~xinelle, child to parent What will Mr Tuckwiller do with the approximately 853,200 kilowatt- hours per year he will generate? It will be sold to the West Virginia Power Company and fed into their power grid -- part of It mlght ultimately end !up In your home. The commer- William F. Patton, Acting State clal power company Is required Director of the Farmers Home Ad- byfederal law to purchase power ministration, for the State of West generated by an installation Virginia. Trustee; to Rainelle Real such as the one Mr Tuckwiller is Estate, lots, Town of Rupert,proposing. That law dates back to 1976 when a plan was devel- Continued From Page 1-Aoped in Washington to make this Todd's wife Debble lives at nation "energy independent" by Fort Bragg in North Carolina.1980. It was a time when oil She stays in touch with the Lon- prices were high and an empha- ganacres and provides additional sis was placed on ways to pro- news from Todd. duce power cheaply and inde- pendently. When the oil prices Power.. , came back down. interest in * small generating plants waned. Continued From Page 1-A Mr Tuckwiller, however, kept up bines to power the "Kincaid Hy- an active interest in non-pollut- dro Project" on Muddy Creek, he ing electrical power generation plans to build them himself. The and he began making his plans project was named for Roy Kin- then. caid "... a fine old man. He was up In his 90s when he died. He remembered the old mill here and explained a lot of It to me. It was out of respect for him that I named this the "Klncaid Hydro Project," Mr Tuekwiller says. Most of the technology Mr Tuckwiller employs comes from his own fertile creativity and na- tive abilities. He is approaching this proposed power plant much llke the original builders of mills in this area did in the early 19th Raymond Tuckwiller perse- veres. He continues the long and laborious application process in order to fulfill hls dream of power from Muddy Creek. Perhaps, in a few years, the power that lights our homes in this area will come from Ray- mond Tuckwiller's Kincaid Hy- dro lh'oject. When it does hap- pen, you can mark one up for West Virginia ingenuity. ,elI Century---,he knows.how to achieve whafigneeessary. Plans call for the re-construc- tion of the Rookstool MRII dam to its original configuration. Part of the dam has already been rebuilt and Mr Tuckwiller spends three days a week at the dam taking readings on the stream required by the federal government. "Assuming all goes well we'll get our license in September 1991. We will be in production by September 1993," Mr Tuck- wilier says. Once the license is granted, actual construction of the wicket gates and power house can begin. Plans call for the installation of three induc- tion generators -- a 15-kilowatt generator placed in the dam it- self and 70-kilowatt and a 65- kilowatt generators in the power We've Got You(f, Number \VCve also ~,ot eleven distinct stvle.~ of"DuPont (Sertified Stainmaster Carpet" o~bred at our k west prices ever. t ~.h, ~,~sc from hundreds ~| new decorator color.~, take advantage of Mae~c Carpet's 90 days same as cash financing" ' and recewe our rw'., year installation guarantee. Mamc ('arpet Stores ~ comprised ~)f h)cally owned indepen- dent tloor o)vermla stores who have handed tt,uether to offer y,,u the highest quality pr(dt|c t~ at the lowest everyday pnces. So m~ we up to the genuine luxury t)f"Stainmaster". 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The pie was finished in one hour and ten minutes, after which approxi- mately 200 people sampled It. About one-half was eaten; the remainder was thrown away later in the day. Russell Jessee, one of those who sampled the pie, said. "It tasted good. The crust was thick, and the filling was thin, but it tasted just fine." Volunteers, most of whom were of elementary and junior high age, told what they thought of the joint effort. "Never in my life have I done anything like this." seventh-grader John Perry of Maflinton said. "It was a lot of fun--kids like to get their hands messy and pat the dough." "I liked cracking the eggs," Mlnnehaha Springs third-grader Chris Worth said. "They get all over you. This was a wonderful Republican... idea--the best part festival." Samantha Enderly ton said, gets all the town It gets them to Linda Dalgle of Virginia, was in friend, Ms Stanfield, the event, "The town are neat---I ing here. It's great working together on even if it's just for hands-on lesson work. That's what it's | Ms Stanfield effort: "Eve well. It generated a siasm, and A Ma rpet Store Rt. 60 West, Just 2 miles from downtown 645-3559 ] II I I I J have a good time." When asked If she for another giant Autumn Harvest Stanfield responded ing about baking a capitalize on the harvest. - ," came so close [Mrs Sampson, a Democrat, ran for the same of- fice in the May Primary and lost by just a few hundred votes to incumbent J. D. Brackenrichl I saw that victory was in sight. "We start out by 10 a.m. and we go meet the public. The way I figure It, the man who really knows Is never asked. The gen- eral public Is never asked what needs to be done to improve our government. If there's a change In West Virginia It will happen from the bottom up." Mr Sampson was employed by the Babcock-Wilcox firm In Ohio. In Ohio he specialized In Navy contracts for Babcock-Wilcox. "I put in my 30 years there and then I retired. I was known as 'the Hillbilly' because of my West Virginia heritage. He was born, In true Lln- colnesque fashion, in a log house In Roane County in 1930 -- one of four boys. "Dad was a timberrlmn. We were share-crop- pers. In 1939 we had a house raising. My job was to put mud In the cracks between the logs. l'm not poor-mouthing it. I was just that way." What makes a man work hard for a yearly salary of approxi- mately $6,000? Fred Sampson says "If some of the politicians In Charleston have their way, West Continued decided then I just could not sit Virginia could on my rear end after Elizabeth dumping ground of don't want to see want to keep and green trees in I'm very interested mental issues and the handles these stance, did you know have been 240 Class-B solid waste this state? Each one mrs, If granted, 9,999 tons of handled at each site West Virginia 120,000 tons of her own to deal with And so, Fred and Sampson pulled brier Mountalnal Ground near week. They are about 10 days to before going on County. "We want visit as many of Greenbrier Countlans ' while we're here," Mt says. Then its on the to visit as Fayette County Fred Sampson looks at his motor Is plastered with Senate" placards. that this was the Headquarters," he smile. :( ,+. % MFR SUG ALL Sim#,dlv" t C4u ~.w,0~ ~ ~00~o~ ~_~ 100% collon ASSORTED UNBLEACHED FABRICS MUSLIN 45"-60"WIDE REG. 1.59 YD. YD. VALUES TO 4.98 yd. YD. 60" WIDE ' " CORDUROY CHOOSE FROM NAVY OR BLACK REG. 2.99 YD. 54" WIDE UPHOLSTERY REMINANTS 1 to 5 YD. CUTS REG. 4.98 YD. ,t 90 WIDE VILLAGE QUILT PRINTS GREAT FOR HAND OR MACHINE QUILTING YD REG. 7.98 YD. RED OAKS SHOPPING CENTEi SALE STARTS THURSDAY~ OCT. 6 - .