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August 30, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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August 30, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, August 30,1990 Last week we discussed objectivity. Carrying on in thai tradition of erudition, our topic this week is - zucchini. Yes. the subject of our discourse today Is that much maligned, long, green, prolific vegetable which was a gift fronl tile indomitable Italians tile zuc- chini. Now, if you were asked to name sonic of the contributions made to society by the Italians you might brashly list Michelangelo. asli spumanti, daVlnci, Sylvester Stallone. You might even go so fat" as to add ptzT~l pie and Julius I~Rosa to the list. However that may be, l contend the greatest gift of all is -- you guessed it -- la zucchinil "the zucchini is a very under-rated vege- table. Just think of the latent power locked up in a single zucchini seed. Plant It and, before you know it, yon'It have enough zucchhll to feed an army. And while we're on the subject of the military -- we could dis- band the world's armies if we were to properly utilize the power of the zucchini. Have you noiiced when tile zucchini come in your neighbors be- come more friendly? If you happen to stop by Ibr a visit they will load you up with zucchini by .~aying "We have more than we know what to do with. We love to share tile fruits of our labors." They smile and. while your back is turned, add another five-pounder Io the already over-flowing poke. The same holds true when your neighbors call on you. From the back of their truck they pull ou! the largest, most fully-developed. grandesi and vlrlually useless zucchini you ever laid eyes upon It Is difficult at times like these to say "thank you" and really mean It. [ can image successful growers slaying awake at night trying to think of new ways to get rid of their zucchini. Why, one ilme I opened my rural mailbox and found an elghl-pound. 19-inch long zucchini. Of course there was no return address on it. Just think of the strategic advantage we would have if we used zucchini to lob at the irascible Iraquis! Where one of our zucchini shells would land a plant would sprout up. Each plant woukl pro- duce an untold number of fruits -- fruits which the Iraquis would have to find some way to get rid oL They would be forced mto contacting our home economic experts in order to get new recipes -- zucchini breads: zucchini cakes. They would have to learn to bake it. braise it, basle it, fry it, stew it. boil it. even barbeque it. Their translators would be kept busy copying secret recipes for zucchini ice cream. Their transi)rtation system would l~)g down just trying to get the extra zucchini from one part of their country to another. They'd have to learn to be co). --- to approach their neighbors with smiles on their faces while all the time toting baskets, bags. and boxes filled with the elongated Italian wonder vegetable, They wouldn't have time to invade a neighboring country -- no matter how rich it was -- because they would be spending all their waking hours trying to figure out ways io pawn their zucchini oil" withoui tipping their hand. Other than trying to make an atomic bomb. their scientists could concentrate on ways to extract oil fi'om the zucchini. Thev could, if they play it right, have a corner on tile Ihel for all the world's future Zucchinlmobiles. Think of it The errant [raquls would have to form a carte] They could call thai group OPEC Oblong Paraphernalia Econonlic Conununity. The possibilities are really bourldless, Don't laugh, nexl week we'll try to find peaceful uses ibr bnrdock, ,flalst~es ond kudzu -- the ~ a~betlex plaeeqor our elT-ort~~ ...... -- Cha~. A. Goddard Dear Editor: 'IXvo weeks ago I called Siate Senator J. D. Brackenrich's of_ flee to ask for an interview. II had called several t~ms for a couple of weeks to speak with Mr Brackenrleh, but he was never available, per hls secretary's response to me.) When I finally reached him and asked for a 15-minute interview for Brier Scratches II. he replied I had been "harassing" him and his employees by calling his of- fice for a press interview. I told him very. respectfully that I was not h~assing hhn. but seeking an interview with a publicly-elected official for a publication. Please In mind that Mr has no listed telephone number where he can be reached other than one at his Brackenrich and A.ss~lates office In Lewlsburg. Last week i was in Char- lesion. I spent quite a while at the Ethics Commission. Litton Building. 1207 Quarrier Street. Room 407. (Citizens, this Is open to all of you to check public rec- ords If you wish.) As you know, publicly-elected representatives are requ|red by West Virginia State Law to file a financial dis- closure statementis) with the Ethics Commission, I read all James Rowe and State Senators for 15 minutes of tough ques- tioning from me! He is obviously too busy with his business for citizen questions. it's about time that citizens woke up and nlake these elected officials accotmtable to us citi- zens! lt's about time that the Repnbllean Party gets oil" its duff and sees that there is a strong two party system in this Counly! It's ABOUT TIME that people ask Mr Brackenrich questions (and that they denland answers to): ill What will he do about sug- gested relocation of WVSOM in Lewisburg to Huntington and the loss of millions of dollars to our Greenbrier County econ- omy? (2) Has he writlen a letter or personally contacted Federal Housing Administralion sources tn D.C. to "audit the books and procednres" of P.S,I~. #2 since it Is approximately $1.75 million in arrears in repayments? It's ABOUT TIME Mr Brackenrich perlnits me to interview hhn lor tile public's good! i can ask a lot of toltgh questions in 15 min- utes! Thank yOU. Shn'erely. Prltchard Farley Collins Quinwood Dear Editor: 1 would like to propose a solu- tion to the problem of incumbent's advantage. Chal- ltollMay and Brackenrich, lengers should be allowed equal Mr Brackenrlch has marked access to government campaign on the albrementioned question-funds. Case In point, is the re- nalm that more than 20 per cent cent campatgn literature from of his Income is derived from County and municipal sources. He has listed that he does County business in Braxton, Boone, Fayette. Gllmer. Green- brier. Harrison, Raleigh. Marshall. Monroe. McDowell, Nicholas, Preston and Putnam counties. He also does business (presumably engineering busl- nessl with the towns of Dewls- burg, Montgomery and laeger. Are you ready for more? He listed that he also does business !with RESA IV (an education re- .g ton} and the Sugar Creek Public Service DtsIrlctl!!! No wonder Mr does not have time Congressman Harley Staggers, Jr. That this Is campaign litera- ture is hard to deny when one sees the snide reference to his opponent, his unrealistic de- scription of the West Virginia economy, and use of his cam- paign slogan, "Working for You." l resent my tax dollars being used to send campaign literature disguised as, "official business." However. his statement that. "West Virginia is on the move." Is very accurate, Unfortunately, tile move, In many cases. Is to North Carolina. Sincerely, Charles Riddle Birch River The Mountain Messenger STAFF Chas. A. 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Court Street Lewisburg, WV 24901 304/647-5724 Published cvcr5' "l'hur~day Circulation: 23,120 Disp!ay Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In State, $14.84 In State Senior Citizens $13.78 In State Students $11.13 (9 mos. Out-of-State, $15.00 $1 discount to Senior Citizens To the point By Jonathan Wright It was a warm summer eve- ning, and I was nervously await- ing tile right moineni to ask the question. I had been working ou the computer in the newspaper office about two hours. Ellen had joined nle about an hour earlier and had brought in an ice cream treal to break the monolonv. Over tile past few weeks we had become increasingly serious about one other and I felt satis- fied thai asking the queslion was the right thing. Nevertheless. l was jittery about when to do it and how to word it. This was something which would change the rest of our lives, attd it was not going to be easy to say. After finishing my ice creanl I went back to the computer to finish iny work. Ellen sat wilh tile to keep me company. As I approached the end of mv tasks, Troy Forren came in with his flane6 and introduced her to Ellen and me. They had seen tile office lights on belbre going to the Lewis Theatre across the street. Apparently Troy had "spilled the beans" to his fianc~ that I might ask Ellen the all-impor- tant question---but apparently she didn't understand 1 had not asked it yet! There we all were. chatting away about this and that, including Troy's and Kris' engagement--when Kris inno- cently asked Ellen. "You all arc getting married, aren't W)tl?" Gulp! I'm not always a quick I Dear Editor: Last Tuesday, August 14. I announced I was lormtng a bi- partisan group called +Awaken the Giant" to attempt to stop the abuse of unsolicited mass mail- ings by our elected Federal offi- cials. During my meeting with re- porters, l pointed out a recent mailing that was senl to the en- tire Second Congressional Dis- tiicl that was nolhing more than political rhetoric by Congress+ nlan Harley Staggers, Jr. Not only did Congressman Staggers respond by saying, "It's something that I should proba- bly do more of," but his brother and campaign manager, Danny, accused tile of working lor the Oliver I.uck campaign. By doing so, he has insulted my integrity and nlotWes. Therefore, my only option, as the first official act of Awaken the Giant. is to file a lbrmal com- plaint with Congressman Mo UdalI. chairman of the United States Franking Conlmisston. Additionally, to insure thai this complainl receives the allention that Is required, I have also sent a copy io Congressnlan Jerry l,ewis, a Republh!an member of tile Franking Conunission Congressnlan Staggers vio- lated the law by plachlg his cmn- paign slogan and picture on his franked nlafling. Ii is not tile re- sponsibility of the tzL'