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August 23, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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August 23, 1990

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// Vol. VI No.24 August 23, 1990 From the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia ~L Jonatha: * n Wright Wygal sees the per- of Handel's Messiah as the musical highlights ol in the Greenbrter Val- be amazed," she said. over this area ask me. doing tile Messiah this "ve heard it before It it done again--whether in it or not. It's some- really look forward Messiah Seeks Frederic Handel's 1742 Performed most often Barbara Wygal Christmastlme by choirs to people who don't read music ers: rehearsals and peribrmance in volve. Rehearsals between Sep- lember and Chrislmas will likely be on Sunday afternoons. Miss Wygal said. AllhouRh Messiah in its en tirety is a three hour production, the Greenbrier Valley Commu- nily Chorus will perlbrm only an hour and a hal| of it, Miss Wygal said, including mainly those por- lions dealing with the Chrishnas story and some of lhe Easier story. "We hope to have as many as 60 singers this year," she added. "'Our rehearsals will consist the world, has been that well." Miss Wygal said. "It not only ol going over the music, ~rllledbytheGreenbrierVal- expresses the message of we'll teach the notes, too. We ~V~lllunity Chorus at vari- Christ's life in an easy-to-under- welcome anyone to t:ome to our , [~Illes since tile mid-1960's, stand way." Miss Wygal will di-organizational meeting to take a Howcly Henrttz & [ ~Usic easily accessible even rect thi.'~ year's pr~,duciion of the look at what we'll be doing." r sol: ,ss wy a, is a,l.us. ,eache. Sweet Springs Valley Water Company musical, in Alleghany Counly. Virginia. ~kl Ahna Hogset,, area ,nusieianand ser~es as choir director at Howdy Henritz is staking a Construction Company of Lind-water here. We began checking who is helping re-organize lhe Mleghany County High Sr:hoo/ lot on the area's potential forside is busy building the 3,000- out various details about the wa- / chorus for its 19qO production,m Low Moor and at Saint James marketing its water. If all goes as added It m e(lu( ~lmn d ( ul , g q [,Preliminary hearing con- "' 's - . . square-foot bottlin, head uar- ter-bottling business, and even- ..... :" - " Episcopal Chur('h in Lewisburg nlanned, the Sweet S"rin-s Val "" " " ' .... "" tually we got the needed pe ,rm}ts gthe proposed consolida-turai" ........ pxoau(uon " " , v v z5 - tots, where crews wm niter me lhe" (holes" is- m tde u o1 vol, ...... v J r, water and DOttle ~t in live-gallon to *actually start one here. We re " "' '" :- P - lnusi(' director for the Greenbrier operations in earl" Se'tember. - eastern Greenbrier l e " o ' r She, has served several years -3s. ley Water willy be,qn containers." -" ..... ' ..... " " " JUnior high schools took un e rslr m Ihrough }ul lhe Val/ev Thealre and has pea-*,distributing water to four states "We raised the mone,, locall., looking forward to being a part - of the economic development of lt' l .day August 16 beforeGreenbnerValley. The group is formed m numerous dramas and serving retailers in an 80- to be'qn this busin ..... G ,, y 'v.trcuit Court Judge John worl-dng to encourage all inter there mile r aiu .. 8 ...... ess, wir hen- Monroe County." ,arurth ested persons" .... to :tttencl an ol ..... , ritz stuD. Iwentv-hve investorsAccording to Mr Henritz, wa- 10 l he ....... - Mrs l--to~sell was music The new firm will nromote hav', ..... .a - - -, , . ...... r , e .......a cor oration torter from the spring flows gantzatlonal meeting Septembm , ,, P aring stems from a suit c " D " {'o6rdinalor for Greenbrier the qualities of its Sweet 'hL: ...................... ovclautm ol me' plant ...... it au through limestone, , under, for- .... 4;Y a dozen county students 9 3 pm al lhe Old Slone res Cotmt "~ctoo' "o ............. " ' ............ y a : r many years,aprmgs lxatural Mountain wa- started when a bunch of us v, ot ested land where no livestock, n lsbtlr o yt g , , , |t rl individuals July 19. The b erian Church i Lew'. " . She presently serxes as organist ter," piped into the plant site toeether not long a;,o and said. herbicides, or pesticides are aks the Greenbrier CountyMiss Wygal and others will brief at Trinity Uniled Methodist from the top of Peters Mountain need 5o ...... f Education to prove it prospective sing ers on what the Chur(""h m' Rom e,erte 4,000 feet' awa Dawd' Holz ,y v ,.,.,, present. Total dissolved solids State Board of Educa :" ". ' Y. in this county. There s all this number 92 parts per million, ,. r - compared to the 500 parts per "trl U rernents and adhered million allowed in municipal '!Oconsolidatei and federal laws when itsix junior IAIpreel Archxtectuxe Draws tErn In At Fair Ice Cream Stand he said. Minerals present : hools located in the east- include potassium and calcium. " i Vmrfthecuntyintne ai i ilsi i!:i iiii i "'t'salssdium'free'accDi) l!rdin; I "* a; ndent Stephen Bald- . " , upon examination, P Y i.:2. 1 ' " - Y- The water is run through a of Education is con- stand draws thousands each ...... J I wood, Florida The couple has nartir'nlah~'l filtor and n r nah:wl 3]-acre site "... to- year with its wide arrav of ice 1 worked at their part-time liveli- Mr Henntz' ..... said. This-]s an ap- Es,,:Frankford, up 219 cream specialties. 1 hood since 1947. During the re- proved method of disinfection addition to two sites " , , - - Dawd and Mane Hlay of mainder of the year Mr Hlay with the State Of West Virginia. acres and another of Pembroke Pines, Florida, have 1 1 works as chief deputy property We use no chlorination and de- ). adjacent to Greenbrier created ice cream desserts at / appraiser for Broward County. chlorination." tgh School as Possible 1o- their "food midway" site for We really enjoy coming to Unlike other spring waters, of th pafi2 e proposed consoli- ' ' " " - over 34 years at the State Fair of West,V,rg, n,a each year, he Mr Henritz'sis non-carbonated high school. West Virginia--and they show says. The people here are very The 42-p0und, five-gallon in testified, how- " , , ' ' - " no signs ot slowing down lt'san : 1 easy to get akmg wRh. Its al- auantities will be delivered to rd of Education has ' ' ...... ' ' "1 annual tradmon hard to break [* most hkc a homecom, ng. And customers in nob, carbonate / eSaPecific location site ,,or " : . , v , away from. 1 keep trvina to fie- t, we especmlly enloy the scenery bottles The comr anv will data on the type ,ofurea way to Ret out o'f th'{s- | and the weather. Where we [iw,, charge a deposit on bottle - ,, ' in Florida, we don't see moun " -- be COnstructed. We reness, but I don t know how, Mr li " 1 " , and will offer rentals and sales ,. ,, , , tains---just flat land everywhere of a lar e parle of coolers and [l Vt'o g for a location now. Hlav, 63, laughs We ve been at /Fi , ....... I n" 9" - ,w, "- ,. ,'-, g ty , . - t purchased one," Mr it a long time." II a a a-degree earner, mere ,t s dispensers accornrnoaating the Stated. The Hlays operated from a :II l' I I cool at nights--just wonderful.', bottles more than one and mobile food stand from 1956 un- / 1 1 "We could stay on the inter: : Four employees will staff the IK:J'UUrs on the stand Mr .... " "" ~~ m ~ ,atatt, ~,,,hon t,,;t, ,-,~-~r, ...... ' h ......... ,,resent two-sto,', ................................. v .... ,', ant to t egin witn, nenritz , , adds, b t we alwa s et onto ndefended a study (corn- " Y " "y Marie and UaVla Hlay .... U " , ,, r" structure was constructed in ' ']Y g, said, Included in the new build- o_y the Board of Edu- 1984; its Alpine style has drawn food stands. I th('mght a German the building has an upstairs bed- O.S. 219. We love tw0:land, ings will be 600 square feet of of- which the ourchase " - , , , , , ' oke-alon- hi hwa s like that, . _mr an acre of 1 n numerous comphments_ from or , Bavarian style,_ conduove, to room where the Hlays, stay dur-, wnereP" we gcan eng 'o Y'the scener' flee and retails&splay space and a d at Wfl- fairgoers, the mountains, would be good. 1 ing the fair. The multi-pancd " ,J Y '; Y 600 square feet of production , , at our own ace :|tp .eo Was set at $25,000. Mr Hlav relates a comment feel if vou re poin to build, you windows display a laree num- P" " and processing area. The re- was used in statistics o o " , , " ( '-" , , Mr Hid rew u - r 1 r " " fPeUrprted to estaf lish the from,. Pat, Reithoffer,. manager of. might ....... as well try something bcr. of. decorative, iten,s to pcdcs- Cla sbur , YPen,-,s g : ,van,a.'P He mainde wil. be fo storage, and Rmthoffer Shows, the mecham- more than the everyday style tnans below. Y .. g.,, , .,Y , ., truck loading. Each delivery , , , ,, , ,, , , ano his wife nave mree children lt _rhi.'':uovationh at the existing cal ride company making its first everyone s used to. The Hlays spend a total of - , , truck can carry 140 bottles. l 'r'high schools. Mr Baldwin , , Bes,d, h two m at f,rs , ,dr and three grandch,ldren One appearance at the fair this year: ' es t e downstairs food m ths a' " each yc . " ; " re arab n :, , , son, Steve, helps them at the me anal sis v, He told Ed Rock [fair manager], p p 'o and serving area,Theyalso operate food stands at " ' _,, Y cry accu- .... ........ t P" ........ 1,4 an, stand each summer at the West l ew roce v excellent analysis ,, , ..... .......... ................... -j ihave $903,000 savings seen about every type of fair- , .... , Onens At Runert open that school,' ....... .a.. "',r" i" and thi" V'uild I[ s a nard work nero r =- testified. He said 25 ngUT;l e lr ;'tiest l',e 'eve/ each year," he concludes. "But s"n '" we enjoy it a lot. One of these Positions, 10 support 'ee . , ,. , , and two administra- ' ..... 1 as thinkin-- of days, when we rchre, we d hkc VV flC n W " ~ r~::,.ua.':::'.:~ as Would be cut if the plans for a new building," he slu,,mme ed school proposal continues 1 realized there >,ere s ,_ ,, place, - already t)o many 'barn'-type of sure when that will be, though. ' August 27, 9 a.m., | ------=---------- ='= Judge Ashworth as a '[/ I' 'nvene the hearings. ! ! ! ! te Today I I b,: ................ 8A ! ! ........................ 6A | I . . . ! ........................... , E]I am ,n favor of (for)the consol dahon ! %11 .................... 3A ....... : ......... 6 & 7B ................ I of Eastern Greenbrier County Schools Oo,k .... , I gusine;s, G od, n:l='r' h Foods. ....................... 3A I " The store occupies the previous I am o osed to 0 a,nst) the consol,dahon , c-I PP (, g ,.ci,.t. of the Main Street Gro- ................ .................. ,A, ' L__ of Eastern Greenbrier County Schools t leorld:e ird:l corner OfHAar je:: .............................. 4A | I native of Rupert his new I One Vote Per Person, Originals Only - No Photocopies. Moil Or Hand Deliver To: I venture fulfills a dream to go into ................................. 2B | business for him lf. He hires a ............................. ,B MOUNTAIN MESSENGER 122 N. Court Street, Lew,sburg, WVa. 24901 , staffofslxandoff~'sadeli, fresh = "' ...................... 3B I meats, and other grocery items. A ..4B I Votes must be received by the Mountain Messenger no later than noon Friday, August 31st I grand-opening celebration was ,=..__. === === ... _. _,,.. =.. _. ===_. ===..._, ==. === .. held July 31. II q O