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August 9, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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August 9, 1990

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IGreenbrier Valley Theatre : aves Road To Land Of Oz ! | By Carol Hall production. "When you're doing '~F0llowi("% on tile heels of tlae a children's show you have to ~t;~!Cstrip story of "Annie," the be n,ore safety conscious," Mr Feenbrier Barie added. Vallc~ Theatre (GVT) t produced another outstand- Mr Casey pointed out that bc- afternoorl of ml, tertainment cause the production was done thcir latest c nturc __ st od outdo()rs, lights were not rldren's theater, needed, but that color was used l~ood and fun were the orderto its fullest advantage. Nlr ter~dhe day at the opening show, Ca~,y is a sophon-~ore in Busi- ~theWizard of Oz " dramatized ness Management with a minor ,~/Adele Thane from the story in Theater, and Mr Barie is a jun- 9g~L. Frank Baum. ior majoring m Communications ~' Donations of canned food and Theater. r0dUcts were made by the chil- Ms Hall, of White Sulphur ren attending the play and Springs, is a free-lance writer , c collected bv the "Tin and an equestrienne. She is an a Odsrnan,,, a cht~racter from active member of the Green- show. The "goodies" col- brier Valley Theatre, a local _.~cted will be given to the local amateur company. e,T0d Pantry bv GVT when tile lay closes in August. Greenbrier .B.PW .JClose to 200 children of all Holds Meeting a~e4~es clapped screamed and fmered as Dorothy and Tote The July 24 meeting of the Prized tade their way through peril- Greenbrier Business and Profes- ves~s forests ai~d enc(mnteredsi(mal Women's club was huld at [ary monsters, trying to gut the home of Novella (;reen..,k Kikt, ko Shepherd is an artist has taught Sumi-e at CarnegieEurope and the Uni,ted States. of many talents. Born in Nagano f tall il~ Lewisburg for the past tier biographv appears ,in the tack to Kansas. ~ covered dish dinner ,','as served, l~refect~we, }apan she gained an two ,,cars. 1989 edition oi Marquis ' Who's 0t~ACCording to Box Office Man- Eighteen members were pres- et Laura Jane Walls: "We ent. Geraldine Moslev became a early appreciation of the artsShe returned to Washington, Who In American Women." UUght we,d have a large num- member, being installed by from an older brother, a re-D.C. in 1971 where she had ac- She moved to Lewisburg p rofchildren and a few adults, membership chairman Collcn nowned lapanese watercolorist .cuss to the works of world fa- from Washington in 1988 and "ll 0Ste' P;' Jtlt SUrprise, surprise, we had Howard. and kimono artist. She clicl not mous artists in the museums has her studio on Davis-Stuart [' ' qual numbers of each "The Emblem Ceremony was take up the brush to paint right and galleries of that city and in Road. [Artistic Director Wayne Bow- performed by: J ckie 8rac'kman away though. Instead she con- 1985, began a career as a profes- an noted the new, vrolect was (left) Geraldine Moslev, Loie centrated on traditional Japanese sional artist. "SAM" FIXTEFI L~de'ved "exceptim;allv well" McDerrnott, Colleen Howard flower arranging and earned aHer watercolors, acrylics and~ Certified Massage [" that it was a "noble exveri- Ethel Dixon, Sally Scaggs, Pearl professor's degree and her art oils are in exquisite detail and ~ Therapist 'Ilt" : " p, ame "Kvugetsu" from the Ike-are reminiscent of hL'r flower at- ~ ~ J Specializing In .,~k.~' that wdl "play to hugeCarter, and "finn Grahani. ~t hobo School of l:h)wer /',rrang- ranging background, tter lira- ~ ~:!}~ Relcavation ~ U.Wds"eventually. The goddess Nike, is the ing. She has tat, ght and lectured ited edition prints and originals Puin Relief ~t,7he play, was "rough at first, woman's figure on the emblem. ,,~ Smoothed out " said Amv She is the "Winged Victory" of ()t~ that subject m both the Orient are in private collections across ~~Slress Management lU'~sn (Dorothy)of Lewis-Samothrace. She exemplifies andtlwUnitedStat~, the country. Her subject rnatter ~, AttheoflicedOr. Wi,liamLemlev ~,~ 203 1/2 E Washin Ion St Lewisbum ~.~ f~.~' Other cast members pride without vanity, poise After gaining hLr American is largely nature the West Vir- & - x-, citizenship, the artist returned'te~ ginia state flov,,er, rhododen- ~ By Appoinhnent - 645-1174 ~r.~dl d with. this oDi/'dOrlr. Co~- without conceit, self-assurance the Orient where she studied dron, being one of her favorite ,~ A f0)dablecare in a p 0fessi0nal.~ .... IrhdaY Lmness, Lisa Varga of without aggressiveness, mod- ~'.rleston, said during rehears- esty without prudishness, gener- Surni-e painting (]apanest ink subjects. ~ sensmveenv,r0nm~nt, k~ ~cRWasso hot, "1 didn't know ositv without improvidence, and brush painting), lacquer ware Kikuko has traveled exten- faith without intolerance, design and wood carving. She sively throughout tile Orient, I ff W f~h~ Ould be worth it." But ~l~thn Seeing the faces of chil- r~i , it made all the work I,~ rthwhile. @ .._.. . "They really be- t) V~d ,, . . , .. ai~d.., she stud I ve done lots i~, ~tferent tVDOS of theater, but seeing "those kids faces, I ![i,~k 1 want to do more ca" UOren's theater Lara ' ~(~0-' S~ m m s, th e T i n ~ad USWornan agreed. "1 had .)~ Warnings about doing atJ~fildren,s theater I was told "olley .._ ,'.'ere so unpredictable." Ms Went on to say she en- " "'('- - g/ 've Got Your Number L'._ XCOmer to GVT, Michael We've also Rot cloven d~,rinc) >t\h:> (,t "i ~ull,nt ( k'rr cd St; uun, e, tc) t ),~rpct" (lcrcd at ()ur k)wcsr pnccs ever. Choose from hundreds ,)) new dcc ra~, )r ~_~ l.r., ~akc ,~dv,.m~g,:, ,t f Topstield, M assachu- Ma~ic Carpet's 90 days ~,amc a,, c:e,h hn,m~ in~' ' and rc~civc Lowest Price Ever '(!~i"' COncurred, "1 love working our two year m:,tailatu,n Rtummt,.'c. ,Children. If they like 'va,MagicL'arpetSt,)rcsisc,)mpriscJ,#l,,~.;,]b, owz,,.du,jcpcn. i~,~~ s ~et you know it, if they dent tit,or covering stores wh(~ have banded toRcdwr ),),flk'r ;;l~Orl't . .~_ , ., you the hivhcst qua[iry products t t/,.. l ,%VC*d" C"*'C[\'KL|'~ prlt c,., ,%, Sa()tt)< d 0tecl mey re gone!" He also m.vc tip to tile genuine [uxur\' ~ t "Staunln,~,wr'. ".,,r,,,,, ~:,,,,,,,,,,,,. M.,~ .. ~,,~ .~,~,,,,, ,,~ ,,.~...~ ,,~, s_,~, ~ ............ r,,,, ~ ..... in Ferrum,,Virginia, are the "toughest nee, but the best. He that an adult will say AMagic Carpet Store Show was good,' they to hurt your feelings, wilt say'"l didn't like COncluded by saying that Rt. 60 West, Just 2 miles frrrm ch~v~town Lewisburg 645-3559 are a tough audience, est." re]clans Gary Barie and of Concord College THE BEST FOOD, FINEST FOLK, & said they were very ton-ofthi"s MOST RELAXED ATMOSPHERE MARCO IN TOWN Class" Lewisburg to Orlando Tampa Nassau Beckley to Los Angeles San Francisco Charelston to Las Vegas 645-1200 or FOOD & F%IENDS 1-800-628-6291 BREAKFAST ntinental Breakfast Casual Dining Served AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT S Miles North On Monday Pizza & Wednesday Stir-Fry Nights U8 From 1-64 645-4548 Lewisburg Exit (304) 497-2585 112 W. Washington St.- Historic Lewisburg The Mountain Messenger,Thursday, August 9, 1990 3A PEOPLEI SERVINGI PEOPLEI II Ij/[~ ; th;al~acre III ]owner...Director] II I~~* / Longanacre | I Funeral Home ') WHAT IS THE VALUE OF A FULL-SERVICE FUNERAL? Since the beginning of time, man has publicly viewed and buried his dead with dignity and ceremony Although rituals differ, the funeral service meets the needs of the survivors, the living, as well as providing for the deceased. What are some of these needs and how does a full service funeral fulfill them9 Rea!i~;ation: First, )t declares that death has occurred and it olfors test) monial to a life well-lived Denial of a death is common The very fact of a funeral and the viewing of the body (or casket) facititates the realization of that death Emotional expression: The full-serv ice funeral is of deep psychological significance to the living. Sorrow, shared is sorrow-diminished The full- service and the facing-of-facts is the firsl step toward emotional adjustment after bereavement. For more information about the full. service funeral, stop by or phone us. LONGANACRE FUNERAL HOME " Fort Spring, WV 647-4025 I I I Reg. $67.95 Reg. $84.95 Reg. $94.95 Reg. $104.95 Sale $53.97 Sale $67.95 Sale $75.97 Sale $83.97 ..Federated Lewisburg, WV Phone 645-1944 INDOOR- OUTDOOR Lodies Naturalizer Sandals Reduced 40% Lodies Summer Dresses Reduced 40% MeWs Dress Shoes Reduced 40% Men's Dress Slacks Rectuced 40% Lewisburg, WV 24901 ~r~ Always 0ua[Lt9 Nnme ~rctnd Mcrchnndise Phone: 645-1944 At Rgasonrtb~ Prices DISCOUNTED VACATION FROM POLO TRAVEL & FUNJET OFFICAL OPERATORS FOR USAir Marco Polo Prices Regular Airfare 3 ~aht ~ ~ $642.00 $276.00 $327.00 $666.00 $301.00 $358.00 $616.00 $404.00 $540.00 $1098.00 $509.00 $1098.00 $547.00 $924.00 $365.00 $27.00 i Certain travel dates and restrictions may apply. Other citys, hotel and attractions available, Child care available upon rquest. ]rco Polo Marco Polo...The First Name In Travel You Can Trust. Taz,e[ & Tours 123 W. Washington St. Lewtsburg