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July 12, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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July 12, 1990

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The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, July 12, 1990 7A This time of year I get a yen for a of wild greens. If you prefer, 'all them pot herbs. I cook and like spinach• It is a nice spring morning when I ]rab a grocery bag and head for for- field, and hedgerow green hunt- I go to the hacking first because want some folk berry leaves. (A lacking is where trees or brush lave been cut but their stumps re- with clusters of sprouts sur- ) Polk show a definite ~reference for this habitat and I have a goodly supply of young leaves• at "-" = The sun is warm and a nearby at !~,~fPor~Sj~:tst::t gwh: he ghtw:Orl; d n = it n • 3d root are sprinkled liberally around me and I pick a bloom and watch the pinkish, red sap drip from ger it. A jet draws a tong chalkline {across the blue canvas sky. I gaze dreamily at a fluffy floating cloud breezes erase the jet's con trail. In a nearby tree the cardinal calls "Theodore, Theodore, Dore, Dore, Suddenly, for reasons known of Farmin Ella S. Galford ding lavender blooms as I add a few of their leaves to my greens. Along the edge of the woods I see wild touch-me-nots. These are fine eat- ing. Some say their leaves will help you develop an immunity to poison ivy. I enter the wood to pick some rock lettuce, then stop to examine jack-in-the-pulpit. My father called him Indian turnip and 1 know the bulb from which he grows is hotter than any Mexican chili pepper. ]-he trout lilly catches my eye. As I add a few of the spotted green leaves to my bag I ponder that this graceful yellow lilly has so many names -- trout lilly, fawn lilly, adder's tongue and dog-toothed vio- let. These names show the different associations man has made with this beautiful plant. Showy trillium, painted trillium, and early wake robin vie for my at- tention. Peeping through the leaves showy orchids bring me to my knees for a closer examination of such splendor. White flower clusters iden- tify white clintonia and I recall I am gathering greens. I add a few of Bluegrass Market Saturday July 7, 1990 254 head sold to 73 buyers. Amounting to $81,646.30 STOCKER & FEEDER STEERS Under 500# 68.00 97.00 500 --750# 62.00 89.00 Over 750# 67.00 78.00 HEIFERS Under 500# 60.00 85.00 501 --750# 70.00 82.25 Over 750# 75.00 BULL CALVES 75.00 85.00 BABY CALVES 95.00 210.00 VEAL CALVES 75.00 85.00 HOGS • SLAUGHTER 50.00 58.00 SOWS 35.00 48.50 BOARS 35.00 40.00 PIGS & SHOATS By Head 26.00 PONIES I 15.00 HORSES 410.00 SHEEP & LAMBS SLAUGHTER CATTLE BLUE 51.00 STEERS 64.75 RED HEIFERS 63.75 OTHERS 43.5O COWS 46.00 56.00 BABY BULLS 50.75 75.00 EWES 13.50 Under I000# 50.75 59.50 BUCKS 15.00 Over I000# 64.25 72.50 WETHERS COW & CALF PAIRS 710.00 COWS, BH 420.00 900.00 GOATS GOATS,BH 36.00 New Firewood National Forests 43.00 49.00 14.50 Ram Makes On Profit & Loss Ledger For lamb producers, the right ram can make the difference between profit and loss. It your operation lacks a ram that will sire fast growing, heavy-muscled lambs, plan to attend the West Vir- ginia University (WVU) Perform- ance-Tested Ram Sale and Ewe Lamb Sale July 21. Both sales wilt be at the WVU Livestock Farm on Stewartstown Road in Morgantown. The ewe lambs will be sold at 6:30 p.m., followed by the ram sale. The rams to be auctioned off rep- resent the top performers in a con- trolled feeding program at WVU. Dorset, Hampshire, Polypay, Mon- tadale, North Country Cheviot, and Suffolk breeds are included in the test group The consignors with rams on test also supply the ewe lambs for sale. While not a part of the performance testing program, these iambs gener- ally are purebred, weigh about 100 pounds, and are born no earlier than December 1989. Buyers will be able to breed the ewe lambs this fall. The ram sale is the only program in the state that offers rams with measured performance. Their chief advantage is that they help produc- genus and economical in that ~t per- mas early selection of breeding males and permits a more rapid turnover of generations, It can be highly effective for traits which can be measured or objectively evalu- ated in the growing male and which are moderately or highly ir~herited. The test program is designed to: (1) Determine the genetic potential of rams, within each breed, to per- form under similar conditions of feeding and management; (2) Meas- ure performance in the post-wean- ing period when heritibility of most traits are highest; (3) Provide com- mercial flock owners and purebred breeders the opportunity to evaluate rams at one time and place; (4) Pro- vide a basis for merchandising su- perior rams based on measured per- formance data and evaluated for soundness, type and breed charac- ter by a competent group of judges, Replacement ewes from these rams also will have (and pass on) this quick-gain tendency This is es- pecially important for producers striving to meet early marketing dates for lambs each year. ]-he WVU sale takes place in late to himself, he changes his calltheir broad shiny leaves and go ers take some of the guesswork out July to give buyers hme to get the In "wet year, wet year, wet, wet, searching for wood sorrel. A large The Monongahela National For- $50 is required and sales underof their operations, rams acclimated to their new envi- w( :." He flirts his tail and I whistle bed of moss entices me. A red est has announced the firewood pol- $100 will be non-refundable. Corn- Rams that successfully completeronment before the breeding season ba ,k to him smile at his startled squirrel swings on the end of a tree icy that it and the other eastern Ha- mercial permit sales may be sotd el- the performance testing programbegins. Ioc k and his suddenly still-frozen branch and scolds as t let my bare tional Forests will now be operating ther as unadvertised or advertised have superior weight gain averages. Prospective buyers may obtain form Finally he begins his songfeet sink into the luxurious moss car- under. Personal-use firewood per- sales. Standard or appraised rates Because weight gain is a highlypedigree and performance data, test again and I do not interrupt him. pet. Shod again, I go to a marshy mits will continue to be available to will be applied for the wood, and heritable trait, producers can expect results and sale information at their lambs sired by a performance-tested county extension office. Or, they At my feet a colony of tiny ants sion.place TheirWhereleavesVi°lets makegr°w excellentin profu- wiilindividualSbe consideredand householdS.commerciaiTheSesales cord.may be more or less than $5 per ram to be fast gainers as well.may call Richard Koes, WVU Exten- greens and rll get an added bonus, and will count toward the maximum Free-use firewood will be an ex- Performance tes.ing is advanta- - sion Sheep Specialist, at 293-3391, I'lt pick a nosegay of violets, value of $10,000 that can be sold to ception rather than the rule and will ~1.**********************************~*~**** Crossing a field I pick wild mus- any one individual in any one-year, require documented justification as ..,An end to the Coma, t ,,,~ today. • 1' "one-size-fits-all" farm polio,/! tard and field cress. I stop to watch Personal-use firewood permits will to why this method is in the best .N. .... .11. * S * a killdeer lead her babies from their be unadvertised sales, and wilt be interest of the government. In gen- .M, : IP * nest. Their tiny stilt-like legs seem available a the rate of $5 per cord, eral individuals should plan on using long in comparison to their quarter- regardless of the amount sold. Mini- the personal-use permit system to sized bodies. In a fence corner I find mum volume will be two cords and a acquire firewood for household use . becx]~ . lambs' quarter growing. I add them maximum of ten cords will be avail- from the Monongahela National For- ~ "'" your farm . ,,, ** and a few dandelion leaves to myable under personal-use permits, est. ~' I,S $]~¢1¢11 ~~ ,lit • p g plunder. Home again my whole Once a permit is issued it is non- ~,,~ ...... I .... :~, • that are Just leaving the fortrbeing is flooded with serendipity as I refundable. Permittees will have up For further information individuals ~ I1~ Farm ,o,.,. ...... .... Near my stump are clt~s~Srs of arrange my violets in a demitasse to one year in which to get their should contact their nearest Ranger ,11, t~11~ ram,y Office 253-0681 Ron Brolher= " . // ........ .... ,., 1-800.922-1269• ' 'N" ,Vhd geramums. I admire the nod- cup. wood. • District office or may call the,It. .............. Rt 3 Box 20 A Beck ey WV25801 ¢1. Commercial permit sales are de-Supervisor's Office in Elkins at 636- ,N,****************************dc*dc*******dcd¢** fined as sales made to commercial 1800 and ask to speak to the timber producers, A minimum sale value of management office. uyer? Unite.d National's coast-to-coast advertising brings buyers from all over me nation plus attracts prospects from European & As an countries as well. How do we get these real estate investors? 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Jefferson St., Lewisburg, WV 24901 645-4110 ANYTIME Sales Associates: Marianne Cedadeaf: 645-4110 Kay Gumm: 392-6263 [A Page For Peop,e Who Work J Close To The Earth, J Elmore's Farm Supply INVENTORY REDUCtiON 50 Lb. K31 FESCUE GRASS SEED ............ =31.85 . =62.40 1 Gallon BANVEL ........................................ (For Multi-flora Rose Control) 2 1/2 Gallon WEEDAR 64 (2,4,D) ................. =23.20 (For Weed Control) 5 Gallon Douglas White PRESERVATIVE PAINT .............................. =53.99 ELMORE'S FARM "We're the Farmer's Friend" Ronceverte, WV 647.4355 SUPPLY Shannon and his wife Wishes To Announce Addition of Shannon Blake To Their Sales Staff Janet are residents of Maxwelton, W.Va. Shannon looks forward to serving his friends in West Virginia and invites everyone over to Alleghany Motors in Covington, Va. or call 703-962-2274 or 497-2154 820 S. 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