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July 5, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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July 5, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, July 5,1990 Dear E Dr Job Went visitil ~erkley ~rawford i The United States is the ninth largest debtor nation in the world. This fact concerns me. Its not that I want us to become the largest lender, charging exorbitant interest rates. Its just that I lament the situation which has brought us to this point. You see, I grew up when we were (naively perhaps) very proud to be Americans. It was World War II time, and we were helping secure the world for peace. Yes, we were at war -- bloody war -- and 45 million people died as the result of it. 1,078,162 of our soldiers and sailors were killed or wounded. Of course, as a child I wasn't particu- larly interested in the futile, useless tragedy of war. I didn't know that a generation earlier, the same battlefields were covered, and there were 320,170 military casualties. If I had a pair of paratrooper boots like my Uncle Joe's, learned to whistle "Belt Bottom Trousers", and had enough ration coupons for candy, I was happy if it was good enough for Van Johnson, it was good enough for me. In no way am 1 glorifying war ---- perhaps I would have as a child, when I thought as a child, but now -- never! All that was 45 years ago. Over the past two decades, under Republican presidents and Democratic congresses, we have been STAFF Chas. A. Goddard, Editor /)oily [Srackenrich. Oll"ice Manager Troy Fon'en. Adveriisill~ "Ferri t~o~me, Advertising ttelen Searle. Advertisin~ Debbie McChmg,. Ad Design Belly Morgan. Ad Design Jonathan Wright, Staff Writer I.~)t! Burroughs, "['ypesetling Brenda Ghennan. Produciion 122 N. Court Street Lewisburg, WV 24901 304/64 7-5 724 Published every Thursdav C1 culatmn: 23,120 If you would like to submit material for publication: Articles submitted to The Mountain Messenger should be typewrit- ten or clearly written in order to be considered for publication. Please inc)ude your name and a phone number where you may be reached during business hours. The Mountain Messenger reserves the right to edit any material and regrets articles cannot be returned. Letters to the editor must include a full signature and address. If you would like a photograph returned, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Material must be received in our office by: News Items: F ridays, Noon Display Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Greenbrier County Board of Education News and Views from Chestnut Street By Bailey Editor's Note: Mountain Messenger has asked Ms Tyler to cover all public meetings of the Greenbrier County Board of Education and report to you Her column will appear on the Editorial Page every month following the regular Board meetings. Ms Tyler wilt also cover special meetings of the Board, Two items discussed at len involving the new school had to with the size of the auditorium the music room. The proposed au~Ommand~ tonum will be able to seat only 60~f the chir students, even though the estimat~rawford, student body is to be close to 11~ome. To enlarge the auditorium spa~ She al~ would be very costly, and this w~etain in I The Greenbrier County Board of not in the budget. At that time ~rom the " Education met Wednesday, June Griffith mused whether persons ~ the lobL 27, with members Henry Sessions, the community might donate run, no won't Clarence Hinkle, Cheryl Griffith, to cover the money shortage --- th~ Anothe Ruth Bowling and Superintendentbrought light laughter from the auras a boc Stephen Baldwin in attendance, ence. It was decided that it would~he bool ~it~Otel s , Doctor Livesay was absent due to preferable to have a small auo,l~ ' ph illness and Gary Wilson made his -, a~'. ranch rium rather than no auditorium at , ma appearance after the Board returned -- fit~his reed Motion was made to accept tne, ic~ from executive session, phase drawings, although discU~ The m An estimated 30 persons at- In State, $14.84 stun can continue on all aspects ~e was pushed into being a ninth-rate entity. I hadn't kept score until I In State Senior Citizens $13.78 tended the three and one-half hour the project ~'ears 184 started writing this column. Here's how I stacked up: the carl drive In State Students 11.13( 9 rods., meeting. There were over 20 items It must be noted that a propo f~lNhiAnd~ comes from Sweden; the un-used television set from Japan: the Out-of-State, $15.00 on the agenda for the evening, most budget outlining the use of the~,,,-L ..-- ,,~ v dealing with personnel matters. The million the Board has at its dispo :s~tates. H chain saw from West Germany; the shoes from Brazil; my shirt is , first item of importance dealt with to spend on the new school w~ust 20, made from cotton grown in Peru; belt from England; handkerchief f WRI(HLIT I the recommended closings of Alder ',~k'as also given' to all Board members, inc~,,,~-,_.,t~ Seve from China. Two criteria entered into my selecting these items for son, Greenbrier Lewisburg, Renick, ing Mr Anderson. However, wne~.Lr~= purchase -- price or quality, rm sorry to say patriotism was not am To the poi~,t i White Sulphur and Williamsburgasked Mr Baldwin for a copy or" tt~as, burro part of the decision, How do you rate? --Chas. A. Goddard / I High Schools. Motions were enter- report he stated that since it is u,-C"'~meone By Jonathan Wright tained with respect to the closure of ' - '---i~lade an a proposal, copies are not o~,~ , lll:llllllllllllllllllllllli II I I I ~ all six junior highs and all were made available for the public, t~lame. St" I111 W11 passed unanimously. I must notepubhc will be able to obtain cop~: rn. The Mountain Messenger It was a welcome haircut. For look back on it, /realize my priorities that in reference to these motions, after the Board has finalized th~ The cc weeks t had been walking aroundwele as distorted as the shape of Board member Cheryl Griffith either "i'~-reek wh budgetary plans. The meetly' ,ll Is Not Indifferent N with a fuller head of hair than I've my miserable head. made motions for closure (pending ended with a plaque presentationL~ere brk 1lit To Anything Which NNever known, and I was uncomfort- Several people here at the news- completion of a new eastern junior outgmng Board member "~atifvlartin:~ 's t N Influences N able. paper office have complimented me high} or provided the second for the" " - t~tat Thq Wilson, who chose not to run tot . - MN Our Communities, State, Nation,World. I felt as if I my head was twice its on my refreshing new took. Actually, motion pertaining to all six schools, election. ~otta~ gas N We Strive To Bring You IInormal size. it's the way I should maintain my Superintendent Baldwin then re- In writing these columns th~ The Best Country Newspaper ..Every person sets priorities with hair all the time. It's easier to care quested executive session to dis- the school Board meetingssh~ his time. Despite the fact I had been for, doesn't blow around in the wind cuss with consultants the proposed to keep the community info'rmed ~ moth~ !i , Ii You II Ever Need. . SO extremely busy the past couple so f~eely, requires less time to wash budgetu. . and some schematics, of to what is ..qoinq.. on dur no.. the~ in any o' b d ng p ans fo~ the new untor ~n ~ht f of months, I really could have made and O,y', is cooler, and most impor- . l meetings and a so to o ve so~ al We Rely on YOU So You Can ~ arrangements to have my hair cut if tent -- it looks better, h~gh. This session lasted for over 40 suggestions as to what the com~!, ~nakes. Ii == Rely On Us! " N it had been important enough to me. I needed to lose some weightminutes. It is hoped that in the future nity can do to see ts wants ~ The fi, ~x~:=~]c~==~=~=[~[=[]=~~~x~ Apparently it wasn't .-- but now as I anyway. One pound is a start, the Board will arrange for its execu- needs met by the Board it electSi ~ide of It" live sessions to be held prior to its serve its children ate Cem~ L ~'~ public meetings. """ ~ he Jack the Edit When the meeting reconvened atBailey Tyler holds a Bach~ ~table w~ 8:17 p.m., Rod Watkins, an architect of Science in Pharmacy fr~ lorses w from Gandee and Partners, Incorpo- Creighton University in Oma~ ~usters I rated, made a lengthy presentation Nebraska. She did graduate st~ ~as use~ concerning the proposed layout of at the University of Mississipp!~ "hence ti" the new school. However, those in Oxford and Jackson State UnN~f~, The fir Dear Editor: headed when it shows no concern important people of the world. It is the audience were unable to follow sity. She also holds a Bachelor~ancy's A few months ago I wrote a letter for a student's well-being and be- people like you, Mr Stranger, who along as the diagrams were placed Science degree in Biology al~atterson he concerning poor sportsmanship inlieves one student's word over help others to look upon West Vir- that he send me records for the last so that only Board members could Psychology from Tougaloo C~,I~ area. our schools. Well, I have a story to another's. Also, the mother wonders ginians as "The Friendly People." five years, he informed me that he see them as he spoke. Perhaps, in lose. :~hen Na~ tell that shows even worse sports- how many teenagers commit suicide Thank you for your kindness, was working on these. I requested the future an overhead projector Ms Tyler is Pharmacist ~as play manship and the school authorities' every year over similar situations. Thank you for showing us the way! to see the records that he was work- could be used so that the public ager at Rite Aid Drug Store in I~pring wl~ lack of concern. Sue ScottThank you for clearing the way! It is ing on at City Hall. His reply was might be able to see as we~t. During wisburg. She, her husband a~n searc~ There once was a girl who Smoot good to have people like you in "rm working on them." (Click) this presentation Jim Anderson three children live in Lewisb~chad h~ worked very hard from kindergarten ---- Greenbrier Valley. Since I cannot get anyone to ick (newly-elected Board member) was Ms Tyler ran, uns~ccessfully,a~]f th brie~ through the sixth grade taking ma- Dear Editor: Fr. Donal O'Donovan speak to me on the phone and an-invited by Mr Sessions to come out the Greenbrler County Board ~t e Sl: jorette classes, with one objective in As a result of viewing a recent Saint Charles Bottomed swer my questions, I am concerned of the audience to sit up with the Education in the May Prim!n~I~leaned mind; to someday become a major- NBC TV series on Mammography, I White Sulphur Springs about the financial standing of the Board. Election. ~o forth, ette. The big day finally came, she am writing this letter, corporahon. The following are my ~ut of the tried out and made it for majorette, The series dealt with the pittalls Dear Editor: quesuons, can anyone help me? ' ~Fve told t but there was to be a fly in the oint- ment. There once was a friend to this girl who also tried out for majorette but didn't make ~t, but she was the , next m line. This friend unwilling to accept defeat, went to the band teacher (even though the class they were in was Phys. Ed.) and lotd that the girl was smoking in the~locker room. Knowing the teacher would not believe she wasn't smoking, be- cause of prewous occurrences| the girl went to the teacher and told~him she was quitting tn order to avoid the embarrassment of being kicked off the squad. The teacher wasted no time in telling the friend she was ~ow majorette. The girt then realizes mat she made a mistake, she doesn't really want to quit. There once was a mother who wanted to help her daughter. She called the principal who said he would speak to the teacher. The teacher will not 'accept the girl back because in getting angry at the friend for telling a lie, she is showing behavior unbecoming to a major- ette, but lying and cheating evi- dently, is acceptable behavior. The mother went to the Board of Educa- tion, but they said the teacher rules. Who can a parent turn to for help?! The girl is left a broken hearted teenager, wandering what she did to deserve such Treatment. The girl, who attends Church faithfully on Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evening, begins to even doubt God and her grades drop drastically. This may seem like a small thing to the school authorities and to the friend, but the girl wants to transfer The Board told she can transfer but tt provide the trans- all the way to the other s~l, even though the bus runs or three miles of their resi- and dangers of Mammography ('Breast X-Ray), as it ts practiced around the United States. It was suggested the American Cancer Society be contacted to ascertain if the facilities in one's local commu- nity were complying with criteria set forth by the American College of Radiology for Mammography. After calling 1-800-4-CANCER. I was told The Greenbrier Clinic in White Sulphur Springs is not yet cer- tified; however, it has applied for certification. While Humana Holpital Greenbrier Valley has ignored the requests from the Cancer Society to provide informahon regarding ~ts equipment, personnel, and qu&lifica- tions of the people performing this service. Are the individuals at Humane hiding something? Or have they taken the position "they are the only ball game in town," and the commu- nity be damned? Is this the only area in which we may be underser- ved? Many "hi-tech" procedures are now being offered: but are they being performed by qualified per- sons? Perhaps the Hospital Administra- tor or Medical Staff Chief might care to address these q uestions? Concerned, Anne Blair Alderson Lewisburg Dear Editor: The Good Samaritan =s a neigh- bur! The Gospel parable of the Good Samaritan was re-enacted here June 22. The Gospel parable tells us certain people passed by the man who had been attacked by rob- bers. Then a stranger, a Samaritan passing by, stopped to help. On June 22. as a result of the storm, a very large limb broke from a tree by the side of the church. The limb fell across the highway, Then a stranger comes along in a small truck, and like the good Sa- maritan, stopped, got his chain saw out, and cleared away the limb. you are, I wish to thank )eopte like you who are the I would like to take this opportu- nity to thank all me people revolved with the Ronceverte River Feshval. The festival has a unique location in the Island Park, now highlighlea by our new amphitheatre However. the main resource fo~ the festival is the spirit, determination, and dedication of its 300 plus volunteers. These are people from al; over the county and state who devoted thousands of hours to the festival. We have more people interested in helping next year and we encourage everyone to get involved. To the thousands who came and enjoyed the festival, "We love you and please come back." To the area businesses who supported the festi- ve, "Thanks, without your support it would not be possible." To all our volunteers, "Thanks, for making my job easy and enjoyable, you truly are special." You made it all worth. while and a success that surpassed all our expectations. Sincerely, Dan Withrow, Chairman Ronceverte River Festival Dear Editor: Recently I contacted Ronceverte Television Corporation about not re- ceiving channels 4, 10 and 13. While speaking to the secretary about the difficulties I was experi- encing, she informed me that the weather caused Ronceverte, Lewis- burg, and White Sulphur to have co- cable. She was unable to explain co-cable to me and abruptly hung up the phone. After this experience, I decided to call Lewisburg Cable m order to bet- ter understand about co-cable. They had no answers for me, and hung up quickly after informing me she had another call. Finally, I tele- phoned White Sutphur who was able to answer all my questions. While going through my parents' Ronceverte Television Corporation documents I discovered that the tast and only financial records we had received were dated December 31, t981. Becoming concerned, I called where the school sy How many customers are on the ~7_T~e world is fiz[[ af wit/inE people; somz wi[[iW to zaorl~; tfze ot~cr,~ dug out Ronceverte Television Corp9 When were the books last au- dited? What salaries are paid by the Roncevene Television Corp? How much money does the Ron- cevene Television Corp have at this time? How much money does Roncev- erie pay Lewisburg, for the recep- tion, off of their head end? What does tne Roncevene Tel- vision Corp own at the present time? Why does the Ronceverte Televi- sion Corp share an office wuth the Ronceverte City Hall when they have nothing to do with each other? Who owns the truck that ~s used wi[fing to let them.* ---Robert Frost (1874 --- 1963) Dear Editor: Soccer camp went well and all the kids enjoyed the camp and learned just a little more than they knew before. The kids who attended the camp could be future soccer players at Greenbrier East High School. Help support high school soccer by contacting me or Barry Wise, P. O. Box 1378, Lewisburg, or calling 645-3601. Please help us with soccer in the Dear Editor: In your June 14 issue was a rr of the proposed site for a Green~ County Sanitary Landfill. We have been studying the m to try to understand the location find it confusing, if not decepti~ because it doesn't show where in relation to Route 219 or burg, nor what road the trucks travel. for cable problems, city cleaning,., high school Our soccer league was traffic light changing, and at one started ten years ago by board members. time helping roof a residential house? Sincerely, When the truck was purchased, Rusty McDanlel were bids taken, and if so who put in the bids and how much were they? According to the Ronceverte Television Corporation certificate of membership this is a non-profit and non-stock corporation: however, when I telephone them I am in- formed that the people own the cor- poration and it is held by stock. Does anyone have any answers for me? Terri Kay Yates Fairlea Can we have a better map more information, please? Betty John Lewisburg Additional Letter To Editor, Pa e 5-A Dear Editor: Rumors are rampant that Initia- tive, Referendum, and Recall would put an additional financial burden on our bankrupt economy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Let me quote from the current bill which was tailored especially for citizens concerned with the stabilization of our state's economy. HJR 110, page 8, Lines t8--21. The Legislature shall enact legisla- tion to encourage holding Initiative and Referendum elections on regu- larly scheduled election days and to discourage holding special Initiative elections and special Referendum elections. Gilbert Taylor Saint Albans Big issues, some age-old, face us The Mountain Messenger Encourages you to Let us know how you feel about: Schools Taxes Abortion Politics Economy Religion Ethics Morality Ecology Health Communications Your opinion is as important as ours. It is through sensible discussion that grow and learn. hole so Stream ol Ihe last l Virginia ir The e~ ~. Godda ~'uster hc tO'use sit ~Otel. !~ 3raw/oral he hous, rely. Mrs !hat one BEAU WALLI Prodt