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June 30, 1985     Mountain Messenger
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June 30, 1985

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I RS Tax Collection Questions Answered The Mountain Messenger, Sund~y, June , When a taxpayer fails to pay the full amount of Fed- eral tax owed, the Internal Revenue Service'has the le- gal obligation to collect the delinquent tax. To answer questions about its collection process, the IRS Parkers. burg Office has prepared the following : Q: The I RS says I owe more tax, but I don't agree. What can I do? A: If you think that the bill is wrong, notify the IRS im- mediately-in writing, by telephone, or in a personal visit to a local I RS office. Be sure to have any records which support your claim, such as cancelled checks or tax returns, available for the I RS to review. Q: If I receive a bill for a tax liability is the entire amount due immediately? A: Yes. By law, a bill from I RS is a notice of tax due and a demand for payment. Q: What if I don't pay the I RS after they notify me that I owe delinquent taxes? A: When an individual owes tax, a bill is sent and payment is due within 10 days. If a taxpayer neglects or refuses to voluntaril~ pay the taxes or to make satis- factory arrangements for payment, enforced collection action will be taken, such as, the filing of a Notice.of Lien or the serving of a Notice of Levy against the taxpayer's salary, wages, bank ac- counts, or cam missions. Dur- ing the levy process, if the tax bill is paid in full or an ac- ceptable installment agree- ment is reached, ordinarily the levy will be released. Q- What should I do if I cannot pay the full amount? A: To prevent enforced col- lection action, it is important to contact the IRS immedi- ately. You will be asked to complete a Collection Infor- mation statement to deter- mine how you can pay the amount due. You may be asked to secure a com- mercial loan if you are able to do so. Q: What is the next step, if after reviewing my finan- cial situation, it is deter- mined that immediate pay- ment would cause undue hardship? A: An IRS employee will assist you ~n itemizing your income and expenses to de- termine the maximum amount you can pay each month. Once an installment agreement is made, you must make each payment on time. You must also pay all future taxes as they become due. Q: If I have a delinquent tax liability, will I be charged a penalty? A: Yes, the penalty for fail- ure to pay is 1/2 of 1% of the unpaid tax for each month or part of a month that the tax is not paid. In addition, inter- est will be charged on any taxes not paid by their due date. The current rate of in- A: YES, the penalty for fail- ure to pay is 1/2 of 1% of the unpaid tax for each month or part of a month that the tax is not paid. In addition, inter- est will be charged on any taxes not paid by their due date. The current rate of in- A: Yes, the penalty for fail- ure to pay is 1/2 of 1% of the unpaid tax for each month or part of a month that the tax is not paid. In addition, in- terest will be charged on any taxes not paid by their due date. The rate from July 1 through December 31, 1985 will be 11% compounded daily. Q: What rights do I have during the collection pro- ceedings? A: You, as a taxpayer, have several during all activities. presentation, a tax case to graphical area, cash payments tual agreements, tiality of tax elimination of a reasonable cause. : Q- Where can detailed 'the collection A. More available in IRS tion 586A "The Process ( counts)" writing to iRS, 1-800-424-1040. Review your earnings "With the year half over, now is a good time for peo- ple who get Social Security checks and who are working to review their earnings," Jim Swaim, Social Security Field Representative in Cov- ington, said recently. "It may be that a person has earned more or less than he or she expected and this could affect Social Security checks," Swaim said. The general rule is that a person can receive all checks for the year if earnings do not exceed the annual ex- empt amount. In 1985, the an- nual exempt amount is $7,320 for people who are 65-70 and $5,400 for people under 65 for the entire year of 1985. If earnings exceed the an- nual exempt amount, then $1 in benefits is withheld for each $2 of earnings above the limit. This earnings test applies to all people under 70 getting checks except those getting checks because they are disabled. There is a monthly test that can be used in the first year a person has a month he or she does little work even though annual earnings exceed the limit. Under this test, a person can get a check for any month he or she earns less than the monthly limit or does little work in self-employment. The 1985 monthly limit is $610 for peo- ple 65-70 and $450 for people under 65. People should remember that gross pay counts for pur- poses of the earnings test, not iust take-home pay. A person who finds that he or she is earning significant- ly more or less than expected should notify Social Security so that any needed adiust- merit can be made. More information about the earnings test can be ob- tained at the Covington So- cial Security office, located at 214 West Main Street. A free leaflet explaining the earnings test cart be obtained there. Playground donated By TAMI MELVIN . The women of the church Staff Writer held a bazaar in November. With the money raised they A playground, complete bought the materials for the with swings, playhouse, jun- playground. The men of the gle gym, etc., was d~at~to. ~rch~~ the;tabor. the family refuge center The playground was con- in Lewisburg by the people structed within two weeks of the Saint James Episco- and is now being enjoyed by pal Church. " those at the Refuge Center. 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WALLACE & WALLACE, INC" West Virginia's Largest System of Funeral Homes 102 North Jefferson Street 502 Monroe Avenue Lewisburg, WV 24901 .o Ronceverte, WV 24970 (304)645-2060 (304)647-5511 , Yes...l would like to know more about prearranging a funeral.., at no obligation. CT Please have a Planning Advisor call on me. O Please send me your preplanning booklet. Name .... Address _. City/State/Zip Events affectSS benefits Every individual who files a claim for Social Security or Supplemental Security In- come agrees to report speci- fic events that can affect their benefits, according to Jim Swaim, Field Repre- sentative in the Covington Social Security office. The events that should be reported are made a part of the application for benefits. "For instance, a person who files for retirement benefits agrees to report a change of address and any appreciable change in earnings that would exceed the yearly exempt amount", Swaim sa id. 5waim suggested that all persons who file claims pay special attention to the re- porting instructions that are furnished during the inter- view and, if necessary, ask for more information to clear up any questions. This can help prevent overpayments or unnecessary delays in payments, he concluded. Early retirees plan ahead "Anyone who plans to re- tire before his or her 65th birthday should apply for monthly Social Security benefits no later than the last day of the month the benefits are to begin," Jim Swaim, Social Security Field Repre- sentative in Covington said recently. "Benefits payable for months before 65 can begin no earlier than the month the person applies,"Swaim said. "In general, a person who applies for benefits after reaching 65 can get back pay- ments for up to 6 months be- fore the morith he or she ap- plies for retirement or sur- vivor benefits; however, the person can apply months before the or she wants start." "This will that the first received on said. More in1 Social Security be obtained at ton Social cated at 214 Street. The ber is 962-4941. Greenbrier, cahontas cm Virginia can by asking the Enterprise 1135. Everyone at Greenbrier Valley Bank wishes you and your family a pleasant and safe holiday to celebrate our nation's birthday. We're closed the 4th, but ADAM, our 24-hour teller is on- ~. the-job,'~d~y or night, holidays ~. and weekends for your banking convenience. 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And an eminent New York University Professor of Audiology, Dr. Maurice Miller, has stated, "Noise in the work place, in the home, and in the recreational environment now accounts for more hearing losses than all other causes combined." industrial settings, discos and rock concerts, subways, automobile horns, motored appliances and home power tools, hi-fis and stereos, crowds of people--even hair dryers and food blenders-all contribute to temporary or permanent hearing loss. Brought to you in the interest of better hearing by: 126 W. Washington Street Greenbrier Audidog & Hearing Aid Services Greenbrier Valley Medical Arts Building P.O. 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