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May 3, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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May 3, 1990

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The Friendly Giant ~'Y ~! By Adam Long ~ r~day I went outside and I saw .ey~ The giant saw me. I ran !r~The giant didn't chase me. I ~rto the giant. He was nice. '~y are you crying?" '~:.~use every time I ask some- ,~ay with me, they alwaysp I ,.~'-- do thev run away from FI' S "~u e I am so big I guess." ;,i,o, :o, y w"h Wh ' NS~giant said ';baseball." "~a~, "Let me go get the base- ~.OK, I'm back." a Th "~,~giant wanted to b t. ee P f~d the ball out of the Unit d ro~, 'Le ~,' t's play something else. ~Y Checkers." ~.~/giant said, "OK, but only if ~,, ~1 ay right." I'~'~do you mean?" ~t I 'V~~' mean is like people ~Ver cheat " I said. fll play, but are you sure?" ail~ won't cheat. I promise. .~.,~L'~ black, rll be red. You go ii!i, ,!ii!! ,i:~' OOdy knocked on the door ~Zak and Jodv When they =r0n~ giant, they siarted to run ;i~rne but they stopped and ~ck and started to play with was night and Jody and go home and the giant to sleep. I didn't need to giant would get away. him snore... Z Z Z Z. first-grade student at is the son of Jo and Long. His teacher is Ruth The Fifth Mark Justin Painter =looking for another small, plastic rectangular car- on his Nintendo. In 'ear his Nintendo had into another one of the maniacs of today who of TV screens for hours small two-dimensional ~Irying to save the universe or 'qUer the world. ~he was looking for another ~Ptay on his so he system, I~ a store that he knew sold :~ UPon entering the store, he the back where the games He looked through Countertop at the selection in one dimly lit corner he box with, as far as he nothing on it. asked the clerk if he could ~e clerk handed it to him but I PUZzled. He swore that he putting any was something mysteri- about this plain There was no company's was nothing on it but marks. It could have been ~ empty box, but Billy didn't ~" He fet he had to buy it. home, ran to his room, game out of the box. It every other game ex- Was no name, no instruc- the four little marks. He rstem. believe how good were on it! There were characters on the Sides the character he con- Wasn't quite sure what to t Played it anyway. In fact, it the rest of the evening. Jay at school he thought of He rushed home after ;~ Play it. He still didn't know !object was,/but it didn't needed to play it. He le rest of that evening, in his room the next wautdn't go to school couldn't bear to part his family finally forced his room, there was just a blank TV and an 'stem. looking for another Challenge him. As he the back of the store, he COrner of the game case a box When he examined ~t~i~ ClOsely "it had nothing on it ~.~v~ Smali marks. When he there were only five other the one he con- ', a seventh-grade~u. ; Is the son of Jan- His teacher is Bar, When It Was Halloween By Heather Zicafoose Halloween was just a few days away. Haley and I were shopping with our mothers to buy our cos- tumes. We were going as "Punk Rockers." Haley and her mother, Regina, live in Rainelle so we drove down and picked them up to go to the store. We had a great time choosing our costumes. We bought hair color- ing -- blue, red, and purple to spray on our hair. We also bought lots of make-up and fake green fingernails. We were anxious to go home and try some of it on. We knew we would look real cool. As we left the store, Haley and I noticed a man looking at us. He had black hair and evil-looking eyes. We tried not to stare. But we couldn't help ourselves. Even our mothers stared. We hurried to the car and locked the doors immediately. Mom and Regina said we were all being silly for being afraid. The man couldn't help the way he looked and that we should forget him. The next day after school, Morn asked me if I would like to go to the haunted house. I said, "Yes, I love a good scare." Soon I would "eat my words." I called Haley to see if she would like to go. We picked them up at six thirty. Haley and I wanted to go into the haunted house by ourselves. We didn't want our mothers hanging around us. We told our mothers that we were too old to be holding their hands and that other kids our age were allowed to go alone. They fi- nally agreed to let us go. Morn said they would wait for us by the door. We rushed to go in. We had to walk up a lot of steps. Then soon we were in the graveyard with all kinds of monsters, werewolves, and vam- pires. Soon Haley and I were hold- ing on to each other wishing that we had our mothers close by. The next room was just as scary. Dead bod- ies were rising up in their coffins. We were really scared now. One man at the end of the room rose out of his coffin and walked toward us. It was the evil-looking man! He said, "Little girls, I'm going to get you." We screamed and ran as fast as we could. He was very close be- hind. We couldn't see! It was dark and we ended up in a maze. He al- most caught us when we took a wrong turn, : ~ "Please," We begged. "Leave us alone!" "Okay," he said. "But look for me on Halloween Night." We finally found our way out and to our moms. We were so happy to see them. We told them about the man and how scared we were. "No more haunted house for me," I declared. Halloween Night soon came. Haley and I and our moms went door-to-door trick-or-treating. We had lots of fun and started home. Out of nowhere the evil man ap- peared. We all screamed but couldn't run. He said, "l.don't want to hurt you. I just enjoy scaring little girls." Then with an evil-sounding laugh he said, "See you next year." Heather, a third-grade student at Rupert, is the daughter of Pam Zickafoose. Her teacher is Ellen Morgan. The Red Diary By Christine Smith Maria was dead! Her body was lying on the floor of the locker room, face down, with a dart in her neck. Her body was as pale as milk and cold as ice. Someone had killed her. Within minutes the police were eve- rywhere. No one was allowed to leave until the police had questioned them. By the end of the day, they had learned that no one liked Maria. She was rude, hateful, and quite cruel to people. When we were finally allowed to go home, I was eager to talk to my parents about what had happened that day. After listening to this tragic story, my mom went to Maria's house to see if she could help in any way during Mrs Carter's time of need. 1 was almost asleep when I heard my mother return. Downstairs Morn sat on the couch, tears streaming down her face. She looked up and said, "Kim, why aren't you asleep?" I wanted to know how Mrs Carter was doing. "Not so good, Kim, not so good~ Go to bed. We'll talk in the morning." The next morning at school eve- rybody was wrapped up in conver- sation about the murder. The polioe were looking for a red diary belong- ing to Maria. Her mother said she had carried it with her always. She had searched Maria's room and found nothing. The police believed that the dia~'y would have informa- tion which might lead to the killer. We all knew about the diary be- cause Maria carried it with her to write terrible things about anybody she didn't like. Maria then used these secrets to get money from her victims.However, no one would ad- mit that Maria knew any secrets abot}t~tiieml One glrl reported that she overheard a policeman saying, "Without that little red diary this mur- der may go unsolved, we have no fingerprints, no evidence of any kind." The funeral was to be the next day at two o'clock. School was closed so students could attend the funeral if they wanted, but few III IIIII West Virginia School Osteopathic Medicine Cholesterol Screening SATURDAY, MAY 5 10:00 am till 2:00 pm / Visiting P ladves Driving You Up A Wall You know the story. Your Aunt Clara came to visit for a few days, but you're beginning to think she's a permanent fixture in your house. Bring her on down to U-Save Auto Rental and we'll put her behind the wheel of a dependable and economical car. We can't guarantee she'll spend every hour sightseeing, but we bet she'll have a great time driving her own car. After all, how do you know you weren't driving her crazy, too? A//1tIO/ v/FA Your Home Town CarRental Company p~ The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, May 3, 1990 5B people attended because Maria had made a long of enemies. It began to rain and became very chilly. I hur- ried home went to my room, and sat in front of the fireplace to warm my- self and think. My parents had de- cided to go to Maria's house for a while, so I would be alone for a couple of hours. My thoughts went back to the day of the murder. I was angry. I had not been able to take the money from Mom's purse to give to Maria. I tried to explain to her that I could not get the money. She laughed at me and waved that stu- pid red book. She said, 'TII let every- one know how you cheated to get an "A" so you could get that special award." She would not listen to me! I ran outside, not knowing what to do. I found the dart and returned to the locker room. I didn't kill her just for me; I did it for every name that I ripped out of this little red book. Christine, a sixth-grade stu- dent at Rainelle, is the daughter of Susan A. Smith. Her teacher is Ron Green. Taking the Plunge By Lipara Erb Today must have been the hot- test day in August, although every day around this time of year seemed hotter than the one before. It felt good to just lie on my bed in my cool room, thinking about how much longer it would be before school started and drifted off. Suddenly I was at my desk at school. I looked over at Valerie, my best friend. Something had changed about her. She looked the same, but there was something about the way she acted since she had returned from visiting her father in California. She seemed sad and depressed about something. I guessed it was just because she missed her dad. When her parents were first di- vorced, she would go through phases not talking to anyone or wanting to do anything. This sum- mer was the first time she had seen her father since the divorce. Maybe it just brought back too many memo- ries. "Meghan, wake up! It's time for dinner," my brother shouted from the doorway. Business Legal & Planning Experience After dinner that night, while I was clearing the dishes from the table, my mother asked, "When is Valerie supposed to return from her father's?" 'Tm not sure, maybe in a week," I answered thinking of my dream. Later, when I was going to bed, I kept thinking about what a good time Valerie must be having. When we were younger, her father had al- ways been fun. That night I had another dream about Valerie. She phoned and asked me to come to her house right away. I was a little frightened because she sounded frantic and scared. Since we lived only six blocks from each other, it took me about five minutes to get there on my bike. I knocked on the front door, then rang the doorbell, but nobody an- swered. I went around to try the back door. At first I didn't look at the pool, but when I heard a faint splash, I turned around and saw the glimmer of a body at the pool. By this time my heart was beating faster, and I was really getting frightened. I ran over to the edge of the pool and looked down. I couldn't believe what I saw! It was Valerie lying at the bot- tom of the pool with her hands and feet tied together. I tore off my jacket and plunged into the pool, Embracing her body, I forced her head to the surface and swam to the steps of the pool drag- ging Valerie. After I got her on t'he deck, I ran inside to call for help. I wasn't sure who I would call, and I was begin- ning to panic. "Don't panic! Just dial nine-one-one," I kept saying to my- self over and over. The ambulance took about ten minutes to get there. As the ~ara- medics loaded Valerie, they tolcl me she would probably be alright but had a lot of water in her lungs. As I walked over to get my jacket, I wondered what could have hap- pened to cause Valerie to be at the bottom of her pool with her hands and feet tied together. I lifted my jacket from the poolside, and a piece of paper fell from beneath it. I picked it up and started reading it. I couldn't believe what this note was saying! tt looked like a suicide note. The note said, ".... Beep! Beep! Beep! I reoched over and turned off my alarm clock. For a moment I just lay there, think- ing about my dream. 1 didn't under- stand why I kept having dreams of Valerie. The next week went by, and I didn't have any more dreams. Then one evening after dinner, I was look- ing at my calendar when I realized Valerie would be coming home the next day. AS I was getting ready for bed i that night, I was getting more and more excited about seeing Valerie. While I was going to steep, I was wondering if Valerie had changed in the month since I had seen her~t,ast. The next day about midafternoon the telephone rang. It was Valerie! She said she had returned late last evening and that I should come over and see her right away. I got on my bike and pedalled over to her house as fast as I could. I went to the front door and knocked, but there was no answer, t wondered where Valerie must have gone since she knew I was coming right over. I went around the house to check the back door, but there was no an,swer there either! Continued, Page 6-B ." ill" DEMOCRAT GREENBRIER COUNTY DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Eastern District CORRECTED ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY THE CANDIDATE i! i ~ !!i Successful Projects Gap Mills School Playground $4,000 Audio-Video Equipment Grant For Gap Mills School !: MONROE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION The current financial crisis in our educational system requires inno- vative approaches to solve it. We must look beyond state-imposed formulas for school consolidation. I believe strongly that the best plan for our children can only come about through democratic, widespread participation in the planning process. The Monroe County Board of Education should form a planning committee with student and parent participation, as well as teachers, service personnel and administrators to come up with an educational and facilities plan which will have the support of a majority of the County's families with school-age children. If elected, I pledge myself to working for maximum public participa. tion in the planning process. I support the teachers of Monroe County and West Virginia who had the courage to call attention to the plight of our educational system by striking for better terms and conditions and promise to work with them if elected to help them achieve their goals. GREENBRIER MOTOR CO., INC. U.S. 219 SOUTH AT FAIRLEA Paid Pol. Advby Candida~