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May 3, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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May 3, 1990

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4A The Mountain Messenger, Thursday, May 3, 1990 ? O The dogwood is in bloom and we have the" cool weather accompanying it -- as it does every year. Next we have "blackberry" winter" to look torward to . . . and then summer, glorious summer, is a-cummin' in, The weekend rains washed the dusty face of West Virginia's mountains and valleys clean just in time lbr us to think about another spring phenomenon -- the Primary Election May 8. It's interesting our lbrebears decided upon springtime to name candidates. They could just as well have had an autumnal primary and a general election the lollowing spring. Perhaps they felt s pring was a good time to give new growth a chance? Too bad the primely, Republican ticket isn't filled with candidates. Nothing planted, nothing sown. In West Virginia. this has been a problem for the "Grand Old Party" since trio second decade of this century. If you look closely at the Democratic ticket, you'll notice some holes too Female Congressional Executive Commit- tee: Male County Executive Committee (there are only two candidales and two will be elected); no opposition to Mr Stagg s lor the House of Representatives. Does it not surprise you, in light of the recent teacher's strike, that no more than six candidates filed for the opening on the Greenbrier County Board of Education? One would have thought there would have been many more than those half-dozen candidates on the Non-Partisan ticket. Look closely at the Executive Committee candidates both national and state because they sometimes wield a great deal o1 power in the back rooms of the courthouse and in lhe state and national capitols." These office seekers are often over-looked as being not very important. Think about them as carefully as you do about the major candidates. Do you know who your county, state and national committeemen are right now? A government is lie more knowledgeable than its con- stituents. Make good choices May 8. ll" you want to know what a candidatg thinks about a particfllar sub- ject. give him [or her) a call on the phone and ask them. If they don't have time to talk to vou. they don't have time to be our elected representatives. -- ~has. A. Goddard The Mountain Messenger STAFF Chas, A Goddard. Editor Deity Brackcnrich. Office Mandgc~ Troy Forrcn. Advcrtismg Tern Boone. Advertising Da~id Poole. AdverlLsing Dcbbic McClurlg, Ad DCSI~,~II Bctty Morgan, Ad Dcsigr~ Jonathan Wright. Staff Writer Lou Burroughs. Typc.~ellmg Brenda Ghennan. ProduclloH Material must be received in our office by: News Items: Fridays, Noon Display Advertising: Mondays, 2 p.m. Classified Advertising: Fridays, 10 a.m. 122 N. Court Street Lewisburg, WV 24901 304/647-5724 Published even' Thursday Circulation: 22,685 r By Jonathan Wright Two recent announcements amount to some very good news for West Virgm=a tounsm. They are =n- dicatKve of the growing awareness that we must do all we can to cater to the comforts and convemence of our wsltors. This =s ~mporthnt =f we want them to have a good t~me here--and come back. For the first t~me m mstory, a "visitor information radio" wdt De es- tablished, aJong Interstate 77, pri- marily a~med at drivers along half ~ts length in West Virgmla Coverage will also extend along a gooo poM on of Interstate 64 and U S, 19 The all-talk format w~ll heaw y tout me state's many attractions, and adver- tisers wdl be businesses focusing largely on tounsts ann convention- eers. Interstates 77 and 64. and U S, 19 are major north-south and east- west arteries, but Ior too many years their mountainous wews and wind- mg curves have lust been a pretty piece of scenery to enjoy for moror- isis on their way to Ohio, the Caroli- nas. Florida, VIrg~ma. the Midwest or elsewhere. With adequate signs along these roads now. encouraging travelers to tune ~n for tourist infor- mation ~t wttl be interesting to see how many more folks get off those highways to indulge ~n our rich as- sortme nt of attractions. The other encouraging piece of news is the announcement of an upgraded two-lane roag between Cass Scenic Raihoad State Park and U. S 2~9 For years tourists nave looked m trustrahon at maps as they have seen no apparent way of easily trav- eling between me Snowsnoe area at U. S 219 and Cass Scenic Rail- road JUSt off the parallel State Route 28"92 By the way the crow flies, the two are no farther man s~x mdes apart. In reality, however, one mus! travel no fewer ttlan 30 miles out of nls way--going a good ms- lance scum of bOrn points, only to travel east or west abou! five redes then Ileadlng back noffh. Crews began working April 30 to upgrade and two-lane the entire length of the Linwood-to-Cass road. By the time they are finished early this fall. we should nave a conven- ient ink between these two popular areas. It's good to see a contmuahon of posmve steps toward encouraging more tourism m this state, We often don't expeno half of whal other states oo ~n attr.actmg wsLtors to their states. We're finally making some ~morovernents ~n that area, however. Both our state government and pri- vate businesses are doing more to "put their money where their mouths are" m lauding the benefits of tour- ~sm That's good news ~n a state mat could certainly use ~t ~n times like tIlese. Dear Editor: I am writing in response to the letter written by Bamah Jones in the April 3 issue. I thank God for people such as Dr Watkup who speak for those unable to speak for them- selves -- our unborn. Everyone has the right and obligation to voice his or her opinion. So many people are hesitant to speak up for what they believe because of ridicule such as was written by Ms Jones. Pro-lifers are many times,called bozo's, idiots, etc. We are accused of being insensitive of and con- demning women who have had or who are thinking of having an abor- tion. We are only trying to protect Ore" precious chil.~en and we do not condemn anj/one,, In fact there are many agencies, under the pro-life movement that dea| with Post-Abor- tion Syndrome, the sychological efL iects of abortion. We want informed consent which tells and shows the age and stage of development of the baby, the medical risks involved and to be given the opportunity to read infor- mation about agencies that provide alternatives to abortion, And con- cerning, parental consent; did you know that a minor needs her par- ents' consent to get her ears pierced, but not to obtain an abor- tion? Just recently through the pass- ing of a bill by the legislation and the governor in the state of West Vir- ginia, these will be restrictions on the Medicaid funding of abortions. Praise the Lord! Family planning begins before conception, not afterwards and pregnancy from rape is extremely rare. Family planning is education, not abortion and with modern medi- ine there are few complications " " from carrying a ba~y to full term. Abortion has ~me an indus- try, a way of making "big bucks." We are destroying our childrenjbut sav- ing the whales, seals, etc. Some- thing is terribly wrong! God does hate the shedding of innocent blood and who could be more innocent than a baby? And about child abuse; abortion is lust another form. Advocates of abortion who have unplanned that they may beconte show that a over 90% of the frOm families e ar ies. I We cannot justify killing our un- born by stating the world ~s over- populated. God does not give us the right to murder. There are too many scripture references and scientific evidence that state life bees begin at conception. I was very offended by the com- ment about forcing women to donate their babies to society. Birth mothers are very special people. They gtve their babies life and give them a chance to love and be loved. Birth mothers give adoptive parents a gift no other human can give. Isn't it bet- ter for the birth mother to go through life remembering that she gave her baby life and love than to remember she ended her baby's life? Author John Lippis has written in his book: "Ask yourself: Can human worth be so simply determined by its "wanted-or-unwantedness" or its economic or demographic practica- bility? Does reverence for life include only those who are'planned or those who are perfectly developed? Are we truly "free" when we allow painting himself as an environmen- tally-concerned legislator, when he is widely considered one tile most anti-environment senators For ex- ample, in his campaign piece he said he was instrumental in seeing that a referendum provision was in- cluded Ln a measure limiting the size of commercial solid waste disposal sites, an~ claims he was thereby in- hibiting the flow of out-of-state gar- bage in its tracks. Further, he worked to increasethe number from 5% to 15% of registered voters who must initiate a local referendum on the subject. He',s not working for citi- zens who want to keep landfill sizes down and out of state garbage out --- he's working for the big compa- nies who want this garbage to come into our state! He also not only voted against but worked against the groundwater and air toxics bills. Next he'll telt us how he worked for those issues, too! Obviously, he thinks voters care about these issues, else he wouldn't have felt the need to twist his record around to make =t look like he's a millions of children to be destroyed because we haven't the time or incli- nation to care for them? Can our concern for children born in less than the best of conditions lead us to destroy them through abortion, supposedly for their own good?" Hopefully this letter will have an impact on Ms Jones, but more im- portantly, maybe it will help some- one who ,s considering an abortion. Please get all the facts and know that there are alternatives, I leave you with this thought: If he is not a human being, what kind of a being =s he? If he is not alive, why is he growing? If he is not a child, why is he sucking his thumb? If' he =s not a living human child, why is it legal to kill him? Joan Lucas Union Dear Editor: I noticed you received J. D. BraCkenrich's publicity piece for his re-election campaign, i wondered if you also got a press release from the West Virginia Citizen Action Group informing you that he was good guy on the enwronment when he's not. If these issues are things your readers care about, there is a Candidate opposing Mr Bracken rich who got into the race because she was sick of fighting politicians who were trying to bring in out-of-state garbage and medical waste incin- erators into Clay County. Elizabeth Sampson is her name. I thought you should know. John J. Walkup ill Renick Dear Editor: Veterans of Foreign Wars of Rainelle endorsed Paul R Lilly and James Gerl for House of Delegates, and J.'D. Brackenrich for Senate. Teachers of Greenbrier County endorsed Jim Anderson and Tyler for Board of Education, Mr Gert and Pat Detch for House of Delegates and no one for State Senate. It appears to me that those of us who are interested in our county don't know exactly what causes our problems or where they ate coming from. It wilt take more lime, energy, el- named to that group's "dirty dozen" fort and money to throw off the yoke for his ZERO voting ~rcl on ten of the out-of-state corporations than key environmental issues? It was it did to throw off the yoke of King quite a shock to see M( Brackenrich George III of England. 1 I guess my biggest criticism of my fellow West Virginians and more esoecially West Virginia teachers is they have such a serious problem of identifying friend from foe. Paul R. Lilly Lewisburg Dear Editor: Can you help us find these miss- mg Spartans from the class of 1970? If you know the address of any of the people listed below, please call 645-767651, 647-4357 or 536-4390 or send information to P. H. Dillon, 807 Greenbrier Avenue. Ronceverte 24970. Harold Beard, Milton Bennett, Rose Brown, Elizabeth Burks Ernest Burns, William Byers, Susan Calhoun Janet Clevenger, Wayne DeBoard, Gilbert Galloway, Wil- liam Glover, Larry Robinson, Roy Rutherford, Roy Skidmore, William Smith. Larry Steele William Stith, James Harris, Patty Honaker, Carol Howard. Michael Huffman, Laura Jackson. Sheryln Jackson, Beverly Keeton. Joseph Kirk, Patricia Lem- ons, Roger Long, Reba Peck, Brenda Ware, Carol Weikle, Leon Wykle, Mary Ann Young. Thank you, Sara Irons Lewisburg Dear Editor: Is Monday May 8 just another day on the calendar? For the citi- zens of Greenbrier County and the State of West Virginia it should be a Red Letter Day. This is the first day in the 1990s that you and I, the elec- torate, have the opportunity to assist m the clean-up of the political mess we have permitted to develop. We can do this by talking to the candi- dates, then getting to the polls and voting. One of the big mistakes we have made has been lack of interest tn the process. We have a tendency to go out to too few political rallies in too few numbers; once we are there we only listen to what the candidate has to say. Seldom do we tell the candidate what our thoughts or ideas are. They then go on their way, either thinking their way is the orfly way or that you and I don't give a damn. '1 am concerned," rm con- cerned because for the past 48 years I have watched the individual freedoms a0d rights (that my blood, By Paul Cook Onqhe front page of the Moun- tain Messenger, April 10, 1990, there was an article about a pro- posed chemical recycling plant lo- cating at the former Bowman Bulk Plant in Rainelle. I think that this proposal should be of great concern to all individuals n the area, espe- cially those who oversee the hcense, construction and operation of such a plant. I had the opportunity ~n 1972 to work for a chemical plant located m Northern Ohio. One of the jobs I performed was the very same chemical recycling operation being proposed for Rainelle. That plant re- ceived 55 gallon drums of used sol- vents main y paint strippers, by truck, and .rail, .The drums were al- most always in bad shape. This was due to the normal abuse they re- ceived when, as new drums they were filled with chemicals and shipped to businesses. Drums were 'unloaded by fork lift, stored until used, emptied, and re-filled with used solvents. The drums were then stored loaded and shipped to the recycling plan!, which in turn went through the. whole process of un- loading, storing and emptying again. A drum that is merely dented causes no problems. It's the many drums that spr~ng leaks from being dropped or punctured that are of great concern. There were always some drums that had improperly sealed caps. On some, the caps were dented so the threads didn't fit correctly. On others, the caps were loose or missing. Some drums had ballooned-out tops and bottoms, as though fhey had experienced condi- tions of severe heat or pressure, which caused structural weaknesses and failures. Most of these problems were not the fault of the chemical plant They were caused by the sh ppers and handlers of the drums after they left the plant with new sol- vent (and before they returned to the plant to be emptiedor used sol- vent). We had no contrbl over the condition of the incoming drums. To have accepted only structurally in- tact drums would have put us out. of the recycling business, The process of emptying the drums was accomplished using a device which consisted of a large pipe with two hoses attached to one end. The pipe was put into the bung hole on top of the drum, where it was sealed by downward pressure from the operator holding it Air pressure was njected through" one hose, which forced the contents of the drum out the other hose and into a holding tank. With drums that had mangled bungs or leaks in the drums themselves, the air pressure would cause the used solvents to spray out -- all over the operator along with millions of others that was spieled on the other side of the world) slowly slip away." Historically, we have elected three types of candidates to office, 1. the safe candidate, 2. the feather-nester, 3. honest candidates with sincere interests. The safe can- didate is normally around for awhile. Not much risk in doing nothing, no boat-rocking, no making waves. However one can drown =n a calm sea, the feather-nester does quite a bit of floundering around, stirs up a lot of dust. (This tactic helps mask his real goals) and gives him the chance to make the self-serving backroom deals. Unfortunately the good guy ~s overwhelmed by types 1 and 2. By shear numbers they are kept off critical committee posts nec- essary for effective job performance, many of them don't hang in there long. Disgust or fear of guilt by asso- ciation, encourages them to move Or'l. Unfortunately many people feel the primary election is not important and fail to cast a vote for their first choice candidate. Results are that they are forced to vote for someone else's choice or not vote at all in the general election. Failing to vote, whatever the reason, is a mistake and a disgrace. I am convinced if all voters had marked their first ballots under the circumstances I marked my first ballot there would be much higher turnout on election day. I was in a foxhole on Guadalcanal and very few, if any, blank ballots have passed me since. Some of the criti- cal issues I have discussed with candidates for the upcoming elec- tion are recall and referendum, tax equity, education reorganization, and cross-ticket voting in primary elections. All have been through the @ assembly could remove of a sludge-like consistency unable to remove the ment on the bottom of Also the pipe did not tom of the ballooned-out never fully emptied in those. The drums taken out to the drum were piled by the rust and leak. Obviousl grew on that oolluted colored stinking earth. be on the EPA's hst of cleanup s~tes, if ~t ~s not This nightmare time when environ guards were just beginning forced. As a nation, we waking up to the problen wastes polluting our We have come a long then. The same cerns regarding that plant ern Ohio are lust as til a shipping and storage using something other Ion drums is developed, leaks. Unless the areas drums are loaded, stored tied are suitably spillage will be with properly, the taminate the earth and water. Another concern ~s process of burning Where is this going to the drums be burned what happens to them? they end up? In the These questions need swered. My greatest concern, that the Highland pany plans to petition an exemption from waste permit asking to be exem side involvement in guards are even along put rote effect. Thai once again, be left chicken house. A corn in hazardous wastes quired to follow safe handling, storage of those wastes. If an exemption because ford to implement the we as residents and be forced to pay in ways, in the end. As a landowner in Greenl~rie~ am all for expanding and creating jobs. But to see our citizens' mised nor our by toxic wastes. Mr Cook is a visor at the West Vir of Osteopathic near Asbury. He biology from sity, Springfield, Ohio. mill before, but current have turned thumbs Grassroots support for is increasing state citizen groups are wide and encompassing parties. "Hopefully this is ning of the end of politics West Virginia, so heard, be a part of it. J. Dear Editor: On May 8, should be defeated at During the strike, Jim sis was to fire striking the March 7 Gazette, Jim Rowe ing teachers) should be He repeated himself made to WOAY-TV week. When this state leadership, Jim Rowe course of action destroyed our state's tern and guaranteed nation for Less than a suggested Greenbrier E termination notices county teachers. I know Mr Rowe a decent man whose not question. failed to provide the ship we needed in When reconciliation Jim Rowe's remarks fanned the flames brought our state to tragedy. Elected officials accountable. On Jim Rowe should'be !