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April 10, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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April 10, 1990

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y WHY PRUNE OrOnt S DtooucTlOn measure at light Ine redlslrd~uhon of ; for growTn O D~ont S VlTOII~ mrougn 0 sunhgnt Denetrat;on, and 'he plant that ore o growth growing habits and needs. DO'S ~vac dead brm, en and 0 plant at any r=me main branch or r,unK iOf t~h" dlometer or m,~;e wFrn O compound. ease at I use the the jab. and cleon. Clean cuts DON'TS general pruning. sprang, du~l, or improper at one rime. pruning to compensate tar caused by overcrowding, e~C. gardener =s a I oc~ce before ~ tfeesl The hazards for benefits. Coil o professional or ~ole tree trimmer. ( BASIC PRUNING GUIDE Heading Back I. Heading back increases the dens;~ of the plant and makes it sturdier. A PROPER CUT Support the branch beow where the cut is to be made. Cut at o slant in the direction you want the new ~anch to grow. \ / The Mountain Messenger, Tuesday, April 10, 1990 /C k. Thinning TYPICAL PRUNING NEEDS OF A TREE PRUNING DECIDUOUS SHRUBS PINCHING 2 Thinning will make o OlOnt 1 Broken Branches. Unsightly and DOSS=DIV {]angeraus Remove all broken, diseased, and F~eduently pinch back. with me grow failer dhd more 2 D*seosed Branches: Removal ,sototes a~seose-cousmg crisscrossing branches. Remove a t%mb and foreflncer, sofl ~]rowth open orgomsms port of each tong shoot that mac throughout the growing season TO 3 Crowded Branches: Removal increases hgnt and tow spo=t the shade of the shrub and aroma future pruning, to redirect matenois to remaining branches prune down to gtouna level about growth, and to increase the densffV 4 Non-symmetrical: Removal improves appearance one third at the oldest branches at the plant, Pinching is also useful for dlsbudding ftow~ and thinning " 2 !~; fruit ,II ? CUT CLOSE REMOVING HEAVY UMBS THE IDEAL HEDGE SHAPE THE CUT IN RELATION TO BUDS CHOOSING THE CORRECT BUD Cut on unwanted branch m Use O 3-cut technique to Prune hedges narrower at me ] TOO Slanted: Exposes too much Prune near a lateral (side) bud that such O way as to leave the ovoid damage to O tree by top to allow sunlight to reach ~uaoce area to damage, JS pointing ~n the direction that you shoaest possible stub spl=mng Cut at (1) under the the boffom foliage. 2. Too long: Can cause diebock of want the suOsequenl branch to I~mt~ then at (2) adore and me stud grow. Cuffing off a terminal (endT further OUt to remove the 3 TOO Short: Wilt interfere with bud bud witl cause the nearest lateral limb and at (3) to remove growth bud to mhent ~ts strength and the stuD. The heavtest I~mOs 4 Ideal: CUt from opposite the base dJrecho~ may be suppor1*ed bY O rode. of the bud slanting upward to the top. the need to weeds and grasses around bushes, flower lawn mower is a sure sign beds or other tightly-packed or low-lying The first whiff of vegetation areas, simple aids commonly grass may be heady stuff, found in the home can help. a whole new crop of A piece of cardboard, such as the cor- the yard. rugated side from a box, forms an effec- abundance of winter rive and portable barrier to use when L--like poison oak, kudzu, spraying Roundup next to desirable and poison ivy--used to growth. By changing the angle of the chore that lasted allcardboard, it's easy to spray weeds grow- Not any more. Most un- mg right up to the base of a desirable can be killed with a plant while shielding the stems, branches of Roundup grass andand leaves. Since some weed killer will a regular part of sprmg get on the cardboard shield, the same yard garden, side should always face toward the or string trim- sprayer. must be repeated over and Stronger plants and spreading bushes de spray application of can be tied upright to keep the desirable growing weeds foliage out of the way during spraying beds, fences and One application is usually t gives neat, well-groomed used to edge walkways and rased to completely kill sec- or lawn to produce a green lawn by summer backbreaking work as- renovation. to trim areas the patio furniture. sprayed onto growth be- and sidewalks to areas tidy all season applied to the leafy =t circulates to the root beneath concrete that by other methods. "than ever before decorative bark, wood and marble beds in their These mati~rials are attrae- naaintenance until weeds into the decorating to treat them? Simply One application areas without dis- ground cover. special techniques ; effective on more than 50 weeds, grass, vines broad-spectrum acuvity must be taken not to ap- plants. To eliminate and until the weed killer dries com- pletely. A small shrub can be effectively protected by covering it with a plastic Judging from TV and print reports. garbage bag. Remove the bag,promptly one topic that will stay a newsmaker rata after sprayed weeds have dried, the 1990s is stress-related illness, the The actwe ingredient in Roundup, gly- modern malady blamed as much for phosate, has been the product of choice headaches as heart attacks. And although for years among farmers, foresters, medical opimon varies on how mental or emotional stress affects physical well-be- ranchers and professional greens man- agers. Environmentally sound Roundup ing, most health-care professionals agree is biodegradable and won't move in the that some form of relaxation is critical soil or leach rata groundwater. It cam- for relief. According to the Garden pletely kills plants, even the stubborn un- Council, a national organization of lawn derground roots, in seven to ten days. and garden industry firms. "'just what the Because it's effective on so many dif- doctor ordered" often turns out to be gar- ferent plants, homeowners don't need to dening. be plant identification experts to use iv- Dr. Carl Menninger thought so. The wisely and effectively all around the yard. :... .. ~o oooO "':::: :::: ::: .... ::. ".'" ::: 1.-- eeo :: ..." ::: --'" ::: ...- WHEN SPRAYED ON AN ACHVELY GROWING WEED, Rmmdup is absorbed into the plant and "tmmdocat*d" throughout its system, including the root,. Rmma~p I~oeks the p~att's ability to lWOduee certain poteins ~mnd only in plantt~ earning the weed to yelk~, urea brown ,,rid die. beauty to your garden garden inviting to various for building nests, and some plants pro- you'll enjoy more of vide both shelter and food. The council ', says the Garden Court- suggests that you select such dual-pur- ) of firms and prates- pose trees and shrubs as dogwoods, crab- apples, hawthorns, pines, cedars, hollies. viburnums, and honeysuckles. After you've identified your yard's best features for attracting birds, begin to enhance them. Council members say you should take a cue from nature. The edges of the forest or open meadow attract the lawn and garden -" organization notes that and movements of interest to your landscape f I I NATIONAL GA 3EN I APRIL SLATED FOR NATIONAL GARDEN MONTH Retailers of lawn and garden g,~?d', are gearing up lbr an attltddl CVCI,t t,,,,t will cater to garden hugs---the humau variety. Throughout April, anyone inter- ested in a wide range of intbrmatic, tL good buys, and advice about gardening and plant care can get as much as tbe)' need or want, and more. Across the nation, members of the Garden Council--a national orgatnza lion of firms and professionals leading the lawn and garden industry--will be presenting offers and events as a special welcome to gardeners ever) wllere. Some of April's benefits will it|clud~ plant and supply values, gardening chu- tes, and special tips on beautitymg home and community landscapes. Spokespersons tar the Garden Courted say that the month-long event pro~tdc~ industry prot;essionals with an maportatu on the council tell home- the best birds because the greatest diversity of is by providing plant life occurs in those places. Recreate water. If you don'tthis environment in your own yard by stream on your property, providing a variety of trees, shrubs, and as a good source offlowers. The quick way to transform wide-open lawns into bird habitats is to disregard the rule about properly spacing trees dur- ing installation. Instead, plant a cluster of fast-growing trees. Under a lone shade tree plant shrubbery and flowers. Put shrubs in as a background for your flower bed and :wcent it with a small |rutting t,,.,.. The council's professionals behe~ you should let your garden reflect your own style and taste, whether formal or informal, Birds can't discern design ele- ments. They prefer a variety of plants of seasonal interest, just as you do. trees and shrubs will cover and be sureto plenty of fresh water. ts essential ALDERSON'S GARDENING CENTER Garden Seeds Seed Potatoes Grown Plants Potting Soils Lime Grass Seed Onion Sets Fertilizer Your TOTAL Farm Supply Store famous psychiatrist found that the rest- fulness and sense of fulfillment garden- mg promotes were effective comple- ments to his treatments. Today the Men- ninger Clinic still prescribes it. But in the history of psychiatric prac- tice. references to the soothing effect of gardening appear as early as the 18th century, in accounts of the ptoneering work of Dr. Benjamin Rush. A century later, mental institutions began develop- ing "horticultural therapy" programs to relieve patients' distress through con- structive, physical activity. Charles Richman, executive director of the American Horticultural Therapy Association m Gaithersburg, Maryland, describes it as "a healing therapy." To- day, health care professionals in a variety of settings prescribe this therapy to ira- prove emotional, psychological, and physical behaviors. Explaining its signifi- cance for mental health treatment, regis- tered horticultural therapist. Ronald Durham told the Washington Post, "What makes this therapy unique is its 'hands- on' connection with the natural environ- ment and the life cycle." Durham also said that iii his view. the therapy has had most impact on patients' self-esteem "When you reach rock bot- tom. it becomes critical to start rebuild- ing your self-esteem. Everything else stems from this." Outside a hospital or treatment center, gardening does as much good. The "hobby" that has attracted more and longer-lasting participants than joggmg and aerobics is now America's favorite leisure acttvny. When asked, even healthy gardeners cite the calming effects of working the earth as a major stress-re- liever. A Washington, D.C. communications specialist talks about the restorative powers of gardening and says, "It puts you m touch with living things you can care for, and they respond to your care." A writer in that city says .that "Gar- deners are the first to know when spring is coming, because we pay attention to the condition of the soil. This is why we come out of winter faster, easier than ev- eryone else. All winter long we know where we've planted the bulbs and how we've prepared for spring. So when it's coldest and grayest, we can tmagine the garden we'll have in just a few months." And. in New York City, a medical stu- dent says that the flowers in her corner of a community garden help brighten a struggling Lower East Side neighbor- hood "'Gardening both soothes and in- BOX 585, ALDERSON, W.VA.. 24910-0585 vigorates me. it breaks the tenston across my shoulders. And it's rewarding: You see something growing and know you planted it." Nature's effect of relieving everyday stress was the subject of a study by Roger Ulrich. associate dean for research at Texas A&M University. American Forests magazine reports that he studied 120 stu- dents' physiological responses tmuscle tension, skin conductance, a0d blood pressure) to a stress-inducing film about work accidents, followed by six different stress-relieving films. Students exposed to films focusing on a natural scene re- covered from stress more quickly and completely than those who watched films about traffic and a shopping mall. One way of checking Ulrich's findings ~s to stop by a garden center or landscape nursery on your way home from work. Walk among the shrubs, plants, and trees, and be aware of how quickly you begin to relax. You'll decide to bring some of that relaxation home. If you don't already have a garden, start one; if you do have one, be sure to keep renew- ing and maintaining it. All it can do for you ts good. opportunity to serve the public. Through cooperative eftorts, retailers of lawn and garden goods and the growers and m;tt|u facturers who support them will locus national attention on the benefits of gar- dening, landscaping, and commumty beautification projects. Foremost among these bcnehts arc improvements in the quality of our cm~ ronment. According to cxpert~ m cnv~ ronmental science, current research consistently shows that well placed ttcc,,. shrubs, and other plants offer linnet I t~:i~ against air pollutants. /M~d. the~ ~ty, {,3 absorbing carbon dioxide and ofh~*t harmful gases, plant material lighl~ tl~c "greenhouse effect"-the bnild t,|~ ,d gases in the earth's at||tosphcrc ,l~.~ causes dangerous global warming According to one Garde~ (~ount ,I nrembcr firm. "'hnprovmg the health :mJ beauty'of the environment -~hethcl J private backyard or a pubhc park - con- tributes to the quality of our lives at home and in the community. We can't think at a better reason to garden." National Garden Month gwcs yot~ ,, chance to get needed gardemnv~ prqlc~ h underway and continue ytmr current at}as with fresh guidelmes--in either ca~c. you can look fbrward to the best rc~uI~. With the help at industry businc~c~ this April, you can be a part at lt,ttlt)O~ wide efforts to make our gardens a,d landscapes recordbreakcrs m ever> v,~y. Look for more inlbrmation frorn partwt- pating retailers of lawn and garden goods in your area. WEEDEATERS & ALL MOWERS On Sal Appalachian Tire Products, Inc. Rt. 219 North, Lewtsburg, W.Va. 645-1600 Excellent Variety Of Bedding Plants, Vegetable Plants, Potted Plants BEAUTIFUL HANGING BASKETS NEW NURSERY NOW OPEN Four Greenhouses To Serve You Better Rt. 219 FRANKFORD, W.VA. MILLER RENTAL JUST ARRIVED/ John Deere 675 B Skid 62- inch Low Profile Dirt BOOK NOW! Also, Many Other Lawn & Garden And Tools For Rent. MILLER RENTAL CENTER Located At Miller rmplement Rt. 219 N., Lewisburg, W.Va.. 497-2800 Steer Loader & Foundry Equipment Illlll, t" - :1 -- - ' :l ..... :l Lobby Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-3, Sat. 9-Noon Drive-up: Mon.-Fri. 8:30-3 Fri. 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