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April 10, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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April 10, 1990

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6C The Mountain Messenger, Tuesday, April 10, 1990 e Taking care of the lawn and garden may be a labor of love, but it takes qual- ity tools, along with the proper care and maintenance, to do the planting and cul- tivating so necessary for the desired re- sults. Basic lawn and garden tools such as shovels, hoes and rakes may be the best values around the home. With proper r care and maintenance a good shovel can that close to the raised bed, then build a last the average user a lifetime, small tool box or shed to protect them Add to that the work saved by having while they're not in use. the use of the tool, then the $5.00-$10.00 initial price pdid begins to look like a real One trick that many gardeners have bargain. Divide that by 25 years usage used lbr years lbr taking care of shovels and that $10.00 shovel really only costs is keeping an old bucket or pail of sand 40 cents a year. with used motor oil mixed in. After using Before proper tool care and mainte- the shovel tar the day, just plunge it into nance can begin, Ames Lawn & Garden the sand a lbw times. This technique not Tools suggests starting with quality tools, only cleans the blade but it also adds a lu- These tools cost more because: ~" bricant to retard rust. • Wool handles are sealed to keep out damaging moisture. Good tool maintenance should take • Steel blades are heavier gauge to last place more than once a year. Here are longer, some routine things Ames suggests doing ,, Paint or plating is thicker on metal on a day-to-day basis: parts to retard rust. * Eliminate mud build-up on shovels, • Heads are fastened more securely to which adds to the weight of tile tool. This handles. ,, Wood is higher grade Northern Ash happens mest often to open back or hal- for more years of dependable service, low back blades on cheaper models. • Ferrules and shanks will be longer • Clean tools after each use. Coat ex- and stronger to absorb heavier use. posed parts with silicope spray. Just eommola sense • Tighten any loose screws, nails, nuts or bolts as needed. Common sense is really what most • Keep edges sharp, particularly on lawn and garden tool maintenance is about. For example, many people just cutting tools such as hoes, grass shears, leave their tools outside in the garden all loppers, hedge shears, etc. season exposed to the elements. Even the * Rehandle any broken tools. Your In- best tools would have trouble surviving cal hardware or home center dealer will that type of abuse. If you want tools to be gladly show you how to do it. Here's a do-il-3;ourself project that Controlled bx a tn~hlx reliable timer. 2 l.a) ,ml th~ hmdsca w 10i \~ill sa',e ~,ou an l~nornlou~, anlounl Ol ~,ater i,, deli',crcd to each area according2 IH1 g~,~p i p,~peL deh:rYt~inlll~ I~ nine. help)ou conserxe water and still to its specific needs. Properl) planned. take better care of )our landscape, there will be less run-off and v, aste. and ~ahc,, and ~prtnklcl heads Installing an autonaalic underground more efficient vxatering of the landscape, serxe exew\ it*cation Tile sprinkler sx,,tem takes some plannin~ As a do-it-)our,,elfproiect, installing a will dcpc~d oil the cam and work. t~ut the rewards will be worth system does reqmre caretul planning and land,,capc and t Irculls the eflbrl, attention lo details. System manulaclur- -Im~cr~ tan~,c hom those Consider thal you ~ill no longer have ers proxide detailed planning guides that sic need~ h~ sophislicaled to dra~ out the ho,,es to water the lawn, take you step-b.\-step through the pro- dc~ices capaNc ol muhlplc or have t~ ask the neighbor to water tess. grammln~ Tm~ers have while you are on vacation. Lax~n Genie, a leadine manufacturer quiremen{~ and simpl) plug You won't have to get up early in the of timers, valves and H~rinkler heads, outlm~ morning to water, or bother with "it in the breaks the process into three steps: evening when you come home from work. 3. Now Jl'~, linle Io install An automatic sprinkler system takes 1. Plan the s.vstenl b3 gathering all ~f tidlm~i||~ tile directions to all the work and worr) om of watering, the intormation necessar\ on water ser- x~,~tcr linch, and sel up Once set. the timer controls when and vice lines and available v, ater pressure, A sprinkler heads.and pipes. hm~ long the watering occurs. It can be li:w quick calculation,, using the planning heczmk' x~ inters occur. easily re-set to meet changing ~x'eather guide will determine gallons per nlinule \,.lt\c~. arc casi[\ installed and seasonal conditions, l)i~2gln~2 trenches about While an automatic sprinkler system using a spade ~r culling machia¢~ frees the homeowner from the watering available, and help you design the s}slem ahl\ the nloM time-consuming! chore, it actually increases control over to en~ure proper ~'ater coverage of all .H~b" Flushing lhc lines and cm~ how the landscape is ~xatered. area~, trenche~ finishe~ the prqjeet., through the at our centuries: It's spring--time to clear the deck or hose and never needs painting. patio of winter debris and spruce up for The line offers seating and dining warm weather enjoyment. Once you've toted out the barbecue, take a look at your furnishings. lfchair cushions are frayed and faded, or old metal t~e and chairs are scratched, dented or rusted, it may be time to invest in new casual thrniture. The range of choices is tremendous. You can lind seating and dining group- ings in a variety of materials and price ranges. ~fore you buy, however, take stock of your own needs, and consider what type of furniture best suits your lilbstyle, if easy cleaning, durability, good value and versatility are important qualities on your "wish list," you'll probably find that high quality molded plastic furniture of- tiers just what you need. Look for a material that won't crack, peel or lade. Rubbermaid's line of Sun- dial" casual furniture is made of tough Resinite" material that will stand up to the elements, witshes clean with a garden groupings, plus cushions in coordinating colors that are also durable and easy to Gardens have fascinated great writers throughout history. They have seen them as secret, enchanted, holy, romantic and usually as being essential to man's spiritual well-being. clean. It is easy for us in the 20th century --especially those of us living in cities--to tbr- This brand of casual furniture can stay get that before the industrial revolution, man was in constant contact with lllants and outdoors, but you may want to move it in depended on them for food, medicine, and even shelter. Each plant has hundreds, with you when cold winds blow. sometimes thousands of years of myths and folklore in its history which, with the The stacking chairs come in contem- exception of a few famous plants such as mistletoe and hemlock, we have "all but, l~lrary colors and stack to save space, forgotten. These chairs can also be coordinated with matching occasional tables. if you have children,, there is also a child's stacking chair in bright colors, sized to seat comtbrtably a four to seven- year-old. Get the most use out of your patio by being well-prepared. Store barbecue utensils in a rain-proof storage box near the grill; keep glasses and ice bucket handy for impromptu en- tertaining. Stock a supply of board games in an- other rain-proof storage box, so there's always an answer to that familiar sum- mer refrain: "What do we do now, morn?" like The Mountain Messenger :,. " .... For A Ride? Enter, The r TO RIDE" SWEEPSTAKES At Greenbrier Tractor Sales And You Could Win A Deutz Allis 1613T LAWN TRACTOR (2,499 Value) Or Also Win One Of Two FREE FFA HAMS Entry Deadline May 31st. US 219 NQRTH, LEWlSBURG 1 645-1711 The garden of Eden achievement a gardener can make. How could even a jaded city-dweller o The nature of nature is delicate. Plants not be moved by the words of Walter de are fragile, their beauty temporary, and la Mare: their predators numerous. It is no won- der gardeners fret and worry like mother Speak not--whisper not; hens over their seedlings or that men are Here bloweth thyme and bergamot; preoccupied by the fear of losing what is Softly on the evening hour, perishable. Theculmination of this fear Secret herbs their spices shower, lies in the story of the garden of Eden, in Dark-spiked rosemary and myrrh, which man not only loses his floral para- Lean-stalked, purple lavender; disc, he is cast out. Hides within her bosom, too, Unfortunately, man's uneasy feeling All her sorrows, bitter rue. that he himself is at fault for losing his The democratic garden fertile green surroundings has not been abated by history, since he continues to If everyone is in charge of his own lit- abuse his dwindling environment to this fie plot, there is room for self-expression, day. as in this passage from Little Women by Sir William Temple said, "'If we be- Louisa May Alcott. lieve the scripture, we must allow that The garden had to be put in order, God Almighty esteemed the life of a man amt each sister had a quarter of/he lit- in a garden the happiest He could give fieplot to do what she liked with...for him, or else He would not have placed the girls" tastes differed as much as their Adam in that of Eden." characters. Meg had roses and hello- Long ago, great rulers such as Nebu- trope, myrtle and a little orange tree chadnezzar used the magnificence of in it. Jo's bed was never alike two their gardens as a measure of their "seasons, for she was always trying powers. Louis XIV had Versailles, and, experiments. This year it was to be a as any elementary school student whose plantation of sunflowers... Beth had teacher had a penchant for memorization aM-fashioned, fragrant flowers" in her knows.., garden--sweet peas and mignonette, larkspur, pinks, pansies, and southern- In Xanadu did Kubla Khan wood, with chickweed for the birds and A stately Measure-dome decree: catnip for the pussies. Amy had a bower Where Alp& the sacred river ran in hers .... Through cmwrns measureless to man It is a place tar fantasy, self-examina- Dawn to a sunless sea tion, or romance in history. But what of So twice five miles of fertile ground the modern garden? Confined to tiny With walls and towers were girdled plots or window boxes, few gardens have round: the room to express the personality, far And there were gardens bright with less the spiritual grandeur of the ear- sinuous rills, dener. Where blossomed many an Yet to our little Edens, each of us is incense-bearing tree lord, and we can recall lost arcadies as F. Scott Fitzgerald captured his lost genera- The secret garden tion when he wrote of the Great Gatsby's The gardener who can design a place garden: 9f utter seclusion and privacy has given "There was music from my himself a very great gift indeed. This neighbour's house through the sum- takes land and resources, but creating a mer nights. In his blue gardens, men secret, autonomous world where there is and girls came and went like moths no trace of human intervention or poilu- among the whispenngs and the cham- tion is the most intimate and spiritual pagne and the stars." GT906285 Too good to be true? Imagine a lawn that repels weeds, resists disease, dislikes fertilizer, stays green late in the ~eason and --best of all--barely grows! According to h~lcrmttional Wihllife magazine, a Canadian geneticist says he has prt×luced 35 lines of such a miracle grass from 17 alpine specms. The Canadian government is already using the slow-growing grasses along high- ways, but it will be another four years or so before they're available commercially. FR 500 ROTO-TILLER • Dependable Honda 4-Stroke RT-5000 TRACTOR Engine HR 215 SXA MOWER • Easy To Start: Thanks To * Honda 4-Stroke Engine Automatic Decompression • 4-Wheel Drive • Dependable Honda • Handles Rotate To Either Side • 4-.Wheel Steering 4-Stroke Eng=ne • Self-Propelled; With Two • Front And Rear PTO • Aluminum Deck Forward Gears • Attachments Include: Mowing • Ball Bearing Wheels And One Reverse Gear Deck, BrushHog, Tiller, Dozer • Shaft Drive • Quiet Efficient Mufflers Blade Disks, Plow. • Rote-Stop Blade • Two Year Warranty Snowblower, And Dump Bucket • 2 Year Warranty ' 'MADE IN USA FULL PARTS AND SERVICE I I I J AN R,J,L. COMPANY 1500 N. DRIVE, BECKLEY, W.VA. (304) 252-4101 Mountain International JIM JACKSON Insurance Division Manager MOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL. 536-2000 TRUCK USERS, FORESTERS, AND FARMERS You are our NUMBER ONE customers! We have expanded our business to include COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICES through our new INSURANCE DIVISIONH We cover all Commercial Lines including VEHICLES. PROPERTY. GENERAL LIABILITY. AND EQUIPMENT INLAND MARINE. We can even offer Group Health & Life Packages for you and your employees. Call Jim Jackson for a competitive quote. LEWISBURG 1-64 & Exit 175 (304) 538-2OOO e Employees who work in buildings made of man-made materials inhale ap- proximately 300 contaminants every day--benzene, formaldehyde, trichlo- roethylene (TCE) among them. Where do these poisonous chemicals come from? Many seemingly harmless materials or items round in the house- but only 11 percent of (TEE). Potted mums tovk TCE, filtering 41 percent with 61 percent of the formal 53 percent of the benzene. Ficus removed a small but did much better at tbrmaldehyde. hold or workplace emit toxins in she According to the study form of gases. Some sources include la- with low light requirements rex paints, solvents, rugs, and upholstery. 20 percent of pollutants thr As to the eftect on human health, reports leaves. Cleanup of the show that disorders ms) range from cent was the work of headaches, respiratory irritation, and fa- crobes, which feed on tigue to nausea and dizziness, says Wolverton, indicates But current research is pointing to an portant to keep rocks and leaves from shicldm the sot ellective, inexpensive solution, says the • g • h~s prescription for curm. Garden Council, a national organization pollution (known as "'sick I of firms and professionals leading the drome"): Use different kinds lawn and garden industry. Council mem-plants extensively throughout hers point to the work of scientist Wil- liam C. Wolverton, who directs NASA's or office. environmental and research department Experts interested in at the John C Sttmnis Space Center in the NASA report's Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. His find- significant for rags reveal that common houseplants tects, and commumty clean polluted indoor air by absorbing insights and answers toxins through their vascular systems, Hnprove air quality in roots, and soil microbes, workplace. If on. expect to see more Wolverton's study of the air-filtering malls, and houses properties of plants began in 1974 with placement in mind. research into using plants to produce wa- window size and location, ter and oxygen for astronauts on long system, and number of lightS. trips. In the most recent experiment, heBut tbr homeowners and ¢ tested the ability of 14 different plants to agers, now is the best t~ remove chemical toxins from the air. Sci- cleaning your indoor air. ence News reports that Wolverton placed physical exercise and attent each plant for 24 hours in a sealed area lion can offset the effects containing tainted air. The rate of poilu- lion the only way Io orcserVe ' , . ~. i lion varied from as much as 30 parts per and well-bemg ~s to biter out million (ppm) to what Wolvenon said To make sure you're could be found in a house, below 1 ppm. lamily and em While Wolverton found that all the v~ronment in which to plants cleaned the air, he noted that some to retailers of lawn and were better at filtering certain pollutants plan to bring in a sufficient than others, which meant that a wide va- variety of houseplants. Don't riety of plants must be used to effectively chance at using fight all the indoor pollutants, clean the air, especially w For example, tests revealed that En- doing it for those who glish ivy filtered 90 percent Iq, o.8 per II-HD String Trimmer, • Tough 21.2CC engine • 56~"htht shaft • Lange~s d-handle • Sen~autornetic two-line head • Shoulder harness and thigh pad • Three-year warrar~y on powerhead • Includes Blade & Metal Shield ® 422 EDGAR AVE. RONCEvERTE, W.VA. 647-5353