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April 10, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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April 10, 1990

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and narcissus that early spring are enough wait out the winter. Yel- or peach-colored, their rance and their jaunty make us take heart comes back into the the season of jonquils. William Wordsworth, with pleasure fill and with the daffodils. collector of their many are too many kinds, choose from. too many h 1 find each va- as the next and am for the commonest of trumpet, bright yel- standard. well-known horhcul- ~rSerymen, and landscape along w+tn catalogue n- garden books, agree and narcissus look we don't understand the means to make them look ~ opposed to stiff or artifi- to plant them so they just appeared sponta- :means make it look like no planning to it, no It sounds simple t then that I see so many a foot apart in tidy of a house or along a it that way myself in days despite all the contrary. I have the same as planting a in the living room. but a ! of Agriculture scientist d new asparagus that duty m a hanging basket table. McCollum. a plant geneti- Research lot a new deco- n crossbreeding in 1980 with related the asparagus fern, Well-known cousin of the ;rimental crossings 2, in Beltsville. finding u way to add to ,.rown rot dis- 115, cornnlerclal asparagus ntillion every year, University exten- Garrison, unamenable to its garden vanet2, began crossing the wild asparagus. not yet succeeded in in- rot resistance, his ex- a ne~ asparagus and droopy enough g basket while still produc- ing about enough stalks you could certainly salad," said McCol- iS resemble', tile or- Garden Patch Leslie Price Shaver seen my father actually take a tape- measure to insure accuracy. The flowers are still beautiful when planted this way, but they look silly and awkward. Daffodils and narcissus are at their most magnificent when they are planted in drifts of hundreds. In- stead of grass in the spring there is a yellow wave that bends and shakes in the breeze. I guess the problem is numbers. At three bulbs for $4.95 it doesn't take a mathematical wizard to figure that hundreds of bulbs are going to cost you hundreds of dollars. And so we settle for a handful or a couple dozen bulbs. Somehow in our minds we think we can "naturalize" with our nine bulbs. I have no happy solution for the daffodil problem except a difficult compromise. I, too, long for that yel- low acre of bloom I see in the gar- den books and magazines. The air appears thick with their perfume, and they sprawl around the roots of large trees and around rocks and meandering streams. They are eve- rywhere in my dreams Since I can't afford hundreds, am I to settle for the paltry, spaced stiff row? No, I can't do that either. But I can afford a dozen, and I'm going to plant them in a half-yard hole by the front steps where at least they'll all come up in one clump. They will be n a highly visible spot where every- one can enjoy them. We will all pre- tend they are as natural as can be. namental sprengeri, but it has an advan- tage as a house plant because it does not shed a shower of needles with every change of light or missed watering, a problem sprengeri owners know welt. McCollum said. The Harris Moran Seed Co. alread.~ has shown interest in the ornamental possibilities of the new asparagus. "We already market a squash, or mini- ature pumpkin, as an ornamental that sells very well," said Robe rt Schroeder. a Harris Moran plant breeder in El Ma- C:ere. Calif. "If the new asparagus grows well and is pretty, we'll be very inter- ested in it " Growing crops as ornamemals has be- come increasingly popular, according to Holly Shimizu, curator of the National Arboretum Herb Garden. Each year. Shimizu raises a garden lull of plants that people expect to find only on a farm. "'Many crops--sorghum, soy beans, castor beans, hops, and even wheat, rice and cotton--are quite beatmthl once you get them into a garden setting with good soil and pruning." she said, Crops can often be harder to raise than traditional houseplants and orna- mentals because they usually require at least six hours of sunlight in order to thrive, she said. McCollum said his new asparagus ~s a hearty plant that will grow continuously indoors, although tt could have a ten- dency to become pot bound. "'And it will survive the winter outdoors, although the foliage will die down and then come back.'" mower Nearly six million walk-behind lawn mowers are sold each year in the United Statues. Bclow arc i|ilb.~A, ei'h It) the room asked questionr, of la~n mov.er shoppers. according to "rite +lbro Company. " What arc nly choices? You'll firld a widc range of lawn mower modcts and prices, ranging from bargain basenicnt to more than $700. There are self-propelling and walk power mowers; side-discharge, rear and side-bagging and mulching models; pull start or key electric start features; sali:ty systems and more to consider. Hurt, do I narrow my chok'es? Start with the critical component in the mower, the engine. You'll find three t~pes of lawn mov, er engines today: Standard four-cycle, two-cycle and over- head valve tOHV) fimr-cycle engines. The standard tour-cycle is the highly durable Iongtime standard of the indus- try. But. in recent years, the two-cycle has grown in popuhtrity. The two-cycle is smaller and lighter and has li:wer moving parts to wear out or break. The newest engine on the scene is the OHV four-cycle engine. Its technologi- cally superior design provides extra cut- tmg power, ease of starting and long life. Remember these upkeep tips about four and two-cycles: With separate oil and gas chambers, the four-cycle will re- quire occasional oil changes. You needn't change the oil on the two-cycle, but you will have to mix el! with each tank of gas- oline. Will my mower start easily? This is the deepesi tear of a lawn mower shop- per. You can deal with your concern by asking the dealer to let you test-start a mower. Also. ask if starting is part of the war- ranty. For instance. Toro's GTS line of mowers Ls guaranteed to start on the first or second pull for five years, or Tore fixes it free. Key electric start options are available on some m(vJels. Add 15 percent to the cost of the mower m return fbr the con- venience of automotive-type starting. Is a selfprol~qling model rightJor me? A self-propelling inodel, with wheels that drive the mower while you guide it, is the perfect choice for those who don't want to push their mower back and tbrth across the lawn. Some self-propelled models have van- able speed options. You may want to run your mower at a slower speed when trim- nfing in confined areas. When purchasing a rear-bagger, you may want to inquire about a rear-wheel drive, self-propelling version. Why'? Be- cause as the bag lilb,, the front wheels v, ill lose drive traction. Side-discha'rgc baggers are typically front-wheel drive and are easier to con- trol. The operator must sitnply tilt the wheels up to stop and turn. * Will the .timer beautifully groom my vard? What you don't want is a mower ihat leaves tall blades of uncut grass called "'stragglers," or forms a pattern of lines on your yard, resulting from the mower cutting lower on one side. A test drive can steer you clear of these models. if you are able to arrange a test ~lrive, mow a 20'-square test plot and eyeball the grass surface from your hands and knees to deternfine the quality of cut. If the ability to pick up pine needles. shreds of paper and sticks is importa,~ select a model with strong vacuuming power. Some models, including Toro's Vacu-Power line, are designed-with un- impeded air flow for superior vacuuming power. What cutting width do I need? Con- sider first the layout and size of your yard. If your backyard ts a maze of flower beds and obstacles, you might want a narrow width mower to make ma- neuvering easier. Mowers generally range in size from 17" to 22", with the 21" the standard for many homeowners. What about my safety?A variety of options is available that will protect the operator while the mower ts in opera- tion. Some models have a special brake de- signed to stop the blade and the engine quickly each time the handle is released. A "blade brake clutch" is also available. The clutch stops the blade whim leaving the engine running. It saves )ou from having to restart the mower many times during the mowing task. but expect, tu pay $40-45 for the feature. Your mower should al~) have a trailing shield at the rear of the mower deck to prevent rocks and other debris from be mg thrown. Wllich bagging option .~hmtM I clumxe? Two types are available: Rear-baggers and a side-discharge mower with a bagging attachment. Rear-baggers allow close. easy trimming with either side of the mower. Because the clippings don't need to "'turn a corner" from a side chute into the bag as they do on a side-discharge bagger, they don't clog as easily, CACTUS AND I- -" .... C PLANNING--PLANTING A SUCCULENTS cause their native habitats are usually I1 ~ "-.~-';~ ..... ~ [ deserts, cacti and succulents are tremen- II . ,I,,II3"Y KNnl II dously hardy plants. They've adapted, t[ ~ I i~l.v.,,.~." r-_-a~.l,t 1. [ ] over the centuries, to deal with extreme I[ =" -- _ ___~..~ ~'[ [ conditions of heat, cold, and drought, [ N I I D _1~ i;" 1~ Y ! ,and because they store water in their I --v ~,h .... "~"" .ll leaves and stems they're particularly easy to care fo~ {" ~--'] All you have to t :'~ ...... ,"-'-"" tdo is provide them it-- ,a~, ~"~L.... ~-[ with lots and lots of Ibright sunlight and }~~"~ik imake sure not to ~ overwater--in fact, (~" ~--_-.~ water only when the ~~_.~,~_~2.~ soil is bone dry. Cactus and succu- lents don't need to be misted, but you should feed them once a month. In many instances, with a little extra effort--making sure your cacti and suc- culents experience long and cool nights during the winter--your plants can fur- ther reward you by blooming. The leg- endary cactus flowers are delicate and beautiful and look qutte incongruous on their spiky menacing hosts. Happy growing! APRIL IS NATIONAL GARDENING MONTH Come visit our Nursery and Garden Center for Ideas to brighten your lawn and garden. We offer ideas ant supplies for the do4t-yourself or contact us about doing a job for you. 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