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February 20, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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February 20, 1990

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I ne twoulJ~,-,atJ ivl~=~enger~ iue~:K]ay, reuruary zu, luuu 1u By JAMES CREWS Jones of Lewisburg gave around the hill it went out of sight. I a while back to tell me went after it but could see no sign of !big buck he and Jim Bowyer a hit. I couldn't believe that I missed Jnd while grouse hunting, that shot. I went back to the spot in the Muddy Creek where I first shot at the buck and area, Claude spotted the could not find anything there either. I s they walked over to take a was very disappointed and just sat noticed the big rack down on a log to think things over. It The rack of horns had was about time to meet up with the :s with an 18-1/2 inch other hunters I was with but I de- not tell what had ceded to go around the hill the way buck. Claude told me it the buck had gone for one more six feet from nose to tail. look. I went about 25 yards farther it on the first day of this time and there was a spot of rack is on display in blood on the leaves. I continued on ~g Goods Department at and in a dip in the hill lay my buck. The first shot was perfect but my POssible that the deer was lack of experience almost cost me Was hit during the muzzle- my first deer. or by a bowhunter. I Every time a shot is taken at a ~ne sick hunter if that was game animal, it should be followed I let get away. up. I have had hunters tell me they deer season, I betieve took a shot but were sure they Several bucks killed that missed so they didn't go look. When they have missed. I we are hunting, we have a great re- first deer I killed. I sponsibility to make every effort to in Virginia on the open- be sure we don't leave a wounded bucks only season. It animal in the woods. By carefully 9 a.m. and I was watch- choosing our shots, we can elimi- the deer had torn nate most of tl~ese problems. We a deer coming around should also make sure our equip- saw horns. I picked an ment is in top shape. Be sure your the crosshairs of rifle or bow is properly sighted in behind the shoulder. At and try to get in as much practice as expected the buck to drop Instead, it whirled and possible before the season comes in so you will be ready to make a me. This really shook me clean shot when the opportunity twice more at the comes. at about 10 feet. On Claude Jones Roger Bostic is shown with the deer he and Jim 'und . Roger Bosttc ts a nine-po nt rack from k lied during the muzzle- n. When he shot the one horn. He was to find the shed horn ~bruary 10. Sonics by Kevin Morgan 10, 8, Derek Allen 4, Mychal Johnson 7, and Tiff Hal- ruary 10. Pistons and believe it or not, while rabbit hunting a month later, he found the lost horn. The rack was the top entry at the West Virginia Muzzleloader Association meeting. Roger was presented with an engraved powder horn and a patch knife as first prize. The lost horn was about 200 yards from where he shot the buck. On February 10 the Humana Hospital Aches and Pains won over the First national Bank Wildcats with a score of 16 to 10. Carrie Thomas led the Aches and Pains with 10 points, followed by Kristy Barnette, Tracey Wykle and Kassie Boone with 2 points each. Sherry Robards led the Wildcats with 9 points and Karen Fort with 2 points. The Bank of White Sulphur Springs Stealers won over the Greenbrier Valley National Bank Bandits with a score of 24-8. Suzanne Humphrey led the Stealers with 10 points, Lisa Gladwell with 4 points, Erica Hunter, Keri To- maszewski, Deanna Vaughn, Bowling Graanbrler Lanes Disney Characters League (Ladle= Thursday Morning) Gamea 1. Debbia Hedrick 166 2. Cyndi Cart 172 3 Coltaan Walton 172 4, Juanita Ramsay 169 5. Sue Jonas 173 6, Carol Spencer 169 7. Betty Martin 171 8. Dot Vaughen 161 9. Annabel Loomis 165 10. Patty Tottan 163 Serial 1. Betty Martin 484 2. Sandy Wykle 4Q5 3. Carol Spar~cer 491 4. Coltaen Walton 536 5. Juanita Ramsay 486 6. Sue Jones 510 FCI League Games 1. T. ALlen 181-175 2. Lynn Stalnakar 185 3, Rick FOX 194-180 4. Elaine Mongold 188 5. W. Warznak 197 Serial 1. T Allen 519 2, Lynn Stalnaker 450 3, Rick Fox 497 4, Elaine Mong~d 491 5, W, Warznak 477 6, H Mongold 459 by Chris Robards 17, Isaac Gaines 5, and by David Smith 14, 14, and Jacob ruary 10. Bullets by Mark Wise 9, 8, B. j. Lilly 8, Jay 4, and Michael Seneca Mixed League Games 1. James Evans 180-189 2. Hazel Evans 182 3. Mary Butler 182 4. Cheatar Terry 222 5. Leslie Woodrum 203-180 6. Jack Winebremmer 180 7, Barry Morgan 209 8. Dan RIgs 224-191 Series 1. James Evans 529 2. Hazel Evans 503 3. Chester Terry 537 4. Leslie Woodrum 558 5. Jwck Winebmmmer 523 6. Barry Morgan 553 7. Dan Rice 584 Friday Night Mixed Gamea 1. Dean Upton 200 2. Genii Young 206 3, John Coflman t.90 4. Lloyd Quick 204 5. Hank Hanger 193 6. Craig Man 195 7. Donna Canaan 190 8, Chester Tarry 208 9. Hazel Evans 223 10. James Evans 202-191 11. Clarence Morgan 204-197 12. Rcea Morgan 183 Serial 1. Dean Upton 555 2. Cane Young 542 3. John Coflman 544 4. Ray Lenten 537 5. Jay Colas 503 6. Donna Canaan 503 7. Sylvia harvey 466 9. Joan Dowdy 461 9. Duane Weikle 506 I0. Shirley Workman 474 11. Chester Terry 548 12. Hazel Evans 554 13. James Evans 544 14. Clarence Morgan 578 15. Pat Beverage 518 16, Roao Morgan 464 Little Level League Garrt4e 1. Dempsey Beverage 197 2, Lake Vaugnan 202 3. Louise Goode 162-162 4. Ronnle Madison 1go 5, Rommia 199 Valley Church Game,= 1. Paul Boggs 225 2. Donald Parker 201 3. Roy Hotliday 200 4. Butch Hickman 212 5. James Evans 214 Series Series 1. Dempsey Beverage 519 1. Donald Parker 590 2. Lake Vaugnan 541 2, Paul Bogus 569 3, Sue Beverage 450 3. Bill Berardi 552 4, LOuise C.-.-.-.-.-.-~ode 455 4, Roy Holliday 557 5. Ronnla Madison 472 5. Butch Hckman 562 6. Rommia 508 6, Ralph Boatic 553 Blue Grass Commercial Gamae 1. Lea Raasar 200 2. Clarence Morgan 205 3. Bill B~Jgs 214 4. Jr. Holl',day 201 5. Austin McMJtlion 204 6. Steve Quick 203 7. Chester Terry 202 8. Dave Austin 200 9, Mike Whirred 203 10, Dave Craft 205 11. Be Ford 204 12. Lloyd Quick 212 13, Bill Barardi 226-201 14. Jim Alvey. 222 15. Bobby Fails 202 16. Larry Smith.. 203-220 Series 1. Larry Smith 614 2. Bill Berardi 624 3, Lloyd Quick 577 4. Chester Terry 689 5. Lae Reaser 569 6. Clarence Morgan 566 7. Jim Alvay 563 Graenbrier Commerclal Games 1. Rodney Boone 202 2, Darrell Austin 200 3, Don Mavrat 205 4. Chris Whita 208 5. Ed Kismore 202 6. F. V. Shocklay 215 7. Mark 201 8. Ken Moody 227 serial 1, Ken Moody 598 2. Eddie Kismore 575 3, F. V. Shockley 524 4. Jerry 507 5. Jim Hunter 533 6. Chrm White 512 7, Don Mavrat 537 8. Don Wise 529 9. Darrell Austin 537 Busy Bees Ladles Tuesday Morn)ng Games 1. Robbie Bo~n~" 187-170 2. Norman Ldly 169 3. Jo Ann mann 159 4, Vada Woodson 170 series 1. Norma Lilly 463 2, I:~bbie Boone 482 3, Jo Ann Mann 419 4. Vada Woodson 458 Senior Citizens (Tueedey Afternoon) Games 1. Milbum Phinip~ 180-180 2. D. T, Parker 182 3. Nava Bryant 175 ' 4, Bill Meadows 184 5. Dave Gibson 202 6. Hazel Hanson 194 7. Doris 174 Series 1. Dave Gibson 537 2. Bill Maadows 513 3. Pat 458 4, Hazel Hanson 465 5, Nave Bryant 462 6. Doris 483 7, Milburn Phillips 506 Renick The Renick Tigers Junior High volleyball team dominated the 1990 eastern Greenbrier Tournament played at Greenbrier Junior High School February 14. The Lady Ti- gers captured the crown by defeat- ing White Sulphur Springs Junior High by scores of 15-0 and 15-4 in a semi-final match, and besting Lewis- ' burg Junior High with scores of 15-7 and 15-4 "in the championship round. Amy Yates served 18 straight points and a total of 30 points over four games to lead the Tigers from that position. Strong team play and scoring by Lois Perkins, Melinda Workman, Tanya Brammer, Annie Hoover, Stephanie Workman, and Laura Bell brought the team's suc- cess. The backing of Krystal Clutter, Rebecca Hilleary and Melody Bostic as well as the junior varsity team and enthusiastic boosters helped the Tigers success. II IIII LET THE MESSENGER KNOW ABOUT YOUR Melissa Boone and Kathy Boone .... uick led SPORTS ACTIVITIES each with 2 points. Kelly Q " I I the Bandits with4 point~, foGII~::nd.I . ' by Amanda Irons and Ash ey " I 647 5724 I street with 2 points each. BOGGS' SCRAP IRON Caldwell, W.Va. 24925 (304) 645-2756 Rill=, & Shiners (Ladles Wednesday Morning) Gsmee 1. Sua Scott 170-181 2. Pal 177 3. Talma 180 4. Susie O'Dell 183 5. Patty Burwell173 6. Mary 179 7. C-;-;-;-~ldie Smith170 8. Rad Robinson183 9. Nancy Hunter 191-208 Serlee 1. Sue Scott 497 2. Pat 474 3. Talma 480 4, Petty Burwell 461 5. Mary 493 6. Red Robinson 487 7. Shiela Flaehmim 465 8. Nancy Hunter 561 Town & Country (L~) O, imwa 1. Donna Canesn201 2. Kathlaan Gwinn 2t0 3. L. Deskins 230 4, Dee WiLson 213-236 5, L. James 223 6. Sharon Hick=205 7, Mary Griffith 200 8. Mary Windon 212 9. Jan Robinaon207 Bar|as 1. Dee Wilson 625 2. Kathloen Gwinn 579 3. Jan Robinson 587 4. Mary E. Windon 583 5. Drande C.-~ve~ 536 6. L James 521 7. Neva Bo~I 520 8. Laisha Shaver 51 t 9. Sharon Hicks 507 10. Janet Dycha 507 1 I. L, Deskins 500 12, Donna Canaan 514 13. Glenna Bogt~ 515 Okmey Characters (Ladlea Thureday Morning) Games 1. Sue Scott 212 2. Dolt Vaughan 204 3. Carol Spencer 182 4. Sandy Wykle 179 5. Patty Toftan 176-189 6, Colleen Walton 186-189 7, Juanite Ramsay 181-190-191 Series 1. Sue Scott 538 2. Dott Vaughan 499 3. Sandy Wykle 471 4. Patty Torten 529 5. Juanita Ramsoy 562 6, Colleen Walton 520 7. Debre Loudarmilk 454 STEVE CLENDENEN d.b,a. Car & Truck Repair Used Auto Parts Used Tires Used Batteries Buy Late Model Wrecks Buy & Sell Scrap Metal (all types) Josh Duncan 11, om Bohrnstedt 6, Ray Lewis 2, and ruary 10. Warriors -18. )Y Joey Boswell 10, 3had Sheets 8, An- , Thomas Gherman as 4. Mitchell Holiday 7, Jeremy Stidom 3, ~s 2, and Cam Coached by Ruth lies, Renick will play the western Greenbrier cham- pion for the county title. Camp Soccer Camp will be held June 18-23. The first session wilt be held 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon for ages 6-10. The second session will be held from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. for ages 11 and over. This second session is for more advanced players. Sign-up forms will be located at local stores: Aides, Farmer Macs, Zaps, Crawfords and many more by March 1. The deadline for all those inter- ested in signing up for Soccer Camp is May 5, 1990. Basketball Blast Beavers Brown, who had a quiet first half, scored seven of East's 18 third pe- riod points. The Spartans refused to allow the Beavers, under legendary coach Jennings Boyd, to stage a rally. ,Ric- hie Brown, Gabe Stone and Sidney Colas continued to find the mark. Also, Coach Jerry Bradley utilized his second team extensively aria the benchmen responded well as East recorded their 13th win against 4 losses by a 74-60 score. East's leading scorer Richie Brown again claimed game high honors with 19 points. But, Richie again fell below his usual free throw percentage, making good on 2 of 4 attempts. After two games of less than stellar charity shooting, Richie no longer leads the Coalfield Con- ference m that category. Ryan McClung scored 15 points and Gabe Stone added 14 in the win. Hank Johnson led the Beavers with 14 points, well below his aver- age of near 20 per game. Bluefietd fell to 10-8. East canned 23 of 35 free throws to notch a respectable 65% from the stripe. By Shawn O. Austin The Greenbrier East Spartans entertained the Bluefield Beavers in a rare Monday night tilt February 12. The contest was originally slated for February 9, but was moved at the request of Bluefield. The Mercer County school was rocked by the tragic death of football coach Fred Simon's parents in a house fire. The delay did not deter the Spartans, who avenged an earlier loss to the Beavers by beating Bluefield to the tune of 74-60. In the opemng (~uarter, Bluefield seemed determined to be the rude guests as hank "The Tank" Johnson led the Beavers to a 14-10 lead. The second quarter showed the mettle of the Spartans as they con- sistently burned the full-court pres- sure defense of the Beavers to charge into the lead 30-21 at the half. Ryan McClung, playing one of his finest games despite early foul trouble, led the first-half sprint with nine points. East kept the pressure up in the third frame, extending their lead to a dozer7 points at 48-36 Richie The Greenbrier East Spartans made a long trip to Williamson to tangle with the two-time defending AA State Champion Wolfpack Satur- day, February 10. The Spartans seemed to feel the effects of the 4-hour drive as they started slowly, but forged ahead in the third quarter. Still, it took a short jumper by Scott Weikle with 3 sec- onds left to chalk up win number 12 by a 56-55 score. Both teams seemed sluggish in the first half, with the Wolfpack man- aging a 13-9 lead after the opening frame. The second period was even more lackluster, as the Spartans pared a single point off the William- son lead, going into the intermission trailing 21-18. In the third quarter, the Spartans finally seemed to get their legs back as they assumed the lead 35-34. Richie Brown, Scot Weikle and Sid- ney Coles led this comeback. Ryan McClung, who had double figures in rebounds, kept the smaller Wolfpack away from the glass. The final quarter was nip and tuck, with East blowing a seven- point lead in the last 2 minutes. Wil- liamson took the lead 55-54 on a fol- low-up of a missed free throw with P Clinic Want to learn about soccer and the rules of soccer? Sign up now for the march 10 Soccer Referee's Clinic. Become a certified referee. To sign up by march 1 contact Rusty McDaniel at 645-3601. A re- view and recertification will be held March 11, for those referees who need to be reinstated. We need people to enroll, so mark these dates on your calendar. Even if you don't take the test, this clinic will help increase your knowledge of soccer. Call between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. Les Baldwin, State Soccer Referee, will conduct the clinic. 12 seconds left. The S partans out- witted the Pack by spurning a time out and quickly inbounding the ball. Adam Criddle pushed the ball across the time line and hit a streak- ing Gabe Stone near the base line. Gabe momentarily lost control of the ball, allowing Williamson time to double-team him. Stone cooly spot- ted Scott Weikle all alone across the floor 8 feet from the hoop. Weikle, a junior reserve who filled in admirably for Travis Wagner, calmly buried the short jumper to ice the hard-fought victory. Richie Brown paced the East at- tack, hitting his average of 17 points. Scott Weikle added 14 points and Sidney Colas chipped in with 10 markers. The team made good on 59% of their field goal tries, but had an uncharacteristically poor showing from the charity stripe, making only 6 of 12 tries for 50%. It should be noted that in the crucial last minutes, East made 4 of 5 free throw at- tempts to keep Williamson out of reach. The Wolfpack were led by Mike Hagy with 18 points. Travis Wagner did not dress because he brought the wrong uniform. The Spartans saw their record climb to 12-4. The cheapest widely distributed classifieds a word CALL TODAY! 647-5724 in town. a word when accompanied if billed. by payment. ($2.25 MINIMUM) ($3.00 MINIMUM) Just write your ad to buy, sell or trade below and return it to our office at 122 North Court Street, Lewisburg, WV 24901. For an error,free ad, please type or print plainly. DEADLINE: 9 A.M. FRIDAY