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February 20, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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February 20, 1990

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e The Mountain Messenger, Tuesday, February 20, 1990 9A r Jonathan Wright fees for businesses. Zoning Board of Appeals members ~expected increase in traffic Kathy Shiflet, West Virginia Corn- are Jerry Bostic, Marge Carte, the vicinity of the new Battle- munity Awareness Specialist for the Nathanael Leftwich, Paul DeLong, ~1 ossing Shopping Center was Bureau of the Census, spoke to the and Lorrie Sweatt. J a move by the White Sulphur Council briefly to explain basic pro- II City Council to ask the De- cedures for the 1990 Census. A a TwoWey lent of Highways (DOH)to community committee headed by 4 TI ($21.95 Value).__ LOWE'"'E'GO""T'ED''"--''O'OO""',,O the speed limit on Highway Godfrey Tate will get information out |~, .o..o,,.,~.=. .... ==~o~.F,..,~..,o~,.~.~,yhooo..,,~ J CA ~e~"~'~,~ *Only Metro 25 gives you R warronty on Pqlceo and n~4eage~T~" i 4ayor John Bowling discbssed to the public explaining details of the I l/Z PRICE with 2 Tire Purchase.-= ` I ~ation with the Council at its Census. Census forms themselves Dates Set I ........ .=~o=.-..~.~.-,, ~::-~ Jaty 12 monthly meeting and will be hand-delivered throughout r~unter ompu[enzeo bystem E "1 believe we're going to see a Greenbrier County in March. An organizational meeting for the ~ _ ~Q~ tffic increase in that area." The Council voted to purchase a planning of the 1990 "Dandelion RADIALS FOR AMERICAN CARS m BOwling said the DOH will not new fire siren for Mill Hill. The cost Festival" was held January 31 in the n i for the equipment and its installation council chambers of the White a traffic signal at the nearby of U. S. 60 and Highway city should request a re- the speed limit from Char- home north of the shop- southward to the inter- The Council voted to make :lUest, leaving to the DOH the on what the new speed be. The present limit in miles per hour. other business, the Council to apply to the DOH for a per- extend water and sewage from the Howard's Creek on U. S. 60 to a point just the Interstate 64 overpass Run. The request will be by February 19. Michael Hager an- the city will accept bids un- 28 for the operation of sion stands at all city recrea- for a period of two the loss of proceeds earned by White Sulphur Junior High School in its of the stands, the new will be required to ten per cent of its proceeds SChool at games sponsored SChool. The city will also do- Per cent of the fees to the the junior high games. had been operating the its games, but Council a more consistent up- be possible by bidding one concessionaire for all 'Hagar said the first meeting of formed Recreation Corn- Which will discuss the recrea- needs of the community, will 7 p.m., at City Hall. in the city are in- ;end representatives, he will be an open forum," said the Depart- Resources (DNR) inspected the sewage and "was pleased with the Operation.- Crews have been ~ul in cutting extraneous in- the sewage system by 60 the past three months, Bowling said he dis- With the DNR the possibility g compost at the Plant. "We could save the )w pay to take sludge to ," he said. Substances sawdust and leaves would the sludge to make the he explained. The city has ~r a grant in order to add equipment at the sew- heads were asked their budgets ready by ~e proposed 1990-91 city be presented for first a special meeting March reading and a final vote March 12. Proposal of Council mem- Shortridge, the Council Prepare a resolution to the inia Municipal League at Conference. The resolu- ask the League, in turn, a resolution to either the 1991 State Legislature to more equitable license they begin to de- with another person, a sense of panic begin to obsess about Other person's faults, a cycle of anxiety, panic and dUals tend to have few Story of intense but short- ~fps, a Sense of isolation, They may also have a srm experiences with th- the key Learning to con- resisting the impulse to panic sets in. Fears of ndency and loneliness Can on y be resolved itment to a treatment IrOuQh these stages in a can help reduce Panic in one's life. more information. You as a community SerVice by... PSYCHOLOGICAL RESOURCES ial, professional Health Praclice ~ecL, , cburg 645-7455 We Bill Insurance will be approximately $6,000. The funds will be taken from the city's General Fund. Councilman Fred Halterman said the water plant has seen a 3.5 mil- lion-gallon increase in pumped wa- ter since October. "We still have a number of leaks we haven't been able to locate yet," he said. The Council approved the ap- pointment of Red Whited as Zoning Officer, who will do all building in- spections and permit issuing. Per- sons named to the Planning and Zoning Commission are John Gillespie, Leo Lewis, Jesse Burns, Paul Creel, Frank Collins, and advi- sory member Eugene Morhous. Sulphur Springs City Building. Kenny Bryant, owner of Seneca Broadcasting, will chair the event for the Chamber of Commerce; Buddy Hanna, assistant; Dr Frank Collins, director of finance. The Fifth Annual "Dandelion Fes- tival" is traditionally held Memorial Day weekend. Dates for the 1990 festival will be the Wine and Cheese Party and Art Show May 24. Official opening ceremonies will take place May 25, at 3 p.m. with varied activi- ties taking place on May 26, and May 27. The conclusion of the festi- val will take place May 28. For additional information on the festival, phone Kenny Bryant at 536- 1310. NATIONAL NATIONAL XT3000* XT 4000- 30.000 tale Wlna~q SIZE PRICE P155~80R13 25.93 P 175/80R 1328.93 P 185/80R 1330.20 P185/75R14 30.70 P195~75R14 31.06 P205/75R14 33.59 P215/75R14 34.95 P2OS/75R15 34,38 P215/75R15 35.49 P225/75R 15 37,73 P235~75R15 38.56 Tread Design May Vary 40,000 Mil War~an~y All Sedlson - Steel salted SIZE PRICE P155/80R13 27.93 P 165/80R13 33.34 P175~80R13 35.20 P185/8OR13 37.43 P 185~75R14 38.$,~ P195/75R14 38.99 P205/75R14 42.23 P21~75R14 43.55 P2OS/75R15 43.46 P215/75R15 45.30 P225~75R15 48.25 P235/75Rt5 48.49 DUNLOP QUESTOR 40,OM Mile Wecro.ty 14e. AS Somme Sleel letted RMd.M WI~owoO SIZE P155180R13 P155180R13 39.05 P175/80R13 42,49 PI85180R13 42.72 PI85175R14 40.64 P193/75R14 45.07 P?05175R14 3 t.64 P2t5175R14 59.43 P205175R15 52.97 P215175R15 54.58 P225175R15 37.30 P235115R15 08.19 NATIONAL XT 6000 O OOO MS Ws~#=mt 0 SIZE PRICE P155~80R13 46,42 P165/8OR13 48.80 P 185/80R13 54.76 P 185~75R14 56.11 P195C/5R14 56.82 P205f75R14 61.72 P205/75R15 62.85 P215/75R15 65.00 P225/75R 15 70.16 P235/75R 15 70.52 P236f75R 15 XL 73.90 P215/70R15 66.45 SIZE PRICE PITSIIORI 3 64 90 PtSSIBOR13 68 27 P18SI75R14 74.07 Pt~SI75R14 77,7~ P205~75R15 84 87 P215170R15 89,61 P215175R15 8843 P225175R15 91 38 P235175R~r, 96 29 RtSS/70R~ 4 76 O0 P2C~ 70R14 81 28 C~H FO, 5*zes Not Les~eO HIGH PERFORMANCE RADIALS Humana would like you to meet someone special, Steven A. Issenberg, M.D., Ear/Nose/Throat specialist. We are pleased to welcome Steven A. Issenberg, M.D., to the medical staff of Hu- mana Hospital - Greenbrier Valley. Dr. Issenberg, his wife Marilyn, and their two children, Felicia and Rachel, recently moved to the Greenbrier Valley from Rhode Island where he was in practice for fifteen years. Dr. Issenberg is now estab- lishing a solo, private prac- tice of Ear/Nose/Throat at Greyrock Professional Park, Davis Stuart Road in Faidea. We hope you will Join us in welcoming Dr. Issenberg to our area. He looks forward to meeting snd gelting to know each of you. If you are In need of his servlcee~ please call for sn appointment at 647-3102. ,Humana Hospital P.O. Box 497 Ronceverte, WV 24970 304-647-4411 Humono.bringing the human being in need into the bonds of o physician Count/ 1990 Sentra Standard 2 Dr. Sedan 36,000 or 36 months no Deductible Warranty 00 only 1990 Standard Cab 2 WD Pickup more truck for your money only 1990 Nissan Hardbody 4 WD lock out hubs & much more 00 only Rebates $1000Cash Backon Sentra Models These guys invite you to Come Test Drive The New "90" Honda Accord- USA's #1 Selling Car We have them all in stock 1990 Honda Accord 4 Dr. DX Drive the #1 Car t " "7')( for just $i :tt., Don't Sacrifice Quality or Service. Come to Rt. 220, 1 Mile North of Covington Sales Mon.- Frl. 8 l,m. to 6 p.m.; Set. 9 s.m. to 4 p.m. DL 7581 Service Mort.- Frl. 8 e.m. to S p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 962-7853 All Vehicles Have Been Through Our Shop and Are Ready To Go SIZE $ 672 P215160SR14 ~' P235/(IOSRt 4 61.75 P2451003R14 63,1NI P2351~03Rl 5!14.62 P2451n03RI5 6.33 ~1~15 69.97 P2751~03RI5 72.$3 P21511L~SR1564.60 BMckwell and Add'l. SIzes Av~il~le -- Plesee Call N ATION A !, rENDER SX-7000-70'S SPEED R ATED ~,i M~ Wermnly ~,i ~ Wernmty SIZE $A 69 Pt 75170SRt 3 "~| P185/70SR13 48.83 Plgh170SR13 00.20 P1051 t0SR14 52.82 Pt951103R14 04.36 P2051~03R14 04,63 P2151~0SR14 62.64 P225170SR15 63,74 P235170SR15 65.46 P255170SR15 71.08 P205/703R14 66.31 P2151703R14 61.97 P225170SR15 79,02 P2351703R15 79.63 P255/703Rt 5 84,19 P2051~03R13 00.64 P225160SR14 70.04 P235100SR15 83.26 P2551803R15 87.26 P27S/80SR15 13,67 P215t85SR15 74.76 ULTRA PERFORMANCE SIZE 185160HR14 195160HR14 62.31 195160HR15 63.04 205160HR15 65.53 215160HR15 68.42 IIENEGADE SIZE PRICE ,1851003R14 4,49 1951~05R14 47.02 1051805R15 48,83 205160SRt 5,, 50.66 QUALIFIER 11114 1S,0~ Mtkl Warrsnty SIZE 185160HR14 195/60HRt4 67.t0 205180HR14 73.88 225160HR14 80.66 195160HR15 69,73 2051~0HR15 70,76 ~151~OHR15 77.26 215165HR15 82.40 II COMPACT & IMPORT RADIALS SIZE sTmss 185160HR14 195160HR14 78.04 20519OHR14 06.92 Y~h/80HR15 $2.04 205160HR15 113,26 215160HR15 90.113 185165HR14 79.70 l~51~HR14 13.79 ~05105HR15 91.54 IMO/M2 ULTRA HIGH P~RFORMANCE SiZE SfRh00 215/60VR15 &~/V 205150ZR15 166.00 225160VR1~ 181.00 235/~0VR15 152.00 206155ZRt8 176.00 225/50ZR10 11111.O0 24514&ZRIB ~Ot ,O0 245150ZR16 1H.O0 255150ZR16 205.O0 223180VR16 163.O0 245140ZR17 285.O0 SIZE 1551SR12 1553R13 30.67 1653R13 33.32 18513R14 40.15 10513R15 37,06 1751703R13 35.77 185/70SR13 37.78 1~5170SRt4 40.10 1951703R14 43.0S 41,1M ~ Wan*sty ~ZE 155SR12 t458R13 32.02 155SR13 36.53 t55SR13 3S.lg 1653Rt4 43,71 1755R14 46.10 2858R14 48.24 1653R15 48.19 165/10SR13 40.11 1751~0SR13 44.12 1851703R13 49.09 185170SR14 50.70 1851 ~)SR14 02.43 TRUCK & OFF ROAD TIRES XZXIMXL-70 Steel Belted Radials SIZE $437s 155 SR 13 1653R13 48.74 1753R14 57.02 1850R14 61.17 1650R15 57.41 175/700R1357.03 185/700R1362.78 185/703R1467.98 195/703R1472,06 XT COMANDO RWL RADIAL ROVER AlP LIGHT TRUCK ALL SEASON Steel Belled Radials * e/w s,z, S7995 LT23S175R15 3111050R15 92.95 3311250R15 109.95 Black 750R10LT II 101.79 875R16,5D 88,95 LT215/I~R108 101.00 g~R16.50 99,95 LT235/I~R1010 109.75 LT235175RIhD 75.35 100R10.5 l 104.S0 LT215175Rt60 79.90 175R16.S l 104.110 LT215175R10D 89.95 350R16.5 I 117.33 LT235175R163 SS.~ LT33/I250R10.S 4 148.73 LT235t75R16E 99.96 , Seine =d=.s ~ld ~ to 3,118 F E T SIZE $tfl1 4 LT23SI75Rt 5 &Vz' RADIAL ROVER RV ALL TERRAIN TRUCK Raised While Lott~rs SIZE $7071 LT26/850R14 |~ LT215/75Rt5 9200 LT235/75Rt5 103.02 LT25S/ISR10 125.03 LT30/050RtS 9.71 LT31/10S0R15 110,30 LT3t/ltSOR10 119,64 LT33/1250R10 125.82 " Some adzes idd .14 tO ~41 F.E T, XCH4 Light Truck Radials SIZE S96 9 LT205/75R15 LT215/75R15 99.67 LT235/75R 15107.44 30/9.50R15 113,21 31/10.50R15 124.53 32/11,50R15 133,58 33/12.50R15 t44.91 'Soale ItZN ~,01 tO 1,31 F,E.T. LOWEST PRICED ALL SEASON RADIAL IN TOWN Quality Retread Tire 30,000 Mile Warranty Road Hazard Available SIZE $1095 ,,,5,',5m, 27., P155180R13 &U P205/75R14 23.35 P205/75R15 31.DS Pt65/80R13 19.93 P215/75R 15 33.1)5 P175~80R13 21,93 P225/75R15 34.95 PI85i80R13 22,93 P235/75R15 35.95 P185/75R14 25.85 SUPER VALUE Light Truck 39,95 45.95 Radial Reiresd 235/75R15 235/85R16 SPECIAL BUYS HIGH PERFORMANCE "HR" SPEED RATED Steel Bolted Radials SIZE 185160HR 14 195/60HR1 4 52.64 195/60HR1 5 54.68 205/60HR15 56.59 DUNLOP CLEARANCE aT OUALIFIF.~ RADIALS R.I.ed" White Letter. SIZE P195170R14 P2 1 5/7OR1 5 59.07 P2 $5/7OR 1 5 eS.1 4 P2Oh/6OR1 351.23 P235/6OR1 4a0.48 P235/eOR1 542.13 P255/6OR1 586.72 Sorry Me t~i~lN~e~s SERVICES FRONT END 2 WHEEL DiSC ALIGNMENT BRAKE SERVICE IBLT TO UST .,..,all HeW Disc Pads ss, F.,., Csm ,, Ca=--, T,... IIPETITrff PNE .Cb.k Hydraulic System on carl with adjustable settings. Most American and Some Import Semi-Metallic pads extra. :Most Unt~e=nldm~amt: nml:~:a=a ~,CTORY FRESH Appointment may. neces==ry. I ,po . "- I , . m l .~ 0UAUT~S~RV,CEsl I~ o,.,.,~...O,~. I~t~ ~.C~S I I 01L, LUBE "-95 IB I I'w r l i I &FILTER I zq i i .Install New Filter I Check and Flush System 91 G_K . ! i .up tO 5 Qts. 1OW30140 Oil I Refill System & Check m. U IlVV in;talleo i i =Lubricate fittings I Ion Quallt -- -- t oil and/or ~t.afilter | Includes I gel Y Most American & Some Import Carl i i .-~p.c,,4 =. ~ I may resull in extra charges. Antifreeze.. _ . Appointment Maybe Necessary. Most~merican & ~ome imports. Carr Tires RED OAKS SHOPPING CENTER FAIRLEA, W.VA. 645-6610 NEW HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM.5:30 PM SATURDAY 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM Free tire rotation every 5,000 miles. Only Metro 25 dealers give you s written wsrrsnty on prices and mileage. See us lor details. This ad was prepared in advance and some quantities and sizes may be limited and/or have not strived 6n schedule. NO INTEREST FOR gO DAYS J ON YOUR FIRST ~ I~JRCHASFJ i:i!