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February 20, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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February 20, 1990

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to the Editor... we cannot afford small Perhaps not, but America what is happening to today. Perhaps before Ourselves of the additional of the small school, we take note of what it offers the and ask ourselves -- REALLY AF- WITHOUT IT? not need to worry about defense budget or a tax the wealthy. If we do not ! the real needs of our youth, "THE GREAT EXPERI- will explode from within. Sarah Van Horn Williamsburg Editor: Citizens of Alder- Ray have read HB. 4100 it unacceptable in its form. While we ardently groundwater bill we can- a bill which places eco- and societal development 'COsts of treating groundwa- the )ublic's right to ex- at its present now and in the future and present and future of West Virginians. A protection bill which Protect existing and future drinking water supplies ~xisting quality levels is no protection bill at all. Citizens of Alder- i Ray have been fighting for months to protect our from a chromated arsenate wood treatment may employ only four Citizens of Alder- Ray consider the following be an absolutely required self supporting project. Although we are processing more recyclables every day, we still do not have the volume needed to seek higher prices by dealing directly with proc- essors who wilt only accept trailer truck loads of each item. Markets for recyclables are just beginning to de- velop in the area of plastics and pa- per. Freight bills are enormous be- cause we are in a rural area as op- posed to highly populated industrial areas. We do not have the space at our present location to install addi- tional processing equipment or to stock-pile bales of recyclables until a trailer load is accumulated. The Workshop in Ronceverte is ham- pered by the same lack of space. There are many more clients who could be receiving services from SRW if we were able to bid on addi- tional contracts, but again, we do not have the production area neces- sary to bid on these products. Simply put, we are in desperate need of additional income and com- munity support. As much as we have attempted to advertise the re- cycling center, there are still a great many people who are still not aware that there is a center in the area. Few know of our manufacturing Dear Editor: My son Josh, who is five has Down's Syndrome Many of you know him or have seen him in and around Lewisburg and Alderson. He's a very friendly guy and hap- pens to be "retarded" (a word that doesn't really describe Josh very well). He is going to grow up in this community and be someone's neighbor, i know from five year's experience that Josh and I must start now in order to prepare for his future. How do you think I feel when I read a city resolution that clearly discriminates against people who are mentally retarded? They are talking about my son who they smile at, laugh and play with. I was scared and frightened when Josh was born, just as many of you are about our new neighbors in the group homes. My fear came from ignorance. 1 have learned a great deal in these last five years. One of the biggest lessons is that Josh is an extraordinary person who has brought love into my world and to all the people he comes into con- tact with. The people in the group homes deserve the same chance to ex- press their love and kindness. I offer my help as a parent, and as presi- dent of The Association for Re- tarded Citizens to help you over- come your fears and frustrations about our new neighbors. I hope we plant in Ronceverte as well. At pros- all can open our hearts and minds ent, we are trying to raise funds to and be mindful of the command- purchase a paper shredder for our ment -- Love thy neighbor as thy- recycling center which will increase self. our profit margin, which is at present Respectfully, a losing proposition. If we are able Scott Miller to shred our cardboard and newspa- Lewisburg per we can develop additional mar- Dear Editor: kets, as well as decrease the labor West Virginia is bankrupt. West involved in processing. In 1989 we Virginia is losing its most valuable have recycled 91,654 pounds of alu- commodity, its people, because no minum cans, 28,862 pounds'of plas- employment is provided. We have tic, 357,145 pounds of glass, 21,823 no employment because the tax pounds of non-ferrous scrap metals, structure is prohibitive to business. and 182,060 pounds of computer The State Tax Commission is Dear Editor: I am not familiar with the policies of your paper but have an item which I think would be of interest to your readers. I have published a book on the Williams family of Greenbrier County. This research I would like to share with others. Many people gave me valuable aid in my research, among them were Kenneth Swope and Colonel Ben- jamin. The book deals with Thomas Wil- liams (of Welsh descent) who was one of the first settlers of the area known as Greenbrier County. The village of Williamsburg was named for the family Thomas Williams served in the French and Indian War where he was killed. His wife nancy and two small children were taken captive by the Indians. Nancy and Thomas' children were Thomas, John, Rich- ard, David and Nancy. All four sons served in the Revolutionary War. Son John was known as Captain Jack, a rank earned while serving in the Militia in defense of the western Virginia boundary. John was the fa- ther of ten children. This book has been accepted by the Daughters of the American Revolution as proof of lineage for membership in that organization. The book may be purchased from the author, Bertha W. Savage, 600 Heaberlin Road, Wurtland, Kentucky 41144. Sincerely, Bertha Savage Wurtland, Kentucky Monroe County The Mountain Messenger, Tuesday, February 20, 1990 5A By Helen Woodward the healing oils and apply directly to Did you ever think that some- the problem area or prepare an oint- times you learn backwards? As we ment using an oil base to have on learn the infallible truth that the hand as needed. stove is hot we discover that the oral Ointments are made by first pre- warning message is not always ac- paring a strong tea from the herb, ceptabte, invariably we test for truth. Equal parts of the tea preparation We seem to need to feel pain to and a good oil then boiled together know what pain is. "Getting burned" until all the water has evaporated, allows us to grow. remove from heat source. At this A call for help leads to treatment point all the vital properties ex- and we are administered a course in tracted from the herb are now First Aid. This time the message placed in the oil. A few teaspoons of begins to sink in. We are reminded pure beeswax are melted into the of preventing accidents or illness, mixture then poured into glass jars We have asked for help because we to allow to set. Store in the refrigera- couldn't treat ourselves and, from tor and use as needed. this knowledge, we can learn to pro- For internal uses, chickweed may vide assistance to others. From a be added fresh to salads or pre- simple cut, scrape of burn we just pared like any green leaf vegetable. received the objectives of First Aid Chickweed is a carminative, expels as stated by the American Red gas from the intestines; a demul- Cross. cent, soothes irritated tissues espe- Over 2,000 plants have been, or cially the mucous membranes; an are now, in use to provide us with expectorant, promotes the discharge medical assistance. Chickweed of mucus from the respiratory pas- (Stellaria media) is one of them. sages; and is a wonderful, yet mild, Sometimes referred to as Adder's laxative. Knowing these properties mouth, Indian chickweed, satin of chickweed is perhaps why it is flower, star or stitch wort, tongue- also a great appetite suppressant. grass or wintergreen, Chickweed is "Backwards" as it may seem, a delicate looking plant with tiny through all the cuts and scrapes of white flowers that bloom year long. growing-up, we can learn how to Found in abundance in fields, gar- take care of ourselves. dens, lawns and waste places all Editor's Note: These articles over the world, this sturdy little plant are intended for educational pur- is used for burns, bruises, minor poses only. They are not intended cuts and other skin irritations. Crush to treat, diagnose or prescribe, a handful of fresh leaves to expel nor to be considered as a substi- tute for professional care. to H. B. 4100 if this bill is to and future ground- paper, news paper and cardboard, daily moving behind the peoples' water supplies. The We currently accept aluminum cans, backs increasing tax on home Garbage, waste, trash, dumps, scribe to and use a solid waste col- The Solid Waste Authority is also be inserted in Lines scrap metals (with the exception of owner's, including the farmers and landfills, recycling. All this will be lection service or show a receipt required to submit a site plan which #70 of H B. 4100. "Pro-iron and steel), plastics, glass, the elderly, and decreasing dramati- discussed at a public hearing to be from the landfill, will designate areas of the county Vev( r thai no economic or newspaper, cardboard and corn- cally, taxes to the large corporations held by the Monroe County Solid It is now illegal to create, add to, where commercial I~ndfills will be al- eve ~pment or high waste puter paper. We will issue a tax de- and large land owners. Their plan Waste Authority Tuesday, February or operate an open dump, "farm lowed or prohibited. It will also regu- Cost shall be considered ductible receipt for donated items ostensibly is to set the farmer and 27, at 7 p.m. at the Courthouse in dump," or"private dump." late the size of the landfills at those reason to degrade the ex- amounting to $5 or more. If you do- elderly out of their homes and onto Union. The purpose of the hearing The Monroe County Solid Waste sites. Undwater quality below its nate your recyclables, we will sort the street. Why is no one doing any- will be to receive input from the pub- Authority is required to submit to the The members of the Authority are lUality where the existing and remove lids. Paper labels can thing to stop this? lic on both a landfill siting plan and a Department of Natural Resources a encouraging all people concerned !e.r is presently being used be left on glass bottles. Se sort plas- West Virginia has many claims to King water supply or has tics into three categories -- clear fame. Let me enumerate them, (1) litter and solid waste control plan. litter and solid waste control plan for about garbage, litter, safe disposal Itlat to be used as a drink- beverage bottles (2 liter, etc.), highest in unemployment, (2) high- All West Virginians are now re- the county. In addition to waste col- of waste, dumps, trash pickup, opaque (detergent containers, oil est in lost time work stoppage, (3) quired by law to dispose of their gar- lection and disposal, the plan must landfill size and location, recycling or ~'UpPlYand Stephen Bailey containers, etc.) and milk jugs. We highest population decline, (4) high- bage, trash, and waste properly. All include previsions for clean-up of public awaraeness programs to at- Charleston only ask that you drain the contents, est in food stamp recipients, (5) residents and businesses must sub- the open dumps and for recycling, tend the pub]ic hearing February 27. and rinse out food containers. More highest use of smokeless tobacco, )astern Regional Work- tW) is a private, non-profit n servin,] the handicapped , of Greenbrier County. ' chartered in 1980 and is at 401 Monroe Avenue, ~rte. S.RW. operates )r Recycling Center in hich opened for business ~er of 1988. 'employs 15 full time Id provides work experi- Seven disabled students Pecial Education Program tier East High School two 3.y during the school year. Bar 1989, SRW served a )clients, and placed five COmpetitive jobs in the L We paid client wages in $35,000 In the past three b Rehab'ilitation Client of ~r our district has been an I SRW . Ronceverte is a ~rkshop .m ewin ~Ufactunng plant, s g nbling laboratory and food aprons, and assembling mirrors with stainless for the General Serv- of the Federal In 1988-89 we manu- shipped more than Our clients earn ate wages according to governed by the Fair ndards Act of the US De- of Labor. We are very quality control program, had no deficiency re- past four years, and best quality records etatewide budget cuts in 3f Rehabilitation budget and Human Services been told to expect in funding which 20 per cent of our Stating budget. The re- Per cent of our operating enerated by production lat does this mean for Center and the will be a loss in 00,000 in wages paid to Staff, as well as a loss in Many of our clients, SRW for their in- to apply for social lefits in order to survive. of self worth and self our clients will be the loss. For many handi- nts served by SRW this of employment alto- they do not have the an/to pursue competi- in the community. Center is not yet a information can be obtained by call- (6) highest in teenage illegitimate 0ng Greenbner Recychng Center at u ' ' births, (7) second highest in se of 645-4232. smoking tobacco, (8) 49th in per We welcome visitors to both our capita income. locations. Please stop by and we Our welfare system discourages will be happy to give you a tour and employment. Why doesn't the Legis- explain what we do, and how we do lature totally revamp the welfare it. system? , Please lend us your support and West Virginians have NO voice in help us to preserve these two very Government. West Virginians are valuable community services, asking, Why? Why? Why? No an- Marti Marshall swer is forthcoming as West Virginia Director continues its relentless slide into SRW, Inc. oblivion. Concerned, Woodrow Wolfe Dunbar "t~,~;: GOOD 0LE DOWN HOME I - - i---~" .... BROWN BEANS / :s-0o I ,' l ............. 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