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February 6, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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February 6, 1990

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6B The Mountain The more things change, the morelengths. they remain the same. "Ibday's bride may Women with fair skin and light col- be a little more' sophisticated and savvy Grid hair are best flattered by pearls vdth than in years past, but when it comes to slightly pink or rose overtones. Creamy wedding gems, her tastes are steeped in white or slightly golden pearls look best the classic American tradition of pearls, on women with dark skin and hair. , Just as a diamond ring has become Since cultured pearls arc prodacts ol ~,ynonymous with engagements, cultured nature, they are seldom, it ever, perlect. pearls, the queen of gems, have been an Every pearl grown by an oyster has its important part of the bridal ensemble for own individual identity However, when generations. Perhaps it is the natural beauty and purity of a pearl that has earned it a place in every bride's heart over the years. Just as no two brides are ever alike, ~ultured pearls are as different as the in- dividu:d who wears them. It is therefore important to match the right pearl jew- elry tbr the right woman. The main considerations toy choosing the proper strand of pearls should be the .Myle ot gowu tO be worll and the conl- ptcxion of the wearer. For gowns with ,,coop or boat necklines, 16 to 20 inch choker or princess length necklaces are best suited to delicately accent the neck and shoulder areas, ttigh collar and V- neck styles call toy hmg strands of pearls cilher in 24 to 32 inch matinee or opera choosing a strand of cultured pearls, it is important to keep several quality points in mind. Probably the most important aspect, as far as quality is concerned, is the lus- tre of the pearl. Lustre is the clear shine on the surface of the pearl, it should be clear enot.gh to reflect the images of ob- jects near the pearl, Another important factor is the sur- face of the pearl, h should be relatively free of damaging bternishes that appear as cracks, bumps or pits. And finally, all the pearls in a strand should be closely matched in terms '~)1 color, size and shape. They should all combine together to give an appearance of unilbrmity within the necklace L !" "i ~att Selection of the site for your wedding is all-important. Most usually the bride or groom choose their home church. This quaint lO0-year-old Saint Thomas Episcopal Church in White Sulphur Springs which lends.itself well to the smaller and more intimate couples elect to be married outdoors, some at country clubs. Others may choose a private home or a public facility especially weddings and receptions. approach when buying a wedding gift Shower the long, you are confronted or challenged canter; "White Nights," a basket filled romantic and practical side of the out- ~.;.':~=.;.'-| with a decision: What will be a special with a white Brussels lace bed cover, door enthusiast. ~'r"iilt and wonderful gift that the couple will sheets and pillowcases; "Tea for Two," a ~~~!i] cherish forever? Those guests who don't teapot and tea caddy; "'My Favorite Some unwritten rules that are helpful There are still many ~~ ::'iiiii want to give the typical bridal registry se- Things," a wicker hamper fined with an to remember when giving a gift: Even bridal shower gin dilemma, though many etiquette experts sa ou n Wtth a httl' ~~~!~1 lection of assorted place settings, china assortment of dishes, glasses, linens; and .' . Y Y independent b 'de. "" nave a year to send your ft Ann Law o b~ gl , " ity you can give the bride-t - ~~/ ~ !~i~i!i and crystal, should consider some of the "Sweet Dreams," his and hers silk robes fence feels that is too long. Three to six a-lind gift Here are some su ~i~:i:i ~ I ..... .... :i:i:i " ' sid~rY~ei~r~i~est~eandfd"~'ss~n-g"gwns ~t,'It.F.w ~1 g,,aL,."~.~ ...... '~'ID~r~"l~~r'l~" !~?1 iiqnu~:litn~e~d~'~i~a}Yd ~nL~wr~nace" UPdlesTd:lt'tahenftCcn" mnthsseemtbe much mre timely aSwell as appropriate. How much from Singer Sewing CompanYtheir, f~i ~,f ~ ~ ~ilil 1~ M~ist people are comfortable with the cordingly. For the contemporary couple you ing the ha-ppy couple on ::::: :::::: " ' " " y gi "spend really should depend on you. She ........ cc strongly believes it is the thought that . * peason uc-Kits [o a me:lie,, ,, . "--,,d~ ~iil.,.... am'v iar and tend to stick to the same gift who. . loves to entertain, a selection. .f Ma-. counts and something from the heart nes orlngs musm. m!o a co Pon' ~~tr i:i:::! o erandover, h means so much more to johca luncheon plates or servmg pleces ,s re than a careless choice. . " home ;ieam is a rn, [~~P" ii~i..1 the recipient when you select something best. Traditionalists might enjoy a cash- means much mo mr sports enmusmsts a sea ~~ii] a little different or unusual. "I feel that mere paisley throw, a bamboo rocker or Avoid giving a gift just for the sake of mg me ~'!( P' i:.."!i.~ the quality and type of gift is a real re- toile tray made if., a small side table, giving it. If it comes down to that, do not present. . flection on the giver, so it is important to Perhaps they like old fashioned things-- be original but opt for the most boring of * An emergency mending kl personally choose something," says Miss items such as linen tablecloths, a pair of traditions, which is giving money, thing neither the bride nor ~'~ i.":.-:.~il Lawrence. Create an individual type of continental size linen pillow shams with ','-~vv .................. m .uuu [ms om saying .,l great ,,,..at,~,,likely to ,hre-acthave" Includehml,m,~ana nass~it gift --perhaps one centered around a lace trim or a set of six matching Irish love goes here wtth ..... a hnle gift when' gw ........................... ,.a particular theme. Some ideas to win their linen damask handtowels are a few of mg ...... or recewmg gins. ' - MenderSCissrs fromand Singera pin cushion.is a pockC f~iiiil I,*.. 4,-4,., .~.. ~, .o ..o .4,...-.,*- .*-.,, .,, .,p-,-,* .,* .4., ,P.,~. ,P.,P. I pliance perfect for most cl ~~:!:!:l I i ' household mending jobs. +:" /I/ ..... :., :.:.:.. :,:.f~iii+:,: / :~,~ ,. .... " ...... { ~ ,. ,'.v # [ii::~~ii~!{~i!::!i::}!iiiiii::!ii light or kitchen fire exting~ ;%: .~:d~:~ :?:'~:~ ;: i p O t~R~,Vel~ 1~30 ' [::ii!ii!iii:: ~i~ii!~::~i~:~i~!i::iii!~!ii~::~ii~i~i!i~iii:~i~:~i~!:~iiii:~i:~::::~::~iii:~i~:~iiii~!i~:~:~.~ii!!~ii:~i~.i:~i~ii~:i~i~4 are especially thoughtful iteraS ::':" :.,- ~ ~.~i: :,:::~St!~ ~7,~;:,~ .?, . ~;!~, :.:.:. . [~!~i~!iii~::~:/~i~:~i!;i~:~://~ii.!!~i!!i!~!i::ii:!iii!i~!~!!i!!iiiiiiiiii~ii!i!ii~!;i~;iiiiiiii~iii!~iiii~i~!~ii!iI keep the couple healthy and, ] lls \v. w ,shm, 't, on st.. ; [i{ ! i i i ii!ii{i!iiiiii{ill;{iiiiiii!i!iiiii!ii!!ii!iii!iiiiiiiiili] The Compact and Light~ ~i, ~ / IGWISBURq, W.V~ 2.4901 ; ~i~:i~i:~i~i~?~i~:iii~i~i~i~i!i~i~i~:~i~i~i~iiii~!~!i~iii!~ii~i~!~iii~:iii~i~i~i~i~ii:~!ii~i]~i~i~ii~ ing machine by Singer. Thisi ii}i}, ...... i~:;i~;! ..... : ~i I~i~iiiii~~i::ii~~~~::iii,:i~~!~~iiii~::~::~::i::i~i~iiiiii::i::~~!i!i::iiii~!~:::!~!::!,:::!~!::i::::i!~~!i!::i::::!i::i!i::::::iii::::::::::i!::iI sewing machineweighsunder~ I!i!ii }~ili ~'~::'~ :304-64"'22.q,~ ~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: yet can take care of most anys . . I~~~~~~i~~~~~i~~!i~~ii~~~i!!~~i!~~!~~~!~i~~~~~!ii~~~~~i~~~~!~~ii!i~!~i~:~i~~ii~~!~i~~~!~~!~~i~~i~~!~~~ii~~~~~iii~i~~iiii~~i~~~~~i~~iiiii~~i~~!~~ii~7!~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~i~!ii:ii!] It s certain to be a gift used t( I ,,,.,,...............,,,...,,.. o....,.. ,,,.... d come. " liii!ii ": ' :':':" Let our personalattention make planning you' [iii::ii (" .',, / YOU BEGIN / wedding more enjoyable. Complete line of I YOUR LIFE TOGETHER. I Wedding equipment & FloralDes{gns availab I .iii. .J/ Iiii{ We havespent 72years ~I II I I~ 114EastWashinflto.S..~ Iiill preparing for the most ~ii [ i i I B~,._ ~.~,u~,~,e iii{ii Selectfromourcollection ii]}[ '~'~ :.:,: . . '.:.:. :~ (!if! of wedding gowns, bridesmaid {iii I ~. , #~~ I (~edd~l~l ~trv:d,a|:tons | experience and expertise to make your wedd,ng | ANNOUNCEMENTS / tnernori c all you want them to be." We have the ] / versatilib/: im igination, technical skill, and equip- 1 / nlent needed to enhance your memory of your special / INVITATIONS l i V~ ~i~e~-~,}ed~di~/g ~iy~" I~"~ PII I ]q i[ J ACCESSORIES NAPKINS i STATIONARY & i:iii:| / plan for this special occasion to ether. " / , -- ~{i ooo iidi!t / / "" Lewisburg art PRINTING {!ii!!iiiiii .AMEX,- VISA- MASTERC,,kRD- YARtD'S Ct{ARGE / 120 E. Washington / :.: Commercial and Personal pri' ............... ........... ..p.endai!y9:30 t,0 5:3 Pm ii!! / 645 }llO / ":"" 118N. CounStreet, LewIsbur, g: ....... ........ ..,. - 304-645-3030 ~!iii&.~:.X~:.:.:.X+:.:.:~-..-.~:.::.&:::~:&::-:.:.:+>:.:~-~~':-:~>b:~:X+:.:.:.i.:~:X+:X~=~::::::=~::::::::::::~iII L J Now that upon us hearts--"'Romantic Weekends," a set of Ann Lawrence's favorites. A garden set- a~nd the list wedding season is of gifts to buy is growing colored Venetian cordial glasses and de- tee or a wicker loveseat could capture the with unusual