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February 6, 1990     Mountain Messenger
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February 6, 1990

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relating to marriage between colored persons (Senate Bill 18); permitting secondary school cheerleaders to participate in out-of- state activities (Senate Bill 32); authorizing issuance of decora- tive heirloom birth certificates by state registrar of vital statistics {Senate Bill 34); requiring certain newspapers to be published oil recycled newsprint (Senate Bill 63); enacting Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (Senate Bill 68); authorizing electric utilities to collect surcharge for litter control (Senate Bill 93); permitting widows and widowers of judges to collect judicial pensions af cr remarrying (Senate Bill 118) and ever-so-much more. The para- phrasing of these bills is taken verbatim from the West Virginia Legislature Senate Journal dated January 22, 1990. And then there is the abortion issue; the Ground Water Protection Act; Right to Work; State finances. Ladies and gentlemen, the 69th Legislature has a very full plate. However, they are the ones responsible for serving them- selves -- they filled the plate. If they had been raised in our childhood home, they would have had to eat what they took on their plate -- or had it served to them the next day (or the day following that) until what they themselves had taken was eaten. Cruel and unusual punishment? We may think so at the time. However, as we mature we should learn not to be so self-serving. Perhaps it has come time for our legislature to go on lean cui- sine? As friend Mark }tankins put it l.he other day "You know, Char- ley, we have the worst government in the world, except all the others." -- Chas. A. Goddard By Delegate James J. Rowe As every citizen in our tri-county area is acutely aware, the Gover- ner has proposed closing our three state residential care facilities. His plan purportedly would save West Virginia approximately 7.8 million dollars in renovation costs and 4.5 million dollars a year in operational expenses. While cost savings measures are certainly a laudable objective, particularly in this day of limited State resources and burdensome State obligations, there are other sides to this issue. Our citizens have put their trust in those institu- tions to take care of loved ones. Employees could lose their jobs and benefits. People who directly and indirectly provide goods and services to those facilities could lose significant sources of busi- ness. The social and economic im- pact of closing Greenbrier Center, Denmar Hospital and Andrew S. Rowan Memorial Home must be assessed. At the request of the Executive, bills have been introduced in both Houses of the Legislature to give the Governor power to close, sell, lease or contract out the operation of health care facilities. A petition of Greenbrier Center employees and area citizens, expressing concern over the proposed closing of Greenbrier Center, was presented by Delegates Bill Wallace, Jane Price Sharp, Mary Pearl Compton and me to the House of Delegates opposing closing Greenbrier Cen- ter. Public hearings have been re- quested in both houses of the Leg- islature regarding the bills' intro- duced. The consensus of the legis- lative delegation from the three counties is to fight these proposals unless transfers to private manage- ment can be made with adequate protection for our state employees. A recent letter from the Secre- tary of the State Department of Health and Human Resources promises that if satisfactory trans- fers of Greenbrier Center and An- drew S. Rowan are not made, the State will continue to operate those institutions. One person did explode over the phone. "It is none of the government's business who I am or what I do, or what I have." In fact, out came a few obscenities! "Thank you" came from my lips. "Someone else will get the information. So sorry to bother you." Another gentleman, when asked if he had running water," stood by his window and said "Come here. Do you see that stream of water run- ning all the way past the house?" I replied "Yes sir"--it is nice." (1 too, love streams of water.) Of course, I made a brief explanation by the check mark on the questionnaire! Oh, well! One lady by the name of Mrs Jim Long, invited me to a tasty country dinner. That made my day. Another gentleman insisted I peel the potatoes and start supper for him until his wife came home. I left there promptly! The late Mr Bill White of Organ Cave was pleased to meet me. He had sent word for me to be sure and stop. he had lived close to Papa when they were young. He said "Your Papa could get three mink made available for their children were running The mother gave me names and each one Of course I lectured all about how the taxpayers care of God's children seem to know any better, In Hinton, I called Genevine Sowder's hot Roncevertian) and sorn~ accompanied me if it tionable neighborhood, talking with Mrs Hanger Beatrice, Dorothy, and mates and Sunday Hanger said, "You cor~I here and visit me, I'll thing I know. She was sweet, intelligent lady. Sb American who chose to tive and counted! She free America! Flowers to you and February groundhog. life in the budding membrance of the late bitt -- Loxie Goodall ~- -- and Marie Hedrick and all others who h loved ones. j Dear Editor: chin. The West Virginia legislature Please join citizens from all over convened January 10. Our governor the state in this important Voters' in his State of the State message Rignts (Initiative, Referendum and made no reference to the voters' Recall)Rally. rights that the citizens of this state Thank You are working for. Lou and Viloris Allen What happened to the public of-Mounta neers for Democracy they say that wasn't what they have windows, storm windows, insu- meant. Anyone who does business lation in my attic and outlets, all my with the state has to pay (and every air leaks are gone, new door and year). You pays your money and window locks, and weather strips. you takes your chances. You might My heating costs are down. I'm now end up the year saying, "Gosh, I able to open up the closed part of paid my $45 and I got $5 worth of my house. In short, I'm set for win- work." ter. kept, so that nobody will be able to Dear Editor: tell how many different plants are This letter is a direct sending their nuclear waste to Le- the "Wright To The Point wisburg area landfills. Besides letter to the editor in th landfills, the radioactive material 30th issue. could be poured into sewers or I feel Jonathan Wrigllt "burned in incinerators, sending ra- was tantamount to sug(j diation out into the air. are nothing more than WhY is this being done? For one hysterical Hillbillies sittil simple reason: to save millions of watching peas grow unti! dollars for the electric companies holds a social function! that generate nuclear power. There fighting to keep our sch= is no other reason. By the way, all the "community hub'of a# the nuclear power plants are out of we.will have a place to s~ rice? It used to be that the elected Scott Depot The inconvenience is going to be So, I say to my community, Mr state. We have none in West Vir- Mr Wright to suggest we knew they",were public servants, ac- Dear Editor: on the state agencies that have to Caperton and this program "Thank ginia, ing better to do than to i1~:! countable to the people. Now they Results of the last session of the travel miles to get some small job you from myself and family." Does this sound to you like a the post offce or school tell us where to go. How well I re- West Virginia Legislature are still done and where they can locate a Annette Hambrlck travesty of the government's obliga- ludicrous; it is degraCli~ ~tV[ member las~ year's session when fresh on the minds of many Green- firm on the vendor's 'white list'. Cornstalk, WV lion to protect its citizens? Then let great offense to this insi~ Save Speaker of tlie House Chuck Chain- brier County Citizens, and the cur- It won't break the small busi- Dear Editor: somebody know! Write to the Nu- The peep e of Witlia~ bers said he didn't like the concept rent session is provoking consider- nesses to do without the work, but it clear Regulatory Commission, I would like to alert Lewisburg hard working of referendum and recall. He said able interest, along with the fact that will provoke the patience of those Pepl'l farm . --- e~ the system works best when those this is an election year. trying to find acceptable shops, area residents to an impending Washington, DC 20555; to Senators up and workina before ", shll work ng after sun~ elected can appty their own judg- ment in the passage of laws without being second-guessed by the vot- ers. Phyllis Givens, chairperson of the Congressional Revision Commit- tee (where the bills die) said, "The people are not interested." The people proved by their vote in the Amendment Election Septem- ber 9 that they are interested! They " will prove by their vote in the May Primary Election that they are inter- ested. Legislators, you better believe we are interested. Speaker Chuck Chambers and Chairperson Phyllis Given, who are you representing? By what authority can you block leg- islation thus stopping the legislative process? Our forefathers gave us a good form of government. The dicta- .... t~rship we have been forced to live under is NOT good government. The people are 'up to here' with it. Our West Virginia Constitution Rati- fied in 1872 gives us the right to al- ter, reform, or abolish our govern- ..... ment to bring it back to the public's will. We will demonstrate our interest , Thursday February 8, 10:30 a.m. as we come together again in the Ro- ..... tunda of the Capitol to lobby for identical resolutions in each cham- ber. House Joint Resolution #110 .... sponsored by Delegate David McK- inley and Senate Joint Resolution #7 sponsored by Senator Joe Man- Since the media began to pick up on the current session, I have had many calls, inquiries, requests, and suggestions for resumption of the monthly meetings as were held dur- ing 1988-89 by the Greenbrier County Citizens For Progress group. Most commonly expressed sub- jects of interest of those contacting me were Education, Property Tax Equity, Recall and Referendum, Prisons, Tourism, Waste Disposal and Candidates for Office. Speaking of candidates for office, terms of of- fice holders of the Greenbrier County Citizens for Progress have expired necessitating election of offi- cers for the group. The February meeting will be held at the Greenbrier County Court House, 7:30 p.m. February 6. J. W. Pennington Fairlea Dear Editor: Sometimes state agencies shoot themselves in the foot. Someone evidently thinks "What will generate , a lot of money?" and an edict goes out without much forethought and preparation. For example, the $45 vendor's fee. When the letter first came out it seemed to indicate that small firms that didn't want to bid on jobs of four hundred dollars or more were ex- empt. At least, that's how most people read it. Now, I understand Virginia M. Oft Ronceverte Dear Editor, I'm not one to have my say on most things -- good or bad. How- ever, l feel when something good is going on in the community, people should know about t. What, with Mr Caperton cutting tMs and that, this is one program I hope remains in our community a long time. Some time ago, I put in an appli- cation with Community Services for the weatherization of my home. As we all know, the weather this winter has been really terrible. While I love this community and the farm- land, let's face it -- most farm houses are cold. And for those who live on a fixed income, it's next to impossible to improve your home. On the coldest day of this winter, two gentlemen, a Mr Rick Sparks, Executive Field Supervisor, and a Mr Jerry Sims, Weatherization Tech- nician, knocked on my door, ready to begin work on my home. I greatly welcomed them. They were careful about working in my home and cleaning up after themselves. They always got my approval on the fin- ished product at hand. With the end of each day's work, I found my house warmer and warmer. To make a long story short, I now threat to our health ~nd safety. It is one that is all the more alarming be- cause it is about to be forced on us by the Federal government. The threat is "low level" nuclear waste. Tons of radioactive material produced over the years have been stored "on site" by the nuclear power industry. The government has made it a policy to minimize radioactive material that is released. Now, as a result of a law passed when nobody was paying attention, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)is going to declare that 30% or more of this material is safe. They will claim that it is "Below Regulatory Con- cern" (BRC). Once this stuff is officially desig- nated BRC, it is not regulated in any form whatsoever One day this ra- dioactive waste is too "hot" to handle; the next day it is absolutely safe, because the Nuclear Regula- tory Commission says so. It is so safe, in fact, that it will be handled like ordinary trash: it will be put out at curbside for sanitation workers to pick up, taken to landfills like yesterday's grapefruit rinds. And there's the kicker; since the radioac- tive material is now designated safe, it won't even be labeled, so that trash haulers, landfill operators, truckers, and anybody else in the Lewisburg area won't even know when they're handling the radiation sources. And no records will be Byrd and Rockefeller, U. S. Senate, Washington DC 20501; and to your Congressman, U.S. House of Rep- resentatives, Washington, DC 20515. Yours truly, Jim Sconyers West Virginia Chapter Sierra Club Dear Editor: I am writing concerning the vital issue of abortion that is before our leg slature now. During the past dec- ade over 400 abortions have been paid for each year by the state. Mothers on welfare have approxi- mately 40% of the children born in our state each year. The welfare system does not provide an ade- quate standard of living, nor can the state afford to do so. The solution to both of these problems is the required use of birth control by government supported families. Unwanted children do not have to be born or to be destroyed before birth. And welfare families with one child can become gainfully employed and provide for them- selves. I ask that the people of Green- brier County consider the difference between the use of birth control and the practice of abortion, and let your representatives know your feelings. Sincerely, Nancy J. Haynes Lewisburg business people, medi!i teachers and business i~ some of us have even ~I~ ege! Some of our h# forced to work out of stal~{ mute back on weekend'~ they do this? Because Williamsburg live here be'l want to, not because We want our children small town school. We ~ that our children will of a nine to five job. I suggest Mr Wri! deeper into the issue. ask a few questions tax dollars going? Co~ our schools are not selves because of the ties of the Board of he checked into th~ scores of all the county? I suggest Mr WrigI1 coaches at Greenbriel School. Should a have five assistants? I)~ tennis coach? Do we['~. coach? Should we not we are asked to put od~ Mor o';'o'-i on Page